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4 things to consider before choose kitchen cabinet in Singapore



Kitchen cabinetry is an integral part of the design of your kitchen and is sometimes even used as a measure of a house’s worth. However, if this is your first time choosing your kitchen cabinet in Sgingapore, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the numerous types of styles, designs and materials available online.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of any home, and you want it to be beautiful. As a result, people often spend quite a bit on their cabinets when remodeling or designing them in order for them to look just right. 


If your average sized household has 30 cabinets that are valued at $1,000 per cabinet (not including installation), then this could easily total up close to $30 thousand dollars not counting labor charges! This would mean spending another few thousand if you plan to have someone install these expensive items into place as well – but don’t worry too much because they’re definitely worth it!

1) Setting a budget

Setting a budget for your kitchen cabinet can be difficult and overwhelming. However, by asking yourself the following questions you should have no problem coming up with an accurate figure that is fit to both accommodate what type of lifestyle you lead as well as how much money in total you are willing to spend on this project:


What type of budget do I have to work with?

A good rule is to never go over on what you’re willing to spend in order for it not to become too overwhelming since kitchen cabinets aren’t a cheap investment, even if they seem like one at first!

Doing this may lead you into spending money that’s needed elsewhere – such as how much you need for other household necessities and bills. That said, here are some things that should help clear up any concerns about setting an accurate kitchen cabinet budget:

-The more time spent working on them, the cheaper they tend to get.

-If there are any small pieces that need to be replaced in the kitchen from time to time (e.g. handles), it can be expensive at first but these won’t cost so much once they’ve been broken down or worn out.


Factory price kitchen cabinet Singapore

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-Material is the most essential part of kitchen cabinets (even for big or small kitchen design), and it’s also one that never gets too expensive. Even if the design or size of the kitchen cabinets you want is highly specialized, it’s likely that someone has already installed them in their home.


2) Availability of space

Many people struggle with the lack of space in their kitchen. This can be a tricky problem because cabinets are necessary to store pots, pans and other necessities that eat up precious floor or counter top real estate. Fortunately, there’s now an easy way to solve this dilemma! 



Outdoor storage solutions like sheds and cabanas can provide plenty of extra room for your cooking appliances without taking any time out from gardening or lounging outside on summer days – it doesn’t get better than that!


There is also lots more vertical potential within the home; shelves mounted high above ceilings offer prime cabinetry positions free from clutter-causing influences below them while still remaining accessible enough for everyday use by those standing at eye level.

3) Common Questions about Kitchen Cabinets

*What is the difference between kitchen cabinetry?

Kitchen cabinets come in different materials and styles. If you want to keep your kitchen looking modern then the look of glass, metal or acrylic may be what you’re after. If your kitchen is more traditional than wood cabinetry might suit it better.

* How can I choose a type of kitchen cabinet?

There are many different types of Kitchen Cabinets to choose from, this article will explore

Many people want to know about their options for kitchen cabinets. For example, how do you find the right style? What materials are best suited for kitchen cabinet ? How much will they cost me in total if I have my own contractor install them or buy pre-made ones from a store like Online Shop?

And what are the benefits of choosing a kitchen cabinet maker over one that only makes furniture or cabinetry for other spaces in your home ? There is no one answer that fits every person’s situation but this article breaks down each question into its individual components so it can be easier to decide what suits you personally!

4) Type of Kitchen Cabinets

Although there are many different types of cabinetry, you can generally break it down into two categories; Solid Wood Cabinets , Composite Cabinets, and Stainless Steel Cabinets.

Solid Wood Cabinets 

-Offer a more traditional look due to its natural materials (wood) which ages well over time with proper care; this also lends an airiness quality when looking at cupboards from afar since you see through them rather than seeing right up against dark heavy woods like cherry walnut etcetera in addition they have been said by some people who used them for years ago back before these composites became popularized, say that cooking smells from cooking or their own household activities would seep through the wood and not stick to them so much

-Can be more expensive than composite material cabinets

-Takes more time to install

Composite Cabinets

-Offer a less expensive option and are easier to install than traditional kitchen cabinets

-Can be laminate or with melamine composite surfaces which do not wear well over time and may stain easily (e.g., children’s spills)

-Do not offer the airiness quality of traditional cabinetry because you see right up against them

-Offer more mold resistance than wood but still is susceptible to it.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

-Cost the most of all kitchen cabinet types

-Can be used in kitchens without a lot of natural light and can help create an open space.

If you are looking for premium quality, then stainless steel cabinets may be your best bet because they offer durability with scratch resistance, temperature stability, easy cleaning (no staining) as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

-However, the cost for these cabinets may be prohibitive to some homeowners with more modest budgets.


If you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets, we can help. We have a variety of options to choose from and our team is ready to give your project personal attention. Contact us today so that one of our specialists can provide all the information about how cabinet type Singapore could work well with your space. Ready to order? Visit divasinterior.com now!