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4 Guide to Calculating the Cost of a Bedroom Renovation in Singapore



Calculating the Cost of a Bedroom Renovation

Are you a teenager who will become an adult? Or a single person who is getting married? Or a new family who will have children? Of course, this is the right time to renovate your bedroom. So, let’s check out the perfect bedroom renovation ideas that suit your needs, interests, and your mood.

Bedroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


There are several mistakes that we often encounter when renovating a bedroom. Of course, this error is the main reason for renovating, and we must avoid reducing repeated bedroom renovations. Among others are:

  • Use of a mattress that is too large. The large size of the mattress attracts attention because it is comfortable. However, if the size of the mattress is large while your bedroom is small, then your room will look even more cramped. So reconsider the distance between the bed and the wall so that you can still pass by.
  • Installation of electricity that is not by its position. This happens quite often, so it is necessary to cut the cable to connect the electricity flow. And this will make the room look cluttered and ineffective.
  • The position of the lighting is not right. The location of the light must also be considered because if not, your room will be dim or dark.
  • Too much furniture. This will make your room more cluttered and appear cramped. So choose furniture according to your needs, functionality, and multifunctionality.
  • Carpets too small. The carpet should be able to cover the entire bottom of the mattress so that wherever the order descends from the mattress, there is a carpet that you can step on.


Choose an Interior Design Company OR Contractor

Choose an Interior Design Company


Before doing a bedroom interior renovation, an interior designer or contractor who is competent and experienced, such as Diva’s Interior Company. This interior design company will assist in managing projects, flowing your bedroom ideas into concepts, and carrying out the renovation process from start to finish. 


Meanwhile, the contractor will assist in executing projects and concepts from the designer. Thus, your HDB bedroom renovation process will go well by the estimated time estimated.


How to Calculate Bedroom Renovation Cost in Singapore?

We will provide 4 guidelines that you can apply to calculate the cost of a bedroom renovation package in Singapore, including:


  • Settle on the Design Concept and Look

You can discuss the design concept as a requirement at the beginning, after which you will be given a 3D visualization. However, if you want this design concept to be realized immediately, you must immediately complete the payment in full. This is a provision that must be done so that there is no robbery of the design concept on the part of the client to be realized by himself.



  • Plan Your Built-In Features

Before doing a renovation, also discuss with contractors and designers what features you want, such as the type of bed, wardrobe, study table, bathroom even to the window to see the outside view.


girly bedroom design


Besides that, you have to consider the design ideas of the bedroom appropriately, both according to needs and comfort. Even better, if it can be maintained over a long period, especially for children’s rooms where growth is also fast.



  • Choosing Materials for Walls and Floors

After the room building begins to form, usually the contractor will offer a choice of the type of material that will be used for walls and floors. Such as choosing soft, bright, or dark paint colors for walls and choosing vinyl, marble, or wood tile types for floors. Well, we allow you to choose the type of tile that is easy to clean.


  • Buy Trinkets and Additional Furniture

The trinkets and additional furniture that you have to buy include, a set of windows with curtains, grills, and blinds; bedroom door in the appropriate paint color; lighting (lamps); TV with table; Air conditioner; dresser; and a bed cover set. The rest can be invincible with necessity.


So, from this fourth guide, you have to start calculating the smallest amount of costs that will be required. Usually, for basic renovation needs such as points one and two, the interior design company will help in calculating the cost. So you can measure it at the beginning.


Well, if you want a cheap and good bedroom interior design in Singapore, you can contact Diva’s Interior Company through the website or the contact provided. 


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