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5 Customize Wardrobe Design Ideas That Will Save Space in Singapore



The interior design of houses in Singapore doesn’t only focus on room partitions, wall and ceiling paint applications, lighting fixation, and tile applications. Houses or hdb flats here are also concerned about the wardrobe that only needs tiny space from your house. Wardrobe design Singapore is very simple, compact, and easier to open and close.


Here we present to you five customized Singapore wardrobe design ideas that will save space in your home.


Built-In Wardrobe Design

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Those of you who live in an hdb flat need an hdb built-in wardrobe design as a reference to renovate your old wardrobe into the new customized wardrobe Singapore without taking up much space. You can search for reference images of wardrobe design in Singapore on the internet. After that, you can consult the interior designer about the feasibility of the design and how it fits into your room.


The material used can be an iron frame painted black with additional floating shelves at the top, middle, and bottom. Then, the clothes hangers will be hung on a long iron or wood pipe in the middle of this hdb built-in wardrobe design. You can also choose transparent glass material as a wardrobe cover so that it is easier for you to see the contents from the outside.



Walk-In Wardrobe Design

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It feels like being inside a celebrity crib when you walk into a walk-in wardrobe. You can feel as if inside your another special room for clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes in your bedroom. Walk-in wardrobe design Singapore is not a new idea, but every people love to make customized wardrobe Singapore based on the walk in wardrobe design.


The idea to make a walk-in wardrobe design in Singapore can come from your mind and the space available at home. You can build a very simple walk-in wardrobe design for hdb flats to be real by only using an L-shaped customized closet as a partition between the bedroom and a walk-in wardrobe, a mirror that is hanged onto the closet, hanging spotlights, and soundproof carpets or vinyl floor. This letter L-shaped walk-in wardrobe design in Singapore doesn’t take up too much space.



Scandinavian Study Nook Wardrobe


Wardrobe design ideas can come from looking at Scandinavian study nook references on the internet. You can integrate your study nook with your customized wardrobe in Singapore. You can build a study nook with a Scandinavian nuance at the tip or the center of the wardrobe space.


Meanwhile, the wardrobe is just a set cabinet that is painted in line with the overall design. You can build a wardrobe with a lid or an open wardrobe where your hanging clothes will be seen from the outside. Don’t forget to adjust the color of the floor with the color of the wardrobe design interior.



Modern Wooden Sliding Door Wardrobe Design Singapore

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Does your room’s interior design already have wooden parquet floors? Why don’t you make this modern wooden sliding door wardrobe design in Singapore? The idea is very simple. You only need to provide an open shelf to put a pile of clothes, belts, accessories, and bags. Give a little space in front of this shelf which is placed as a built-in wardrobe in Singapore. Then, you can install the transparent sliding door in front of that little space.



Chic Wooden Wardrobe

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Your studio apartment can also have a wardrobe design in Singapore by customizing the chic wooden wardrobe that you place in the corner of the room. This open wooden wardrobe is equipped with a long wood on the top to put hangers and float shelves at the top and bottom which can be a spot to store shoes.


You can even sit comfortably and take selfie photos on the shelf. Just choose the best wood material for this chic wardrobe.