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6 Needs to Ask Before Doing Kitchen Renovation in Singapore 2021!



Doing a kitchen renovation might be the right decision when your kitchen is not comfortable to use. Because after all, you will often do cooking activities there. So it makes sense if you decide to renovate it according to your tastes and needs.


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However, the big question is how much it will cost to renovate the kitchen in Singapore? So, to help you find this information, we will show you 6 Needs To Ask Before Doing Renovation Kitchen in Singapore.

How Much Does Kitchen Renovation Cost in Singapore?

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In general, renovation kitchen costs in Singapore range from $ 8,900 – $ 23,200. This price is determined for a minimalist layout, kitchen cabinet and simple kitchen style. Kitchen renovation costs can also change, depending on the level of difficulty during renovation and how many properties you use.


Of course, with this cost, you can enjoy cooking time in the kitchen comfortably, kitchen features that are multifunctional, good lighting, efficient layout of goods, and kitchen accessories that make it even more comfortable.




How can I Renovate My Kitchen for Reasonable Cost?

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If you searching for a cheap kitchen renovation package in Singapore, you have to pay attention to the following things and do this before renovating the kitchen.

  • Save material. Choose materials or properties according to budgeted prices only
  • Choosing a design from carpentry. Aims to reduce expenses, because usually, the design of carpentry is relatively simpler and more economical
  • Coating the tiles. If it’s not completely damaged then you only need to cover it with carpet or just replace the damaged part.



How Much Does it Cost to Renovate an HDB Kitchen?

Renovate HDB Kitchen


The cost of renovating an HDB kitchen varies, depending on how much you have changed from your previous kitchen or the Singapore kitchen design you want. Choosing to renovate an HDB kitchen usually has the concept of unlimited space. So there are lots of HDB kitchen interior designs that you can choose from.



How Much Does it Cost to Renovate an Entire Kitchen?

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The total cost and estimated budget of a kitchen renovation Singapore are usually around $ 10,000 – $ 15,000. depending on the process. If you want to find a cheaper one, you can choose a carpentry renovation project. It usually only costs about $ 5,000.



How Much Does it Cost to Renovate Kitchen Cabinets?

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For the cost of renovation kitchen cabinets in Singapore, the price depends on several factors, including how big they are, how they function, and how much storage they contain.


In general, kitchens in Singapore use kitchen cabinets made of wood that are laminated to make them glossy, this is a cabinet choice that is quite durable and easy to maintain. But if you need more storage space, then wall cabinets are a better choice. As for marble-based cabinets, of course, the price will be higher, but this is a unique option.



Can You Reconfigure Existing Kitchen Cabinets?

The last tip is to reuse existing Singapore kitchen cabinets. If you feel bored and it doesn’t cost a lot to replace kitchen cabinets, you can update your kitchen cabinets by:

  • Repair damaged parts by laminating them.
  • Replaced more modern hinges, pulls, and knobs.
  • Add lighting under the cabinet.
  • Install slide racks on the inside of cabinets and other storage systems.
  • Adding crown moulding and other accessories.
  • Repainting and changing the outer appearance of the cabinet.
  • Adding a glass section to the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • And do the rearrangement of kitchen items.


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