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4 Inspiring Terrace House Renovation Ideas In Singapore



The terrace is one of the most important parts of the house and the layout and arrangement of the design must be considered. This transition area from indoor to outdoor is often relied on as a home display and should be a quality relaxing area. So, why not find interior design information about terrace renovation ideas Singapore to make your dream terrace come true?

It is undeniable that almost everyone wants a terrace with a perfect appearance and has an optimal function at home. However, various constraints make this wish almost impossible to fulfil, for example, due to limited space, its not strategic location, and other obstacles.


Will hiring an interior designer to increase the cost of renovating it?

This depends on your expertise in choosing the right interior design service company. You should start researching to select companies that you can work with to support you in the success of the renovation agenda for the terrace house Singapore or other rooms.


Divasinterior is one of the most recommended companies so that renovation costs are cheaper but the work is still of high quality.


Can I Concept My Own for Terrace Remodeling?

Of course, I can. Divasinterior and other interior design service companies may propose many recommendations for some renovation ideas in Singapore. But experienced companies will understand that taste and aesthetic judgment are relative. Divasinterior works based on client satisfaction. So don’t hesitate to share your concept with us.


With the custom package services available, you can convey your design concept, and the Divasinterior team will provide many solution recommendations. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to reduce the cost of renovation because the designer team will implement accurate strategies so that renovation costs can be very economical but the results of the work are still maximized.


You can also try to present brilliant Singapore renovation ideas about interior design by looking at a variety of inspirational quotes. To get a free quote, click here.


Why Choose a Divasinterior to Deliver the Best Renovation Ideas Singapore?

Apart from the excellence of a company that provides custom packages, Divasinterior has also been tested for quality by winning many awards. Among them are the OHSAS 18001 assessment certificate in 2007, the ISO 9001 certificate in 2015, and the bizSAFE certificate at the star level. Divasinterior has also been licensed as a trusted HDB Interior Design in Singapore.


While starting the collaboration, let’s take a moment to listen to 4 terrace house renovation ideas in Singapore to enrich your inspiration in the following description:


Tiny Terrace With Bright Colors

If you are constrained by limited land in the landed house design and build, you can make the terrace beautiful by adjusting the lighting and colours. Applying white to the roof and walls can be very effective at making an area feel spacious. Placement of small pots filled with ornamental plants on one side of the terrace will make the atmosphere fresh and alive.


Use Of Simple Ornaments

There is no need to store all the ornaments and decorations in excess because it will only make the terrace full and get dirty quickly. The placement of cacti in tiny pots combined with wooden chairs is enough to make the appearance and use of the Singapore terrace house feel perfect.


Use The Sliding Doors For Access To The Back Terrace

It is recommended that you use sliding doors instead of hinged doors. Besides saving space, this kind of door creates a modern and natural impression when you use a wooden door. The lounge area on the back porch will be more spacious and dynamic with sliding doors.


Fish Pond For Lively And Natural Scenes

You can bring a lively and natural nuance by creating an ornamental fish pond on the side or back porch of the house. The movement of the fish and the shower of water will make the terrace atmosphere fresher and make relaxing moments feel more enjoyable.


Finally, it is clear that the agenda of renovating the terrace so that it looks beautiful and functions optimally can be realized with an affordable budget, together with Divasinterior 4 renovation ideas Singapore mentioned above can be used as inspiration, or can also be modified according to taste. You can also get free and inspirational quotes about interior design here.