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Excellent quality of service Diva's Interior provides

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate Eden’s responsiveness and the way he conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with his service.


No hidden clauses, experience, good knowledge and dedication.

I have visited a few home renovation companies to obtain a good feel of the processes and the amount of money I need to spend on turning my aging HDB flat into a condo look dream home. They were a mix of bigger names and other firms of smaller scale. We realized continue spending time on doing budget hunting do not make much sense and as such, we gave ourselves a short pause to work out a specification sheet detailing our basic and minimum expectation. This was used as a tool to obtain quotes for a better comparison not just basing on numbers alone. The result turn out to be fascinating and it has helped us to drop firms that has either sending me an inexperience representatives, or has given us impression that they are interested in bigger fish. With it, we were able to know the minimum budget to start with and the maximum we could tolerate, and in turns the additional justified budget we would invest to enrich our specification i.e. the variation orders. We eventually signed the contract with Diva’s Interior, which is not the one with lowest quote but the one who presented himself with clear quotation with no hidden clauses, good knowledge and dedication. The project manager assigned to undertook our project is a senior staff in the firm. He is a experience PM who knows how to plan, coordinate and monitor the entire works efficiently, knowing what and when to happen one after another and things that could go concurrent, and also explained why it should happen by giving me calls or messages for consultation. There were very minimum disruption to my works and I only need to be present for important events. The entire no nonsense project was completed in 6 weeks on time. In all these aspect, the project scheduling was excellent. Pricing was justified at the start but variation orders came in later. Although the VO was transparent and justified but I think it could have been part of the first quote by vetting through the whole house to see what have been missed out before commencing works. In terms of quality, all are according to what we have agreed upon and are in good order except the not so good paint job which has added a little imperfection to this aspect. We know not all things can be perfect in real world so I have alerted the PM that this will affect his already good network of contractors. All and all, we are extremely happy and satisfied with the entire experience with Diva’s Interior, not a big name though but a one who approach you with genuine attitude and professional services


A great amount of satisfaction of Daniel's work!

I am extremely happy with the services rendered by Daniel. He was very patient and understood my budget even before send us a quotation for my brand new BTO flat. He was very patient with me and his quote was value for money. I have visited 22 interior designers and contractors and all have given me quotes above 30k. It was obvious they were interested in the $$$ they would get and the the customer’s satisfaction.Daniel was however, different. Keep up the good work Daniel…. I will post more once the works are complete….


Professionalism and honesty pulled off an excellent job!

Being first time homeowners and having very little knowledge, my wife and I were worried about going through the whole renovation process initially. We are wondering if our dream home can be done within our budget and whether the process will cause us headaches. After going through a few options for Interior Designers, my wife and I decided to engage Daniel Tang from Diva’s Interior Design for our 4-room BTO project. It turned out to be a great decision on our part! Daniel made the whole process so much easier and I am very satisfied and impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. During the initial meeting, we told him our requirements for the home and he will listen attentively and point out if certain things are not practical or when there are better ways to do it. He also pointed out issues that we did not think of in the first place! He is aware of our budget and will propose things to save cost for us and to fit within our budget. He wasn’t pushy at all. We left the meeting feeling very confident about his expertise! Throughout the whole renovation process, it was quite a breeze for us as well. Painting, carpentry work and tiling etc. were done up nicely as per our 3D design and our requirements. Whenever there are issues that need to be fixed, we will give him a call and he will arrange his guys to get it fix promptly. He even helped us with a few items that are not stated in the quotation like fixing the TV wall bracket! To sum up, we are extremely pleased with Diva’s Interior Design and Daniel for their excellent service. It really brings a smile to our face whenever our guests commented how nice our home is. We will definitely use them again if we ever have a need for renovation. Highly recommended! Thanks Daniel!


A big thanks to my ID HS Lim!

Thank you for making my EA unit so beautiful! His attentiveness make our Reno journey a wonderful trip! Here is some photo of the last stage! Will upload more when we settle in! Once again Thank you!

