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Diva’s home interior design firm was established in 2014 to provide high quality and professional interior design and renovation services for our clients in tradehub 21 Singapore.
Whether you are looking for fresh and inspiring interior design ideas for your home, seeking help with your house renovation journey or ideas for an office space where productivity and efficiency are maximized, we are the right firm for you.

Home Interior Design and Renovation in Singapore

Beauty starts at the home

What comes to mind first when you think of beauty? The definition of beauty may differ from person to person. For one person, it could be a green meadow on a warm summer day, for another, it could be a sunset along a sandy white beach. It could be the picture of a charming little cottage in the middle of a forest, or a gorgeous painting that hangs in the Louvre. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.


Homes, too, are no different. We choose the aesthetics of our home interior design based on personal preferences. A small, cozy house can have a wildly different style to an upscale, but similarly sized condo in the downtown area of a city. But they may both be beautiful in their own ways.


What makes a home beautiful is something that every homeowner has to consider when they turn a space into something livable. It’s something crucial to your home, to help it look the best version of itself and make it truly stand apart from the rest: interior design and renovation.


Good interior design or home renovation is at the center of every beautiful home. If you’re looking to make your home look good, then you need a good interior designer.


Look no further. Welcome to Diva’s Interior, the only Singapore interior design firm and renovation company you’ll ever need for your home.


Defining interior design

Your house deserves to look its best. When you have rooms or spaces that you want to change the look of, you will probably need house renovations. If you’re not someone with a keen eye for detail or aesthetics, you’ll probably need an interior designer to help you with the process. But what really is interior design?


Interior design is both an art and a science. Interior design, simply put, is the process in which interiors of rooms and spaces are changed, modified, or arranged, with the intent of creating better spaces for the people living, working, or using the space in any way. It is done with the intent of helping to facilitate spaces that are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also benefit the individuals using it in a handful of other ways (namely making it a healthier, safer place to be in, or making it more conducive or suitable for the tasks performed in the room, including helping to wardrobe design). This could mean anything from simply rearranging the furniture of a room or giving it a complete makeover.


As with any art, interior design comes in many different styles and forms, such as the Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, and more. And as a science, there are principles and methods you should follow for your house to look its most beautiful.


The history of interior design

Interior design used to be a much more nebulous concept that had very vague definitions. Interior design started out as a way of arranging the homes and spaces of royalty and other rich or powerful people in an aesthetically pleasing way, while commonly, people arranged their homes as they wished. Later on, interior design grew and evolved until its principles and styles were more solidified. Today, it’s grown to be more widely used, more accessible, has renovation permits and interior designers are more highly regarded. You can see interior design principles applied to the most humble of homes to even in office spaces of large corporations or small office design.


In Singapore, interior design company is widespread and ubiquitous. As a country that’s highly urbanized and well designed, it’s difficult to imagine how it would be like without good interior design. We encounter it in both public and private spaces.


Defining home renovation

Let’s move on to renovations. What is house renovation? Is it similar to interior design? Not exactly. Renovation is the act of fixing, rebuilding, or improving broken or damaged structures or spaces. Renovation is often thought of as the process of transforming something old and turning it into something new.


With renovations to homes or other residential spaces, there is an element of restoration, of making something new and different to something old or otherwise unwanted, compared to applying interior design to spaces. If interior design is arranging spaces, then renovation is rehabilitating them.


Renovation contractor vs. Interior designer

Have a home or space that needs to be remodelled? or want to kitchen renovation at an affordable price? If you’ve got a house renovation project that needs to be tended to, you might be considering whether to choose between a reliable renovation contractor or an interior designer to do your job for you. It’s important to know which are the right people to work with when embarking on any difficult project, especially when it concerns your home.


Ideally, both renovation contractors and interior designers are both equipped with the knowledge and know-how to rebuild your home into something beautiful. But they’re not built the same way: they have different areas of expertise, and are thus called upon on a renovation project at different times. Depending on the level and kind of work your house will require, you’re going to need different people.


Renovation contractors are people concerned with the numbers and the “how-to’s” of your project. They are more involved with the technical aspects of it– providing materials, equipment, labor, and other such work that requires specialized talents.


