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5 Clever Solution, How to Save on Renovation Costs in Singapore?



Renovation Singapore always costs a lot. Even though it starts with careful planning, you will inevitably end up paying an unpredictable number of dollars. Even your interior designer who was planning expenses with you refuses to step in. It is not a matter of price being marked up so that the price of the targetted materials increases significantly and is far from the initial estimated price. It is about purchasing the quality.


Every person who does the renovation in Singapore will crave an interior design using quality materials that are durable and have an aesthetic element. So, are there smart solutions so you can save money to do this renovation in Singapore?


Clever Solution that You Can Find Yourself at Home

Today’s smart solutions are also called hacks where you use objects around you to reduce the budget for purchasing new materials.  The first smart solution is to check the condition of your home before an agent from the best interior design company comes to do his first assignment for this renovation Singapore project.


Maybe in some parts of the interior of your house, there is peeling wallpaper, missing or chipped protective cables and pipes, and damaged built-in cabinets. You will certainly replace or patch all the damaged parts during the renovation in Singapore, right? Do all necessary patching and dismantling of the built-in furniture. Then, remove all trash from the area. Leave the vacant area to make it easier for the workmen to take over the renovation Singapore work.


How to Remove the Built-In Wardrobe from the Wall?

Maybe you have chosen an award-winning interior design in Singapore that extremely different from your old interior design. So, you have to remove some built-in furniture like a built-in cabinet. Here’s how to remove the built-in cabinet quickly.

  1. Place a tarp on the floor in front of the cabinet. Take all contents of the cabinet out and put them all on the tarpaulin. Once the cabinet is empty, pull the tarp away from that area.
  2. Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect your eyes and hands.
  3. Next, remove the screws with a screwdriver. Some of the cabinets in interior design Singapore HDB are fixed to the wall with screws.
  4. After all the screws are removed, insert the crowbar between the back of the cabinet and on the wall behind it. Gently pull the crowbar back, removing the cabinet from the wall a little at a time. Keep doing this until you can slowly release it.
  5. Place a cart or anything that has wheels such as a decker right under the cabinet. With the help of one or two persons, you can put the cabinet over the cart.
  6. Take the cabinet out of the area. In a slightly vacant area, you can patch the damage or even re-paint this built-in cabinet.


Mirror for Your Aesthetic Light

No need to use customize ceilings with brand new light fixation. Just use the old lamp style, but don’t hesitate to put the mirror on the corner. The mirror can create an illusion as if the room is lighter and wider than before.



Use Non-Tuppenny Plastic for the Floor

To create the best HDB interior design in Singapore, you don’t need to remove all the floors attached. Use vinyl flooring that is cheap but not tuppenny. Although it is made of plastic and is reasonable vinyl is tough and waterproof. For areas that are often wet, it is wise to use this vinyl floor.


No Need Waterproof Coating If You Have Vynil

The advantage of using vinyl flooring is that easy to apply and no need for a huge amount of money. Many Singapore HDB interior designs use vinyl flooring for their bathrooms. The floor motifs are also diverse now. You can choose a simple and unique motif to a modern and elegant one.



Just lay the vinyl floors over the existing floors. No need for dismantling work which requires a lot of money and effort. You can also help the workmen speed up the renovation Singapore work which usually takes about three months.


Contact Diva’s Interior For Your Comfortable Renovation Singapore

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When it comes to makeover the walls, forget about using wallpapers that take a lot of time, money, and effort. Get wall paint with interesting paintings as a design. No need to worry about the design. Even the shabby design can appear wonderful in the hands of this Best Singapore Interior Design award-winning company.