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6 Needs to Ask Before do Renovation Kitchen in Singapore 2021



Have you been thinking about renovating the kitchen in Singapore? After finding several suitable kitchen designs for your home, then you begin to think about the number of expenses and other things you need to find out before doing a kitchen renovation. Do you know what 6 needs to ask before doing renovation kitchen in 2021?


Renovation Kitchen singapore 2021



Renovation Costs

Renovating the kitchen requires the highest cost of a residence. This is the thing that is often asked by a property owner who has the intention of doing renovation kitchen in Singapore. He will put renovation kitchen cost Singapore on the top list he needs to ask before doing renovation kitchen Singapore.


However, there has never been an exact calculation of how much it costs to renovate a kitchen because there are many factors that affect the sum of money you have to spend. The light kitchen renovation in Singapore costs range from $800 to $2600, meanwhile, if you need more choice renovation kitchen Singapore like the attractive design or renew the angled peninsula, the costs can run up to $11950 to $27450.


Kitchen Design


kitcehn renovation


Have you found the Singapore kitchen design for your HDB flat? When you find a kitchen design in Singapore that is very captivating, you want to move the design as soon as possible to your HDB kitchen, right?


However, some clients have problems with the placement of the kitchen work triangle: sink, stove, and refrigerator, which apparently cannot be in harmony with the design you choose.


When you impose this design on your kitchen renovation Singapore HDB flat, you will always argue with interior designers, laborers, and the worst is with the Bank where you ask for soft loans as soon as possible. The working time to renovate HDB flat which is only 4 to 6 weeks, can stretch up to 8 weeks or more.


Can you imagine how much it cost to pay the laborers during that time? The carpentry costs during normal processing time amounted to $5000. therefore, you must be smart to adjust the Singapore kitchen design with the area and the type of your property.


How Much Does it Cost to Renovate an Entire Kitchen?


The kitchen aged 10 to 20 years from the start of the construction should have been included in the renovation kitchen Singapore list. Why is that?


The kitchen must be very dirty, worn, and there are so many gas lines and pipes to be renewed for the safety of the residents. So, you’ll need a helping hand of an interior designer to give you a seep about the cost. The entire renovation kitchen in Singapore costs is around $8.900 to $23.200.


Remodel the Kitchen Cheaply

Maybe one day you ever wondering if I can remodel my kitchen cheaply…


You can find a cheap kitchen renovation package in Singapore from one interior design company near you. Do a consultation with the interior designer in charge regarding the kitchen design Singapore you desire the most, the budget you prepare.


So that the process of making renovation kitchen service Singapore does not interfere with you at home. In this case, you can’t stay in another house during the process of working on the best renovation kitchen in Singapore.


What about Reconfigure Existing Kitchen Cabinets?

You can do it. Maybe you want an accent of vintage in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t damage the laminate or the layout of the sink, stoves, and refrigerator. Make sure you watch the tutorial video from a trusted channel. If you can’t do it yourself, pick up your phone and contact the interior design firm that can give you the best advice for renovation kitchen cabinet Singapore idea.


Can I Find a Reliable Interior Designer?

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