Celeste Lim

ID: Evan – followed exactly as what we wanted & always accomodate things to our likings, timing & schedule. very well satisfied with the outcome of the renovation . a definite recommendation for people who is looking for an interior designer & contractor

Noor Azman Adhar

My family and myself would like to say BIG THANK YOU to Rex Chong, designer of Diva’s Interior Design for the good quality and service and the co-ordination of the renovation works done at our flat located at Blk 256 Tampines st 21.The carpentry workmanship was good and has met our expectations.Rex has helped us meet our budget and timeline for renovation.We were very happy and satisfied that we have chosen Diva’s Interior Design and most importantly Rex Chong as our Interior Designer to carried out the renovation for our flat. Our friends and relatives were very impressed with the design of our house and if there’s anyone who intend to renovate their house, we would definitely recommend Diva’s Interior Design. Once again, Thank you for your wonderful service.

Yeow Jia yi

Finally!!!Found d best ID to reno my nest… i’m getting more than i expected within my budget… Thank you Daniel from Diva’s Interior for your patience n making my 1st home a dream come true…. Now its yr job to it a reality…

Jessiy Mohan Sugenthiran

Thank you H.S. Lim for designing our new home. 🙂

Charis Seah

Thanks H.S.Lim appreciate the time given and understanding from you during the reno period. No other could quote the tight budget with the things that i need but you make it happen. Therefore I wish you prosperity in your upcoming projects….experience come with time!!!

Hilman Zhil

My ID was mr HS Lim. A hardworking and patient ID. Grateful that he able to put up with the fuss of the home owner. Most importantly he delivers good workmanship and end product is great

Munirah Mohd

Thank you Daniel for designing my new house. Good service and workmanship!!

Lee Bing Lun

Would like to thank Our ID from Diva’s Interior, H.S.Lim for designing & making our dream home come true. He has been very patient especially when we were being fickle minded in choosing designs and laminates. He was able to accomodate to our needs and wants and really took pride in his work. He came to meet us whenever we needed him. He has an eye for details and he has assisted us in many ways. We can’t thank him enough for these. He has done an excellent job and portrays professionalism as he is still contacting us and helping us out if there are any slight defects in the house even when these defects has nothing to do with the reno works. This showed us that he is willing to go the extra mile to help his clients even though the reno was completed and handover was done. And we never had any regrets in engaging him as our trusted ID. In fact in our opinion, our ID is by far better than some renowned companies. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you H.S.Lim, and thank you Diva’s. Keep it up

Naznirosha Myiesha Mika

I am very pleased with my ID – James Lim for his outstanding service : Customer Satisfaction Responsiveness Knowledgable and valuable advice Ability to meet my timeline. A valuble ID whom I can rely on. Thank you James and Diva’s team for outstanding job done. Highly recommend Diva’s Interior Design for renovation services. Cheers Doris

Dor Tan

So glad that we got Daniel to be our contractor, he is very efficient, patient and responsible. He has good IQ and EQ. Your company is lucky to have such good contractor. James is also good, he has the potential to be a good contractor in the future. Both Daniel and James are very responsible and prompt in follow – up, they came immediately upon any issue, most of all through this renovation ,so glad that we have found two good friends in them.

Daphne Low Lai Yoong

I like to thank my interior designer Clement Ng. Really impressive design and choice of Colour scheme . Project delivered on time with high quality workmanship . Not only the end result satisfying , The process of discussion and finalise the 3D effect also very enjoyable , I made amendment a few times, and clement patiently made changes . Lastly I need to thank you for excellent customer service to fulfill my requirement beyond job scope to stack my washing machine and help to wall mount T

Hua Ky

We would like to express our appreciation to our Design and Project Manager, Mr. James Lim for a successful completion of our house renovation. James has been very professional and responsible in handling our renovation. He gave good and practical ideas and suggestions for our house. He also ensure that works were carried out correctly and properly by the workers. Though there were some hiccups which were usual for renovation, James was dedicated to ensure that the repairs were done timely. We are very impressed and glad to have James handling our renovation.

Mr & Mrs Tan King Hua

We were so lucky to chanced upon Diva’s Interior Design when i was recommended by my Friend, i was skeptical but since we need get some quotations, we just went ahead to meet Dan Sim, He made a great impression from the first meeting as he was attentive and he take note of our requirements first then share with us the feasibility of doing it.. this is very important as many designer tends to show off their designs and not really thinking of the long term needs of a customer. He also gave wise advise on the type of lights and appliances that are practical and would fit our new home. I would strongly recommend BTOs owners to choose him as your future ID

Jerlynn Tan

We were recommended to Evan Tang from Diva’s Interior Design by my Close fren NurFarhainy Juraini and hubby…my sis n I decided to reno our suuuper old kitchen as a gift for our mother and we really made a good decision to choose Evan for the job..Evan really take our request and make it happen…he gave us constant advices alternatives to our ideas and plans as well as proposing his plans to us…he carefully rolled out the plans to fit with our schedules…that really helped us a lot as our schedules was quite tight on a daily basis. We belived that Evan also went thru great difficulties as our kitchen was really really old…so thanks to Evan Tang for the great work ! And the workmanship was ridiculously great ! What important was…my mom was really happy with updated kitchen ! My siblings was also shocked with the end results !! Sooo…. we give many 2 thumbs up ! Totally recommended !!

