5 Office Interior Design Ideas for Small Space in Singapore


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Finding the right office design that fits your personality and your needs at home in Singapore cannot be taken lightly. A good workspace design that fits your taste will help increase work productivity.

If you have a small space at home, it wouldn’t hurt to make office interior design inside. Because a small space in SG can also be a nice place.


For example, like downstairs, leftover rooms under the bed, or something. So if you’d like to know more about how to use a small room in an office, let’s check the writing below!

How to do Interior Design for Small Office?


To design an attractive and comfortable office space, it doesn’t have to be large. Even those of you who have a small office can turn your office space into a comfortable and eye-catching way. Just pay attention, choosing office furniture and equipment, placing furniture that allows comfortable movement, to choosing the right color, lighting, and air circulation.


By paying attention to all of that, a small office space will feel comfortable and you will feel at home for a long in your office.


So, this is 5 Office interior design idea for small space in Singapore:



An office or workspace can be said to be the second home after a residential house. Minimalist workspace designs are widely applied to bring comfort like being at home. One of the minimalist designs can be seen from the office that applies the concept of open space or open space which makes the office look more spacious with good light circulation.


For small office design ideas to work you can choose natural or warm colors like brownish or yellowish colors, with furniture such as tables and chairs that are simple but elegant in style.


Meeting Room

The meeting room is mandatory in every office. Usually, the meeting room has a serious and rigid impression, because this room is held to decide something important. Well, in this modern office design idea for small spaces, you must try an open space concept as shown above if you want a more comfortable design with a different atmosphere.


This concept will provide a comfortable and warm atmosphere so that it will help you and your team to discuss and get ideas or solutions. Here you can also add various supporting interiors such as wall hangings and motif carpets.


Office Interior

The next small office design idea to work is for an office, which can also affect employee performance. Besides being able to increase employee productivity, interior design should also represent the image and branding of the company.


You can display small home office design ideas with minimalist design and not be monotonous by playing through the selection of colors and furniture.


Outdoor Office Concept

The outdoor office can be the inspiration for modern office design ideas for small spaces. Creating an open space is the right choice because it can present a different, calmer, and more relaxed atmosphere.


This concept is also a healthy choice because the air and light circulation is good so that it can be present comfort and increase employee productivity. Especially if it is equipped with various ornamental plants and trees. The outdoor office concept itself is very suitable to be applied to companies in the creative, entertainment, architectural studios, and many others.


Small Office Space

Having an office interior design concept doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive workspace with a minimalist design. One way is through the placement of small and light-colored office desk decorations. You can also take advantage of a wooden ladder chair as a gathering place. You can remove the divider to get the impression of a wider room. 


Why We Need the Small Office Design Concepts?

In Singapore, almost all office buildings have a minimalist design. This, of course, is so that every room can have a maximum function. Even so, the concept of design for this small office has remained modern but simple. So choosing a small office design concept is the most appropriate option.


How can Find the Best Conception for Small Office Design?

In this digital era, many people are starting to recognize office interior design ideas for small business, startup, or working independently as a freelancer, so you need a comfortable office interior design. For knowing more information about interior design, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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