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Want To Renovate? These Top Singapore Kitchen Design Ideas that Will Inspire You


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A Singapore kitchen design can also be called the heart of the house. You may be inspired and cook a delicious meal that can warm the heart of the entire family member. However, there always is a time when the Singapore kitchen that used to be a great place to cook becomes one of the boring and uncomfortable places to spend your time.


If this happens to you, there is only one thing that you can do, remodelling or renovating your kitchen. Now, if you live in Singapore or own a flat or house in this country, you will face another problem. It is choosing the hdb kitchen design for your renovation project.


Kitchen Design Choosing Problem

When you choose the kitchen renovation ideas singapore, you should consider many aspects. It includes the space usage, the theme that fits with most of the interior of the modern style that you can find on many buildings in this country, and of course, the cost. It could be a very challenging task if you don’t know the ins and outs of interior design. 


In the worst case, you won’t only choose the design that doesn’t look good in your kitchen. but, you also spend more than you should be. It is all because of the lack of information as well as help from professionals. 


For that reason, we are here for you. We have several ideas for a kitchen design that you can use as inspiration or base for your renovation project. By the way, all these kitchen ideas are taken from the Diva’s Interior Design collection. 


As you might already know, Diva Interior Design is one of the best companies you can count on for the best kitchen design Singapore.


They have been involved in many projects that resulted in many beautiful, artistic, and functional interior designs in many buildings in Singapore. Furthermore, they also offer a custom package, which gives you the freedom to decide what kind of design you want.


Moreover, this company also has won many awards and received certifications, such as OHSAS 18001:2007, Certificate of Assessment, ISO 9001:2015, Certificate of Assessment, and bizSAFE Star Certificate. 


Get the free renovation quote of DivasInterior service and more information about this company. But, now, let’s see what kind of designs you can use as reference or inspiration for your kitchen renovation project.


  • The Marble Wall

The first idea you can try is using the marble stone as the wall. We see it on one of the Diva’s Interior Design collection and this is one of the best design matches for changing your kitchen appearance. The natural stone, like marble stone, creates a relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen. We believe that it will remove the boring looks and nuance in the kitchen.


Furthermore, the marble stone also gives your kitchen a luxurious touch. If you combine it with the furniture, like a cabinet or kitchen countertop that has a similar colour tone as the marble wall, you will get what you need. A beautiful kitchen where you can spend your days cooking a delicious meal.


  • Adding the Ambient Lighting

A boring atmosphere in your kitchen also can come from the lighting design. It happens a lot on hdb flat in Singapore that only install the standard lighting system, enough for illumination. Therefore, you also need to add ambient lighting in some of the parts that you want to make stand out or even use them as a focal point.


Diva’s Interior Design uses the ambient or we also call it the accent lighting right on the top of the stove area and the sink. Both of these areas have a role in your cooking activity, as they are parts of the golden triangle of your kitchen, the refrigerator, stoves, and sink. 


So, the ambient lighting will change how that area looks. As you use those areas a lot, you also feel a different experience that you never had before. It is a good choice for small kitchen design singapore.


  • Add the Greens

Diva’s Interior Design also uses a lot of plant decoration in its interior design. So, why don’t you also apply this element to your kitchen? You can even save more money with this method. You only buy the plant decoration and put it in the right area in your kitchen. Voila, you change your kitchen looks and it’s not boring anymore. Just remember to put the plant near the natural lighting source as it needs it to live.




So, if your kitchen concept is still using the old hdb kitchen design, you don’t have to hesitate. Change it so it is not boring anymore. Moreover, ask the help from a professional, in this case, is the Diva’s Interior Design to help your project. Guaranteed you will get much better results with their help. For more information and quotes about service, you can click here