Siti Nadya

My Wife and I started our ID searching as soon as we placed our selection for our unit. It was a good 3 years before we will get our keys. Quite a number of ID companies did not take us seriously. You can feel the insincerity when they talk to you. One even reject us at the door stating it is too early. Thanks to this rejection and bad experiences with others ID, it makes Diva interior sincere service stands out. We are very blessed to have Eden and Jason to help us built our dream house. They are very responsive to our queries all the time. Instead of just rejecting us, they always offer us with alternatives. From client and ID to now friends, we couldn’t ask for more.
Thank you Diva, Thank you Eden and Jason.

Kerwin Goh Chin Chieh

My hubby and I would like to thanks Dan Sim for his great service. Without him I will not able to move in smoothly to my new home.Good workmanship and provided me good advice and good planning to make everything go smoothly.
Thanks for keeping our budget and giving us the quality we want and your help for these period of time!! You have done a great job my friend…..keep it up :)Really love my new home!!Excellent service.. Dan Sim

Joanne Fong

我們是透過網路Facebook 知道diva’s這家公司進而認識設計師james


I am very grateful to our designer, dylan. He helped designed our dream home. He listened to all our needs and gave valuable suggestions. He helped us in all aspects even before the rennovation had yet to start to now even we had moved in. You can definetly count on Dylan to give your house a brand new look and a desirable and sweet home to live in. we would like to thank Dylan for All this.

GRif Lim

We got Lowe to help us with our new place earlier this year…it was a bit last minute as originally i kinda wanted to fix the house up myself but i realised i didn’t have the time (and i’m too lazy) to do it…so i went searching for an ID company. Lowe is friendly, efficient and remarkably patient with all the questions and requirements i threw at him, helping us through all the little details which made it very easy for us. He is quick with suggestions, never up-selling and even giving us advice on how to save money; and whenever i show him something i like (from a magazine/ website/ weird random ideas etc), he will come up with practical ways to incorporate what i want into a cohesive design. He is also very responsive, something i really appreciate, so that i’m always updated with how the renovations are going. And lastly, he always turns up for our appointments cheerfully and on time (even early morning appointments! and i know he lives / works on the other end of the country)… all in all, we like him so much we hired him to help out with my grandma’s house as well. Great guy, super recommended

Shing Chua

My family & I would like to use this opportunity to thank Elaine from Divas Interior for helping us design & rushed for us the entire project within the stipulated time frame. Even though the project was rushed as we had a tight time frame but quality works done by them was superb! Thumbs up for them!
I would recommend anyone to use Elaine as their ID because she’s very meticulous & really really helpful whenever I’ve encountered any issue with the house.
Overall I’m really satisfied with the house and once again thank you Elaine for these past 2 months! It’s been great working together with you!

Ng Teng Wei

Your interior designer, Alvin, has been extremely patience with our numerous demands and kept us in constant updates on the renovation development in our first home. Till today after moving in for 11 months, he is still readily available and respond to our small problems.
Will definetely recommend his expertise to friends and engaging him again for our next home in 5 years time.

Jim Teng

One of our favourite ‘family-bonding’ corners in our new home . Huge thanks to our designer Sammi Lau for her ideas & contributions. Even though there were minor hiccups-which is unavoidable- along the way, she was able to resolve them with her professionalism.
I am very satisfied with the overall outcome. Reasonable price with good quality work. Thumbs up to my ID for her hardwork & good coordination

