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Diva’s Interior, The Best Place To Find Best Renovation Packages


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Home and office renovation plans don’t need to be put off when you are not sure about the readiness of the cost. You can pick up the renovation Singapore packages offer so that the renovation process runs smoothly and according to plan. But remember to be selective in choosing the right interior design service company to get an affordable price quote.

Renovation Packages Problem

Cost issues are usually the main factor for people delaying renovating their homes, doing a kitchen renovation Singapore, or renovating other strategic areas of the house.


There are a lot of worries about inflated expenses, extra costs beyond calculations, to the renovation process that has stalled due to unexpected costs. Not a few are still confused about the calculation of renovation costs because they don’t have an idea about the price of furniture and other tools.


When you face the above problems, working with an interior design service company is one of the most important solution steps. Divasinterior is one of the most recommended service companies, so you can get a cheap renovation Singapore package with maximum quality and according to your taste.


Here are many reasons why Divasinterior deserves to be chosen and is the most recommended as your partner in renovating the interior of homes, offices, and other rooms:


Excellent And Professional Service

Please do simple research on the internet about affordable contractor Singapore. You will find the name “Divasinterior” as the most recommended company. Armed with an excellent track record, experience in serving clients professionally, and an extensive network, the company can offer the most affordable prices with the best quality.


Offers Renovation Singapore Packages At The Cheapest Prices

When you are still confused about the costs to renovate a house, try checking out many renovation packages offered by Divasinterior. There are clear details about the budget renovation packages and services that are ready to be provided. You can even do a custom renovation agenda as needed, and discuss the details of the costs with the Divasinterior team.

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Proven And Achieving Work Results

Good quality work does not only have to be paid at a high cost. Likewise, if the service tariff offered is cheap, it does not mean that the quality is bad. Divasinterior is in a moderate position where the company offers services with maximum performance, but still considers the financial capabilities of the client.


The work of the Interior Divas has been well tested, even reaping many achievements. Among them are the acquisition of OHSAS 18001 in 2007, ISO 9001 Certificate in 2015, the acquisition of bizSAFE Star Level, and holding a license as one of the most trusted companies in Singapore.


How to estimated renovation expenses (FAQ)

Are you still confused about starting a home renovation plan, or want to get further references about estimated renovation expenses? Let’s take a look at the following FAQ:

How Do You Calculate The Renovation Budget?

There is no definite calculation about the cost of home renovation because the amount of the cost depends on many factors such as the size and type of house, the number of renovations, and other factors. But you can still estimate it by following the following table guidelines:

  • House Size Cost
  • <100 meters $ 30,000
  • HDB (3-4 rooms) $ 50,000
  • Flat (5 rooms) $ 70,000
  • HDB for Sale $ 67,000
  • Condominium for Sale $ 82,000
  • New HDB $ 44,000 renovation
  • $ 39,000 New Condo Renovation


The table described above is only an overview. If you are still confused about estimating and calculating the cost of the interior design package Singapore, please consult for free with the Divasinterior team.


How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Bathroom In Singapore?

As a general idea, it could cost you $ 1,300 to $ 2,600 to renovate a bathroom. But don’t be surprised when you take a renovation package from Divasinterior, your expenses will be more economical, without reducing the quality of the work.


How Much Does A Basic Kitchen Renovation Cost?

For a simple kitchen renovation, you will need to expect a fee of up to $ 20,200. Of course, there are additional costs involved when you do moderate hacking, extensive carpentry work, plumbing repairs, and other details. Get a much more affordable renovation price by working with Divasinterior.


While choosing attractive packages that suit your tastes and needs, let’s take a moment to hunt for brilliant ideas about interior design with inspirational quotes! Get a free quote here to start selecting the most suitable and best renovation Singapore packages.