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2 Things Before Decorate Small Bedroom Design For Children In Singapore



The children’s room is the most adorable part of your home. Children who are ready to go to bed alone in their own room will start a new chapter in their life. Sleep alone every night without parents. They can also spend more private time in the room to do their schoolwork or hobbies. That’s why we need to consider before decorating small bedroom design for children


Some children are ready to have their own bedroom at the age of 9 or 10. Meanwhile, more children who are starting to become teenagers have just dared to sleep in their own room. The building kid’s room is not an easy matter. You have to think about hdb room ideas, the space with study tables, the child’s psychology, child development, and children’s preferences.


Besides that, you need to consider the budget you will spend to create a comfortable bedroom for children. Then, what if the space of the child’s room is small in your minimalist house? Meanwhile, so many Singapore bedroom design for baby rooms and teenage rooms that you want to apply.


How Do I Decorate My Child’s Room On A Budget?


This question always comes up every time parents intend to build or decorate their children’s room. Parents have to be strong to eliminate this obstacle because they want to give happiness to their children with a new bedroom and atmosphere.


However, don’t give up easily. Decorating a kid’s room is about creativity. The items and equipment you need may not be available at the store. You may not need to purchase them. Who knows if you can get all of them from the surroundings or even at your house.


Small bedroom design Singaporefor children actually doesn’t need a lot of stuff because of the limited space area. So, you don’t need to think too much about your minimum budget. Just think about how you can arrange an existing small room in such a way and how your child’s ideas can be realized in it. You can do the following tricks to reduce expenses.


  • If the price of the paint you desire is too expensive, you can choose a particular theme wallpaper that your child likes.
  • You can paint the child’s room completely white. The small bedroom design Singapore for children that you can apply is a canvas room like a unique model of a co-living house. Children can draw on the wall safely and can be cleaned again.
  • There are many models of study tables for sale. The price is also not cheap considering the safety of the materials used. Even so, you can make your own study table by using a coffee table or another kind of table at home that is not in use anymore. You can re-shape the table according to the space of your child’s bedroom.
  • No need to dismantle the floor of the room to get the details of this small bedroom design in Singapore. Use vinyl floor which you can install directly on the tile floor.
  • Contact an interior designer who can help you plan the budget for decorating a small bedroom design in Singapore. Diva’s Interior Design is a partner you can count on. This interior design expert has received Singapore’s Best Interior Designer Award. This company, which was established in 2014, is also at the forefront of Custom Packages for its services. Get a free renovation quote here.


How Do I Organize My Child’s Bedroom?


After finding a solution for how to decorate the small bedroom design Singapore for your children, next you can organize your child’s bedroom. If you have trouble doing it, Diva’s Interior Design, which has done many beautiful projects and was awarded the Singapore Best Interior Designer Award, is ready to help you make ideas come true. So, do get a free renovation quote here for your first move.


It is so easy to organize all the things inside your kid’s room. You may follow the arrangement below.

  • Place the bed away from the door. Then, the study table will follow the location of the bed. All should be kept away from the door.
  • Install a storage rack on the wall to give a spacious impression on this small bedroom design in Singapore. Put children’s toys and other collections here.
  • Install a large mirror opposite the door. The reflection of the image from the mirror will give a broad impression to the room.

So, are you ready to hold Diva’s Interior Design for decorating your child’s bedroom? Do contact us immediately.