Brenda Seng

I first came to know about Diva’s Interior Design Pte Ltd via Daniel Teng who came highly recommended by many for his professionalism and friendly personality. Through him, I get to know Sammi – his assistant for my new house renovation. From From beginning to end the renovation experience was excellent, here is why:
Daniel, our designer, did an excellent job working with us on our design wishes and to set up a budget. He was also extremely helpful and good in his advices to select the perfect products and materials for our renovation.
Sammi, our coordinator, is such a meticulous person that she is able to spot areas/defects which are easily missed by us and she ensure any defect is follow-up immediately. She is also very easy to approach person, communication with Sammi was fantastic. We had weekly project update calls/whatsapp from Sammi, when necessary, Sammi would meet us at the site to go over technical aspects and gave us sound advice to assist us in making decisions.
Her meticulous to details, quick responses and always responded to our questions and requests made us felt very assured of the renovation + the fact that the house is in her good hands!
We were also able to make regular informal site visits to see the work in progress and how things were being built. It is important to me that things be done right and Diva’s work in this regard was exceptional. The in-house design process was thorough and responsive to our vision. Quality and efficiency of workmanship is superior. The site was left clean and move in ready on the date promised and within the established budget.
I can’t say enough good things about this experience. I would highly recommend Daniel Teng and Sammi for any design or renovation project.

Eileen Lee

Sammi could appreciate our general idea and at the same time provide some ideas of her own which would make the design not just appealing in aesthetics but also functional. Kudos to her attention to detail and good attitude in following up on the issues no matter how small.
100% appreciate her work in making our house a home

Woon Kiat Weng

As my humble abode is coming to completion, I guess it would be timely to give due credit to Ace Choo, a friendly and accommodating ID from Diva Interior. Having consulted several IDs before deciding on Ace, it was a decision with no regrets and the semblance between the 3D Impressions and actual works are seemingly uncanny.
I would say that Ace have added much points to Diva’s reputation (since I’ve got a couple of friends who have used its services) and that his willingness and passion to meet the customers’ need is above and beyond expectations.
Having very high expectations on the quality of work (be it on masonry, carpentry or even glass works), Ace have promptly rectified them even before the final inspection phase, leaving myself feeling at ease.
All in all, I greatly appreciate his services and promptness in communication for the progress of my house and home-to-be. Would definitely strongly recommend Ace to everyone who would like a fuss-free renovation journey. (at a good-for-budget price too!)

Aaron Tang

thanks to Jason and Daniel for your design, my floor plan was tricky but you guys made it all possible, now my home is beautiful, functional and totally free from clutter, thank you once again

Samuel Ng

We worked with Diva’s Interior Design for the reno of our new place. Sammi who coordinated the project was professional, organized and responsive. The workmanship and quality of the products met our expectations. Our designs were executed as planned and Sammi provided sound advice on technical areas. Thanks to Sammi and the team for a well done job!

Desiree Anne Klyne

Thk my designer Dylan

Amy Lmh

Many thanks to Alvin for a wonderful makeover to our kitchen just in time for the new year! He was extremely patient and responsive to all our questions and requests. Thumbs up for a job well done! Will definitely refer our friends and relatives to Alvin.

Heng Foong Tan

Got to know Dan Sim from Diva’s Interior from a friend. Dan has been very service oriented and professional although I only got him to change my toilet door. He offered very a competitive price compared to the other 2 companies I checked with. Process was quick and hassle free and workmanship was excellent! I think his service deserves a compliment!

Alex Yeo

Thanks to Lowe for helping in my renovation this year. It was a random walk-in to your Company and Lowe was the ID who came out to greet us. I had a good impression of him during our first meeting as he was friendly and patient in answering queries. I always have impressions that IDs are pushy but Lowe was not at all. He gave advice on how to save money and gave suggestions on designs which are safe for elderly as my mum is staying with me. He is responsible, sincere and kept me updated with the renovation process. Great guy to work with, and now he’s helping my brother with his renovation. Will sure recommend more friends to him!

Jennifer Lee

I would like to thank Aaron and Dan for the professional service rendered for the full makeover of my house.
During the reno process, both of them helped out in e coordination of delivery and installation which saved us the hassle of attending to these matters. They also offered useful advice in terms of layout,design and material type and the end results are very satisfactory.
Both have been very attentive and responsive throughout the reno period. Even though the handover was done almost 3 months ago, they never fail to respond quickly when we call or text them regarding some defects or issues. Pricing is also competitive compared to many other interior firms. Definitely a good choice if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable interior firm!

Janice Chua

Got referred to Evan from Diva’s Interior from a friend. He was professional, responsive and offered good advice on the renovation of my new flat. He managed to complete all my requirements within a very tight schedule; workmanship was excellent. Big thumbs up!

