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How to Get Reasonable Toilet Renovation in Singapore?


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Toilet is the most personal place in the house. That’s why, toilet needs special treatment. Toilets must be cleaned regularly, repaired if there is a leak in the plumbing or shower hose, and renovated. For some people, toilet renovation is carried out only when the toilet is in serious condition. Lots of broken grout, cracked floors, frequent jams, and peeling wall paint. Then, for others, toilet renovation or hdb bathroom renovation is for the sake of convenience.


They use the toilet as a private place to find inspiration so that the toilet is laid out as comfortable as possible. They even put a laptop and books on the writing desk there. However, when we discuss about toilet renovation, a rush of immediate thought appears. So, this is the time for looking for references to get cheap toilet renovation Singapore.


Unexpected Cost When Having Toilet Renovation


Usually renovating toilet is not easy and cheap. Unexpected costs often appear by the time you find a partner who will help you renovate the toilet. At some point, you want to give up renovating the toilet, but you have to continue the hdb toilet makeover because the flat had been used by another family.


You willy-nilly must seek answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to renovate a toilet in Singapore?’ immediately. Well, the average costs for a basic toilet makeover Singapore is about $4,000 to $7,000. it is for an entire renovation.


The workers will do some works like hacking toilet, plumbing, tilling, painting, masonry, electrical work, and demolition. The costs may be higher than estimation if there is debris disposal to a certain place.


Is It Possible to Get Lower Costs Than the Estimation Price?


You may be lucky to get a cheaper price because there is a toilet renovation promotion programme from an interior design company near you. But, do you ever think about the money you spend will be commensurate with the quality given? You have no idea about this until you work with this interior design company to make all your toilet renovation ideas come true.


Now, if you want to see the possibility to get reasonable costs, let’s take a look at the approximate cost of toilet renovation in Singapore below.


  • Plumbing work. It includes the installation of a set of bidet spray and toilet bowls which is approximately $320 to $550. The costs can change depending on the model.
  • Pipe installation. Stainless steel pipe replacement cost is about $500 to $800. it is for hot and cold water supply.
  • Washbasin installation with faucet is about $300 to $350.
  • Shower set purchasing is about $200 to $300.
  • Tilling. Floor tile and coating for toilet renovation ideas Singapore is about $700 to $800. Then, overlay toilet renovation package includes wall tile overlay to ceiling for 00 to 50.
  • Debris disposal is about $300 to $400.


So, how to get cheaper costs than the estimation price?


Find the Right Cost Calculations


The cheap toilet renovation Singapore with great quality never existed. There is only careful cost calculations and best toilet renovation Singapore partner. These two things can prevent you from spending money carelessly. Then, you will finally say that there is a reasonable toilet renovation Singapore.


Careful Calculation

As illustrated above, the toilet renovation costs are quite high. In order to do that, you need to do the proper calculations from A to Z. This calculation is about the calculation that suits your toilet renovation needs. You can do the following calculations.


  • Check for damage and leaks in the toilet. If possible to repair by yourself, do so before you look for new toilet renovation ideas. You can also buy new accessories to replace the old ones after you do the repair.
  • You can take advantage of the resale kitchen and toilet renovation Singapore package near you. Interior design partner that you appointed can definitely suggest you this. You can even receive the best Custome Package service from Diva’s Interior Design.

The experience of handling many toilet interior designs has brought Diva’s to the prestigious awards. One of them is the Best Singapore Interior Design Award. You can rely on Diva’s with its affordable Custome Package which will make you believe that a reasonable toilet renovation Singapore does exist. Contact Diva’s here and get free quotation.