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8 Best Small Toilet Design Ideas In Singapore


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Are you planning to renovate the toilet design to make it comfortable and look new? Surely you are one of those people who think modern, because not only pay attention to the beauty of the exterior of the building but also the interior, including the bathroom. Let’s immediately execute the toilet renovation plan by implementing modern and small toilet design Singapore in your home.


The bathroom is not only used for cleaning the body or defecating. In this place, many people get brilliant inspiration in solitude or find a moment of serenity while enjoying the freshwater. For this reason, the comfort and cleanliness of the toilet must be considered by implementing several toilet design ideas that we recommend below:



Features A Flexible Hanging Cabinet

You are strongly advised not to put all toiletries such as soap, brushes, and other tools on the bathroom floor. Even if the soap you use is in the form of a liquid and is stored in a bottle, don’t let it sit around and mess up your toilet. Storing items on the bathroom floor will also make them wet and dirty easily.


Instead, present a flexible cabinet that is hung on the wall, and its shape adapts to the shape of the room. You can hang the cabinets on one side of the wall, where they are stacked. One room in the cabinet can be used to store personal hygiene kits, and the other room is for storing bathroom cleaning equipment.


Collaborate Cabinet With Hangers


The cabinet can also collaborate with a towel hanger. Besides saving space, the appearance of the bathroom will also be organized and look clean. After using all utensils, make sure you always keep them in their original place. This is a flexible toilet design even if your toilet size is very small.


Toilet Design Singapore With Hanging Washbasin


In a dry area of ​​the bathroom, make a hanging sink with a stretch of fewer than 3 meters. That is, the sink does not need to be equipped with support legs as it can be quite strong by leaning on the wall. The toilet can be installed near a lighting source such as a window or vent to prevent moisture.


Give A Touch Of Green


The sink area and empty corners should not be left idle. You can keep lots of plants like rosemary, aloe vera, lilies, or whatever plants you like. This is not directly related to the function of the toilet for the self-cleaning agenda. But the presence of plants and flowers will add freshness and evoke a positive mood.


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Install A Mirror To Engineer The Toilet Area


You don’t need to remodel a small bathroom if you don’t have more land. You can still use the existing bathroom size, but do engineering with a mirror so that your bathroom feels spacious. You can install large mirrors on several sides of the bathroom, then collaborate with cabinets and bright ceramic colours.


Provide Maximum And Natural Lighting


Maximum lighting will also make the toilet appear wider. You can use a glass box on several sides of the wall so that it can illuminate the bathroom when it is exposed to outside sunlight. You can even make a transparent bathroom ceiling so that the lighting can be maximized from above. Support good lighting with adequate ventilation.


For night lighting, you can use led lights. Such lamps are white and bright, so they will make your bathroom look modern and elegant. Such lamps even provide economic and energy-saving benefits.


Use The Sliding Door


Instead of using a hinged door that takes up space when opened, you can replace it with a sliding door to realize the toilet design idea. You can use a door made of frosted glass framed in wood for a barrier between wet and dry areas. Besides saving space, the use of sliding doors will minimize the risk of jamming or being pinched.


Don’t Hesitate To Install The Bathtub


Don’t worry about installing a bathtub even if your bathroom is mini. Installing a bathtub can be tricked with the bath whose size can be made to order. You can add a palette accent to the wall to make it lighter. An interior design like this will be a favourite and give the impression of being spacious and multifunctional.


If you are still confused about the recommended furniture, or maybe you want to get technical assistance about renovating the bathroom to make it cooler but cost-effective, don’t hesitate to collaborate with a trusted toilet design Singapore service company.


There are many more inspiration and toilet design ideas that you can explore by asking free renovation quote. You even have the opportunity to create an exclusive idea according to your personality in designing a clean and comfortable toilet.