Chern Hui

I would like to thank Dan Sim for his outstanding services rendered in our house renovation. The project was completed within 8 weeks and just before Lunar New Year. There were some technical issues due to the main roof gutter leakage as well as having to change new roof/gutter for the service yard but Dan handled all with ease. He was very patient and responsive throughout the period. Thanks for a well done job! We are very happy with our newly renovated house.

Joanna Yeo

I would like to thank Daniel & Dan for handing over my home to me in such a beautiful way, i have a special bond with books and i love how this bookshelf turned out with all the hardwork…i literally sat down to watch the whole process and i must say it was a tough project..so much professionalism and touch of love…once again thank u so much ESP to Dan for tolerating all my demands…!!!

Amritha Sandhu

My sincere heartfelt gratitude to Divas Interior and especially to both my ID Daniel Tang and Aaron for completing such a nice and cosy home within a very short period of time. My home was done up in late November 2016 however due to the continuous festive season and my tight schedule the review came much later.
Divas Interior just like its “S” describe in its acronyms “Diva’s” “Sincerity & Genuiness”. I can really feel like both my ID were designing and renovating my home like theirs. They were very sincere, highly dedicated, with a “can do” attitude and are always there when problems happened.I think most importantly there are no hidden cost/ additional charges at the end of the renovation which most Singaporeans are concerned about. Whatever cost are presented at the initial phase and all charges were made known. Neither did they over-promise nor did they under-deliver in fact I would say that all their recommendations and suggestions were good and the outcome is just as what I had describe to them or even better during the first meeting where I showed them some pictures and the high sense of cosy that I wanted. I am pretty satisfied with the whole renovation process and the outcome. There was minimum effort and time needed from my end all was well taken care of, beautifully planned and promptly, timely and nicely executed. The workmanship and services were excellent and also the prices are highly affordable.
I still remember clearly in the initial phase when I first approached Daniel I told him that I had needed to shift urgently he told me a renovation would take around 6-8weeks to complete. However,by the 4th week everything was almost done and I was able to shift in all furniture by the 5th week which was certainly a great delight to my family and me. Initially when Daniel told me the plan and the amount of work that was going to be done in a few days I remain skeptical and could not really believe him. Of course I did came and check frequently and was pretty convinced and impressed by his words and I remembered clearly at one point in time I saw more then 10 workers in my house doing up the feature wall, kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinet, wardrobe and painting etc. Instantaneously I knew that I didn’t trust the wrong ID firm and more importantly my 2 ID Daniel & Aaron.
Overall it was a superb experience having Divas to do up my home renovation and I would definitely recommend my friends and relatives to look for Divas if they would like to renovate their home.
Diva’s Interior a highly reliable, sincere, genuine and with excellent services plus workmanship. Also not forgetting my 2 ID Daniel & Aaron whom you can fully trust with your home renovations. ~ Divas UP!!

Huang Yao Feng

After comparing several quotes and meeting with a few IDs, my husband and I decided to go with Diva. There were some IDs that did not take us seriously. We had the impression that they were keen in bigger fishes. When I first met Sammi, she was sincere and attentive. She listened to our requirements and gave many advice on the feasibility and the practicality. She also offered many alternative and solutions to us. During the renovation, Sammi is very prompt and responsive to our queries. She is also very patient in explaining things to us. Any defects are also quickly rectified.
Even when Sammi was on leave, she will update her supervisor Eden to ensure that everything is on track. Eden is always cheerful and very patient. He also gave us many suggestions and never try to up-sell.
Thank you Sammi and Eden. We are very pleased with their services and happy with the end results. My Sister-in-law hired Diva for their new home as well! We have also provided their contact to our friends who will be getting their keys. Definitely recommend Diva to people who are looking for ID.

Li Loi

My wife and I recently had employed Diva’s to renovate our new home. The altruistic team of Eden and Sammi were extremely professional, providing us with sound advice while attempting their best to conform to our designs and ideas. The design concepts were on-point, being futuristic with a touch of contemporary at the same time. Thank you Eden & Sammi for a job well done.

