6 Smart Ideas For Small Bedroom Design In Singapore


Bedroom Design In Singapore


As one of the mainstay places to rest, you should not ignore the comfort of the bed by arranging it carelessly. Even though the size of your bedroom is narrow/small, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the inconvenience. You might consider implementing bedroom design Singapore so that you get the perfect bedroom.


In general, bedroom designs ideas for small sizes can be applied anywhere, not limited to Singapore. Precisely the small size of the room will trigger you to maximize space without having to waste space. The small bedroom also actually makes resting moments calmer and more exclusive because everything in the room is easily accessible.


So, let’s start designing a tiny bedroom smartly and creatively, starting from sorting outsmart Ideas for Small Bedroom Design in Singapore.


Optimizing The Ceiling Area

Let’s start at the top with the main focus on getting an extra flat surface. Instead of piling up all the things underneath, you can take advantage of the many unused gaps such as the ceiling of the room so that its function is more optimal. Among the things you can do, for example, install a pendant lamp instead of keeping the lamp sitting on the table.


You can also modify the ceiling so that the grooves match the roof. This will create a wider space for the bedroom design, it can even be used for additional space connected by stairs. In this area, you can keep your mattress or clothes hanging neatly.


Installing long curtains on the ceiling is also one of Singapore’s most favourite Bedroom Designs. Instead of attaching curtains to the window frames, you will make the room taller by hanging it from the ceiling to the floor. You can also install other simple decorations such as flickering lights as a companion pendant lamp. Optimizing The Bedroom Design Singapore


Wall Area

Having finished creating with the ceiling, let’s look at the next area, namely the bedroom wall. You can make wall-mounted shelves and hangers to store small items or books. Wall paintings and other decorations can also be applied to the walls of the rooms to create a good mood.


The existence of hanging shelves will make the placement of items more neat and organized, rather than you piling up small items in cupboard drawers. This will also make it easier for you to pick up anything without fuss and doesn’t make a mess. You can make it yourself or ask a professional installation service to make a strong and artistic hanging rack.


Also, pay attention to the colour of the paint. To create a spacious and bright nuance, bedroom design Singapore usually uses bright colours. But the bedroom is an exclusive place that you can adjust according to taste.


When you like dark colours with lots of paintings or pictures, that doesn’t matter too. But light colours can be tucked in every corner so that your room doesn’t feel crowded.

Bedroom Design Concept By Optimizing Bed Functions

Do not force a large bed to be put into a narrow bedroom. We understand you want comfort to sleep. But a minimalist model bed that fits bedroom design in Singapore can also be relied on to make the room situation less crowded and you can still feel comfortable.


The bed can be placed in the middle of the room propped against one wall near the window. That way, you can store cabinets or other cabinets on the left and right of the room without having to block the lighting. Multifunctional beds are also most recommended, where your bed has hidden shelves and cupboards to store essential items.


Take advantage of the area under the bed to store the box. Storing memorabilia or objects that are rarely used in it is very effective to avoid the accumulation of items in the cabinet area. The storage of objects under the bed must also be closed so that it is not exposed to dust or other dirt.

Most Recommended Foldable Multi-Purpose Furniture

This is one strategy to save space in the floor area. Space-saving will be very effective when you have fully folded furniture. For example, wardrobes for dressing up or a folding table for studying, or a folding chair that can be moved around at will. You can even do it for your bed.


Don’t you have to sleep on the bed all day long? When it’s not in use, fold it up to get more room.

Need inspiration about the most creative and innovative bedroom design arrangements in Singapore? Get a free quote.

Rely On Sliding Doors

Hinged doors will take up space and this won’t be great for a narrow bedroom. Instead of losing space when the door is opened inward, it’s better to replace it with a sliding door. That way, you can more freely enter and exit the room without worrying about hitting objects in the door area. No need to use large handles for doors. The inward recess for sliding doors is safer and complies with bedroom design in Singapore.

Rely On A Large Mirror

The next smart bedroom idea is to use a large mirror mounted on the bedroom wall. You are unlikely to move the wall when you feel your room is too cramped and cramped. So why not rely on a large mirror to make cool light reflections and this will make your bedroom more spacious. You can store a large mirror anywhere you like.


In addition to helping the room look bright and spacious, you can look in the mirror at any time to clean up. Those are the Ideas for Small Bedroom Design in Singapore that you can apply to make your tiny bedroom super comfortable. For the rest, you have the control to arrange the bedroom according to taste.


Don’t be afraid to experiment in the procurement of unique furniture or choose exclusive colours for bedding and curtains.


If you need inspiration or want to get smart quotes about interior design in Singapore, just consultation with us, and maybe you will be surprised by the fun of creating in the art of spatial planning. Finally, I hope this article about small bedroom design Singapore is useful to maximize your small space.