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Small Kitchen Design In Singapore


Small Kitchen Design singapore


As one of the most vital rooms in every home, the Singapore kitchen needs to be well organized so that it can be used comfortably. You can adapt a small kitchen design Singapore so that your kitchen has a modern feel and still saves space. The perfect Singapore kitchen design will get you, friends, and family excited about making delicious meals and finding lots of valuable kitchen layout inspiration.


Modern kitchens are no longer dirty and hidden. The agenda of cooking and preparing food or drinks can be very beautiful and elegant if you are smart about arranging the kitchen and all the furniture in it. So, are you curious about kitchen trend Singapore now? Let’s start by looking at the Singapore kitchen renovation ideas plans designs and then apply them to your kitchen!


Rely On Precision And Artistic Hanging Shelf

Not the right step when you put all the items and kitchen utensils in the cabinet. It will only look neat from the outside, but it can get you into trouble when it comes to using specific small appliances. So, instead of making the Singapore kitchen cluttered and cluttered, you can use hanging shelves that are vertical levels with a few artistic details.


The use of hanging racks is the right step to optimize the wall area. You can store

frequently used items such as spoons, knives, or forks, and you can even store cooking spices.

You can make your shelves with the model you want, or buy them in specialized stores. If

necessary, you can work with a trusted hdb kitchen cabinet design.


Pay Attention To The Layout Of The Furniture

You should place your various kitchen utensils in an organized manner to successfully

implement the best kitchen design in Singapore. Do not mix rarely used equipment with

frequently used equipment.


Store everyday cooking utensils in the area near the stove, whether stored on the table

or the wall. Likewise with cooking spices such as salt, flavourings, pepper, and others. In

implementing a small kitchen design in Singapore, try to keep everything close to the stove area

so that it is easy to reach.


You know best about placing items to be effective because each person’s work style in

the kitchen is different. So, when you rarely use a dough mixer, keep it neatly in the cabinet or

on top of the cupboard. For dishwashing activities, you can place the dish rack near the sink so

that it is easy to dry and store dishes after washing.


Don’t Ignore Free Space

Do not let the empty area under the sink or corner of the kitchen become a den of dust.

You can keep a vase filled with medicinal plants or flowers in it to enhance the beauty

of Kitchen Systems. Meanwhile, under the sink can be used to store large pots or cooking



Adjust Paint Color And Lighting For Small Kitchen Design Singapore

Bright colours are worth choosing to create a relief atmosphere. You can choose a white

colour for the walls varied with orange. This colour collaboration will create a warm, cheerful, and

comfortable impression.


But if you are not a fan of light colours, it’s okay if you want to go with dark colours. But

balance it with bright lighting both through windows and lights so that your kitchen doesn’t feel


overwhelming. Good lighting is not only healthy but also makes kitchen users more excited.

If you are still confused about determining the dominant colour for walls and kitchen

furniture or want to find the best hdb flat, let’s take a moment to find inspiration from wise

quotes. Get a free renovation quote on inspiring interior design.


Using The Mini Bar Concept

To get around a small kitchen, you also don’t need to make all the walls closed. The

concept of a minibar is feasible where you can open several sides of the wall in half to make a

bar table. The table height can be between 90 cm to 120 cm. The table can be exposed to other

rooms such as the dining room or family room.


The concept of a minibar will not only make the kitchen feel wider but also make users

more flexible in their activities. The kitchen table which also functions as a divider can be used

to store stoves, water containers, or other furniture. You can also store comfortable chairs in

front of the table for comfortable interaction.


Keep The Kitchen Clean

You have to be nimble in cleaning the minimalist kitchen so that it is always neat and

organized at all times, even when you are cooking. Keep the trash can near the stovetop so you

can easily dispose of kitchen trash where it needs to be. Also, provide napkins and rags so you

can wipe down the kitchen and wall mugs at any time.


The application of small kitchen design Singapore will be useless when you are lazy to clean the

kitchen. To prevent a dirty kitchen, make it a habit to always wash dishes and other eating

utensils, as soon as you use them. Next, keep all items back in their original place after use.

Don’t forget to spray on a fresh fragrance!


After you know the reference about the small kitchen design in Singapore, complete your ideas by hunting for design interior quotation. Don’t hesitate to renovate kitchen according to taste so that your mood is always good when cooking in a top kitchen design.