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5 Tips For Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas to Get a Better Sleep


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Did you realize that your bedroom may assist you in achieving your goals? When all of the components in a space are in harmony, according to feng shui principles, it is certain to benefit your health.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of adjusting the orientation and arrangement of buildings and objects like direction of bed, etc. to enable positive chi (energy flow) in a built environment. Applied correctly, this energy is believed to bring harmony and prosperity to those that dwell there.


So, we’ve put together 5 Feng Shui bedroom layout ideas to enhance your sleep and to help you live a wealthy life. Let’s check these out.

1.Harmonious Air Flow

A good feng shui bedroom direction of bed for sleep rules requires just the perfect amount of ventilation. Too little air movement can lead to stagnant energy, while too much air movement might blow healthy chi away. To aid the natural movement of energy currents, get rid of the box bed frame and arrange your furniture in a way that does not obstruct the flow of air.

Fresh air is beneficial to excellent feng shui bedroom direction of bed for sleep energy currents; nevertheless, plants continue to develop as you sleep, so don’t add greenery to your bedroom for love. This feng shui bedroom direction of bed for sleep may cause restful energy to be disrupted.


2.Inspirational Art

Show off your feng shui bedroom for love. Choose artwork for your home, and especially your bedroom for love, with care. Choose things that correlate with what you desire in life and what inspires and makes you feel good. Melancholic art can be beautiful, but according to feng shui bedroom for love rules, it should not be used in the bedroom since it may unwittingly replicate the mood you are experiencing.

3.Face Away from the Mirror

Energy is reflected in mirrors. A mirror can prohibit you from properly relaxing, in addition to giving you a terrifying reflection in the middle of the night. Make sure the mirror does not face the bed or the outside, since this might attract unwanted energy into the room. When it comes to feng shui decoration ideas, a smaller mirror is better.


4.Healing Light

Soft light is a must-have for a relaxing bedroom. Depending on the source, light can have different effects on the human body. Opt for light sources that don’t contribute to Electromotive force (EMF) pollution. Candles with natural essential oils and clarifying salt lamps are great alternatives that also purify the air.

5.Keep Doors Closed

Take the door-closed approach to sleep. The positive effects of a great feng shui bedroom for love may be blown away with an open bedroom door. Instead, care for the energy you’ve guided into a harmonious flow by keeping the door closed.


6. Feng shui bedroom colors

Last but not least is colors. You can cultivate specific energy according to your needs. Reds, pinks, orange, and purple may attract love and romance. Yellow colors is good for healing and green for growth and wealth. Choose a feng shui bedroom colors for the bed linen but keep the rest of the room neutral for a soothing feng shui bedroom colors.

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