. 8 Practical Kitchen Design for Small Space in Singapore




8 Practical Kitchen Design for Small Space in Singapore


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 Living in a small space in Singapore doesn’t mean that you can’t have a comfortable small kitchen design. Indeed, a comfortable cooking area becomes your concern if you love to cook at home. Here, we have some ideas you can apply to. Then, you can ask the help of a trusted kitchen interior design Singapore service to actualize the idea.

Add A Multifunction Table

You may not have enough area for the kitchen and dining room. Bring these two areas into one area. All you have to do is add a table. Put the table in the centre of the room and use it for the prep and dining area.


This idea is simple and affordable, but it gives a significant impact. The best thing is that you don’t need to reduce the size of the kitchen only to have a dining room and a preparation area. You will have a comfortable cooking area and even you can easily serve the meals.


Add A Rug

It doesn’t mean that you have to put a separator only to separate the kitchen from other rooms. A rug is a suitable item to separate two areas, including your kitchen and dining room. It is also an impressive idea for a small kitchen design because you don’t need to reduce the size of the kitchen.


The cost is also affordable depending on the design and material. The most important thing is that you still have a comfortable cooking area. A rug even creates a warm atmosphere in the kitchen. Make sure that you choose a rug with a simple pattern, so it doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen.


Open Shelves

You don’t have to install cabinets on the wall only to add storage in the kitchen. Too many cabinets on the wall will make your kitchen look smaller, full, and crowded. So, how do you deal with storage kitchen systems?


Instead of using ordinary cabinets, you can change it with open shelves. This item is simpler and makes your kitchen look spacious. Another benefit is that you can take dishes and glasses right away without opening the door of the shelves. This idea works enough if you have a kitchen with only 10 feet high ceilings.


Use A Breakfast Bench

A small cooking area is one of the kitchen trend Singapore ideas. They often don’t have a dining room, but it is not a problem. You can use a breakfast bench to have a small dining room. Put the bench on the area around the kitchen close to the window.


Add a longboard for the table. Make sure that the location doesn’t disturb the access to the kitchen. That’s it! This simple idea makes you have a comfortable place to cook as well as to eat meals. Imagine that you can eat your favourite meal by enjoying the scenery outside the window.


Install a Floating Table

You don’t have to use a solid table if it is impossible to put it in the kitchen. The best idea is by installing a floating table. Combine it with a breakfast bench. Indeed, it is a perfect dining and prep area for a small kitchen in Singapore.


Use Foldable Kitchen

A foldable kitchen is also a trend for those who live in an HDB flat. Just like the name, you can fold the kitchen if you don’t need it. A folded kitchen is also useful for a separator in the room. The doors can hide the mess temporarily when you still don’t have time to clean it. Some Singaporeans request this product to the trusted kitchen interior design Singapore service due to its simplicity and maximal function. Get the reference by visiting 


Use Chrome

Using chrome colour is also a simple idea to keep your small kitchen looks larger and tidy. The sparkling effect increases the elegant ambient and reflects light. This function will make a small kitchen charming. As a result, you can cook there comfortably and serve delicious meals at the dining table.


Add Plants

Keep your kitchen live up by adding some plants. Putting purifying plants is an impressive idea. These plants help to purify the air around the kitchen. As a result, you will always have a kitchen with good air circulation. Indeed, this accessory can make the kitchen looks fresh and natural.


Another option is planting some herbs in the kitchen. Choose herbs that you often use to cook. Imagine that you also have a tiny herbs garden in your small kitchen! You can harvest the herbs anytime you need to use them for cooking. One thing for sure, don’t put too many plants in the kitchen.


You don’t need to worry if you don’t have time to remodel the kitchen by yourself. Find the best kitchen design Singapore service to help you to find out more information and even a free quote about the best kitchen interior design Singapore service. You will get valuable information about interior design, including kitchen remodelling projects and HDB kitchen cabinet design.