Ian Chung

Recently we engaged Diva’s service to reno our small room before my big day, we would like to compliment Jason’s exceptional service. He is very responsive with our queries and requests, patiently explain to us when sometimes we gets too busy and forget on some details which he had already gone through with me and my fiance. We are very happy with his service although we only engaged them to work on a room. (to be honest we have asked a few quotes before and some companies are not interested to discuss further when they hear about renovating just a room) We will consider them again when we get our new house.

Jia Ying Ngoh

We wish to say A Million Thanks To Our ID, Mr Evan Tang for ALL his Patience & Understanding Throughout The Process Of Getting Our Dream Home!
Will Definitely have Diva’s Interior in mind to reccommend to anyone who come to us asking for House Reno..
Wishing Evan & All The Diva’s ID Team..
All The Best And May You Guys Succeed In Achieving Your Goals!

Shahidah Nor

My Fiancé and I engaged Jason Tan for our resale 5-room flat. We did asked a few quotations from IDs and contractor but I would say that his quotation was one of those that met our budget. He tried his best to help us on how we can focus on the important place to renovate first.
Jason was recommended by a good friend of mine who had her wed room done by Diva’s.

Jason is a very patient person who explained to us in details on everything. Even before we signed the contract he did his best to assist us in every ways he can. Whenever we had issues faced we will asked him and he will always reply to us promptly despite the time.

He also gave us suggestions on for the furnitures that we are purchasing to match the theme of our house. I would say that throughout the journey of renovation with Jason, we have hiccups along the way but he is always there to help and my fiancé and i really appreciate it. We have build a friendship with him. We strongly recommend those who are planning to build your new home to engage Jason.

Jan Ice

Would like to take this chance to thank Aaron for all his time and effort spent on fulfilling our requirements and wants/needs since the first day we signed the contract.

He acknowledges all the set ups pre-agreed and address all the concerns and safety requirements I had with my newborn baby in mind and he ensured that all the carpentry works are looked at and gives all due advices that helped us make our decisions in choosing the furnishing and lighting too.

His dedication and commitment is shown with all the late nights (wee morning) WhatsApp chats and exchanges to assure us that he got everything under control.
Fulfilled his promise to handover the key before CNY.
Thank you Aaron, you have been great!
Thank you Diva!

Siti Nur Fatimah

Hi, just to share our positive renovation experience here for home owners in search of ID firms.

We decided to engage an ID as we were unsure how we want our home to look like and prefer to have a designer to help us in space planning & manage the renovation process. We chose Diva’s after coming across some good reviews and the designer was sincere during the interaction too.

The initial designer was experienced, but we couldn’t agree on the design. Eden took over and was quick to capture our preferences with 3D drawings that we like. He is also responsive & professional in handling hiccups that happened along the way with helpful suggestions. Overall, the entire journey was smooth and completed before CNY as committed. Workmanship is good and require little rectifications since we moved in a month plus ago.

A big thanks to Eden & team for making our bright and cozy home

Wang Bao Yun

My husband and I would like to extend our gratitude to our ID, Dan Sim and team, for the excellent work done!

From our first appointment, we were charmed by the fact that he is very proactive in offering various ideas and he doesn’t force his ideas on you. He takes our ideas and add on to it to create something better. Very creative! He is also very friendly and easy to talk to.

Throughout our renovation journey, he is responsible and meticulous. He is also very helpful in offering alternative solutions and recommendations on where/what to get for the house.

Our dream house came to fruition because of Dan and we are really glad that our paths have crossed! Really appreciate all that Dan and his team have done for us!

Ivy Toh

Highly recommended by friends, our ID Jason has indeed lived up to our raised expectations. He is very responsive to our question and give very good advice in regards to the renovation

Stacy Chow

With all the stories & recounts on social media and renovation forums, choosing an ID or a contractor for your first house can be daunting – this is a factual truth.

We chanced upon Mr Dylan Ng (Senior Designer) from Diva’s Interior Design Pte Ltd via a referral and safe to say, not only has he and his wonderful team lived up to expectations – but have went far & beyond to serve & tend to our needs.

From prompt replies to all our queries and frequent updates regarding our project all around the clock – we have nothing but praises for the amazing job Mr Dylan Ng and his team have done for us, delivering our home early well before the stipulated timeline but without compromising quality.

Future/potential clients can rest assured knowing that they are in good hands and that Mr Dylan and his team will do their utmost best to deliver.

Just a point to note that interested parties might want to get a hold of him via mobile (96218689) as he is usually away onsite – making sure things are going *swee*.

Fareez Zainal