Interior designers are people concerned with the creative part– of visualizing and designing spaces for maximum usability. They are specialists who have been trained to learn how spaces work and how to arrange them in ways that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Interior designers are both experts and specialists in this area.


So which should you choose? Renovation contractors may be more affordable in the long run, and have more knowledge on structures, but interior designers can be your creative outlet and consultant to help make your home more beautiful.


If you still can’t figure out which is right for your home, never fear. Diva’s Interior is an interior design company and renovation company in Singapore that can help you with many aspects of a remodeling project.


Choosing the right renovation contractor or interior designer

Embarking on an interior design or renovation project? Finding a good interior designers doesn’t have to be difficult. The trick is to find the right one for you– after all, since your home should be designed according to your needs and specifications, you should be finding people who understand what you want and can provide them for you. Here are some necessary things to consider when trying to find an interior designer who can work with you:


  • Asking for recommendations from trusted people: Does your friend, family, or coworker know someone who can deliver the results you want? Do they have good experiences with a specialist for a renovation project? It might be a good idea to call them up and ask for references and also for how to get renovation loan,
  • Check online or other sources for inspiration: Each project is unique to every home. It’ll be best if you know what you want before you choose people for your projects, so you can reliably narrow down your list of choices as many interior designers have different “styles” they’re accustomed to.
  • Do your research: Once you’ve narrowed down your list of choices, it’s extremely important to do a quick background check on them. Glance at their portfolios, check for previous client reviews, ask for certifications. This might be the clinching factor to help you decide.
  • Compare and contrast proposals: Having proposals from several different designers may help you understand what you are looking for. It can also help you have a better grasp of which interior designer is right for you, both on a budgetary basis and on what you actually want to have accomplished for your project.


Why choose Diva’s Interior?

With experience in creating beauty in both residential spaces and offices, Diva’s Interior has created spaces that our clients can always come back to admire and use for years to come. Check out our portfolio and gallery of rooms, houses, offices and more to see what else we’ve done!


Need more home interior design ideas and tips to transform your spaces into something beautiful? Contact Diva’s Interior, an interior design and renovation firm in Singapore, now to get started on the home of your dreams.


Our Projects


Home is where the heart is. We all want living spaces that are comfortable for us and our family, and that we can be proud to host guests in, use, and live in for the foreseeable future. At Diva’s Interior Design, we recognize the value of the home and that each home can be different and unique. We offer complete and comprehensive interior design and renovation services for residential services. With the help of our interior designers, we work in partnership with you to build off your ideas and bring to life a concept of your own imagining. Our interior design solutions are tailored to your needs.


Because condos dealing with much smaller spaces, they can be a little trickier to arrange, redecorate, or fix up. You need a certain level of creativity and wit to be able to renovate your home. Want a beautiful, unique, and functional design for your condo? At Diva’s Interior Design, our team has accumulated a lot of experience in providing interior design and renovation services to many condos. Let our experts work hand-in-hand with you to deliver comprehensive solutions to fit your home’s need, and turn your vision into a reality.


Commercial spaces serve more than one function. The interior of your space must be enticing enough to attract customers, serve as a fitting brand image, motivate employees, act as a safe space, and many more. With this in mind, interior design for retail outlets and other establishments must be given careful consideration. Diva’s Interior Design recognizes this and works to give you interior design and renovation solutions that work well with your brand and what your retail requires and provides.


Office spaces are the centre of businesses and their operations. It is important to realize that the place where you work in can affect the productivity of your employees, their health, and the efficiency at which your business operates. When embarking on an interior design or renovation project for your business, special notice must be given to functionality as well as form. At Diva’s Interior Design, you can rely on expert designers who can provide you with comprehensive solutions that address your concerns. Our knowledge of how workspaces function is used to make your office a more vibrant place to work in.

Let's work together!

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. At Diva’s Interior, we value your visions and dreams. As an interior design firm, we help turn your dreams into ideas you can work with and put into motion. We specialize in assisting to turn various commercial and residential spaces in Singapore into places you can be proud of using and living in. Ready to get started on your own interior design or renovation journey? Go to our contact page to learn more details about how to reach out to us.