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Top 5 Checklist Home Renovation Idea in Singapore



Moving or renovating a house might be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first experience. To help you cope with the stressful situation when renovating your condo or house, you can follow several tips for Singapore home renovation ideas Singapore for you.

 You may spend a lot of money when buying your property, and renovating may consume more money if you have no idea how to calculate the expenses.

 1. renovation ideas singapore: Plan Your House Renovation

Renovating a house can take a long time. You may already have a plan, but there must be several things that will bring you far from the deadline. The reason why it takes longer is that you probably don’t accept the proposal from the interior designer you choose. To help you solve this, you can compare different interior design companies and see their proposals and check which best for your house. Take your time to think about it, since the house is a good investment, and you don’t want to waste your money on bad home renovation.


Planning and home designing will take a longer time than other phases of home renovation. In this time, you need to have in-depth research and see closely the different designs that meet your budget, personality, lifestyle, and of course the functionality of your living space.


2. Latest Work of the Interior Designer

 When you meet your interior designers, if it’s your first time, try to list renovation ideas singapore questions that you want to ask. The first question can be the latest work by many the designers (best interior design firm in Singapore). They will have a portfolio they can share with you to showcase their best work from previous projects. Your designer will be happy to share their home renovation works, projects, awards, or histories with you, especially if they are experienced and good. By having this, you can also see their style and taste as a designer, as well as the testimonials from previous clients.


 3. Prioritize Which Rooms to Renovate By Renovation Contractors

 The next thing to do is prioritizing which rooms you want to renovate by the renovation contractor. If you have some, you can ask for advice from your interior designer. This helps you if you have a very tight budget. Instead, try to prioritize a specific room to renovate and put your budget there.

 Consult the budget you have with the style you want to build with your interior designer. It will be better if you only focus on only one main room, or a few small rooms, rather than the whole house.


 4. Ideas that You Can Try

 Follow these home renovation ideas Singapore to renew your living space. Prepare your budget for furniture, because it is an element that requires more renovation costs. A sofa may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. To save more money, you can still use your old sofa and change its upholstery to meet the new design you’re going to have.


A two-seater sofa may only need 10m fabric, it is much cheaper than buying a new sofa. Parquet or marble flooring is perhaps the thing that you consider when renovating the house. Yet, if you’re on a budget, you can use rugs to refresh the look of your floor.


Choosing random rugs will be fine, but it’s better to have a custom rug that will complement the whole theme of your area. From modern to more contemporary textures and shades, rugs will help to give a new ambience to your rooms. For your HDB flat, you can try to add heights on the ceiling and windows. It will help to give a luxurious ambience to the living space. Maximize the area by having open-plan living with a functional room.


 It will be easier if you have a jumbo HDB, let’s say a 5-room HDB. With this spacious area, you can mix several styles into one. Blending those styles, whether it is Scandinavian, traditional, futuristic, or even industrial is a good idea. It’s charming to have styles for each room.


5. Get a Renovation Packages quote from Divas Interior Designers

 Other home renovation Singapore ideas is making it as an urban jungle. If you like plants, put your greenery as your HDB’s highlight. Create a vertical garden in your living room to greet your guests, and put some other greeneries around the space. Changing the windows and doors with sliding glass is another Singapore home renovation idea you can have. It lets light pour into your home which makes it look bigger. And if you choose neutral colours, strike it with the pops of yellow or blue, to make it less boring. Get a quote from  DivasInterior design firms, to help you find the best ideas for your HDB. Contact us today!