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Modern Office Design Trends in 2021


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Many people nowadays are starting their own business. This is partly because of the global economic downturn that began in 2008 and left many employees without jobs, as well as due to advancements in technology. These advances have made it cheaper and easier for entrepreneurs to start a business from anywhere with an internet connection, which has caused the number of self-employed Americans to rise by over 20% since 2010 according to a study published by Gallup Inc.

In addition, there is more competition for jobs than ever before so more people feel they have better chances on their own rather than working for someone else.

In order to successfully run your new company you will need an office space where you can work from home or remotely during off hours. It is also important that this office space reflects your business and personal styles. If you are a startup company, office design reflects your startup culture and if it is an art studio or photography business, then the office should reflect this in order to attract clients that relate to these types of businesses. The modern office design trends in 2021 will be determined by the type of industry and personal style of office owner.

1. Ergonomic and active furniture

If you’ve ever sat in an uncomfortable, rickety old office chair, you know how distracting it can be. It’s difficult to be productive when your back and hips are hurting.

Workplace ergonomics has been shown in studies to increase employee engagement and productivity.

More importantly, ergonomics aids in the reduction of time lost due to musculoskeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sore backs, and repetitive strain injuries.

This is a big reason modern office designers promote ergonomic and active furniture like:

  • Adjustable-height desks
  • Sit-stand chairs
  • Chair balls
  • Bike chairs
  • Standing mats
  • Sit-stand desks
  • And even treadmill desks

Providing employees with a variety of ergonomic seating and work-surface options is a shining example of modern office design in action.

It demonstrates that modern design is more than just aesthetics; it is also a science-backed way to improve employee wellness.

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2. Integrated technology

The incorporation of technology into every nook and cranny of the modern office space is not only convenient; it is also required.

Smartboards, wireless phone chargers, and electric outlets built into every workstation and meeting room are just a few of the small details that make office life easier.

With remote and flexible workspace options on everyone’s lips, more businesses are recognizing how technology improves the workplace and beginning to embrace modern office design.

3. Biophilic designs

Biophilic design is a powerful trend popping up in the office design community.

The idea behind the biophilic design is that human beings have become too disconnected from nature.

We live in concrete jungles instead of real ones, with our eyeballs glued to the blue light from digital devices instead of embracing the big blue sky above.

In essence, modern life has crippled our relationship with the natural world.

As a result, we’re more irritable, depressed, and unhealthy than ever before.

So, the biophilic design attempts to sprinkle a bit of nature into our lives by incorporating natural elements into office building design.

Here are a few common examples of biophilic design you’d find in a modern office:

  • Water features, like fountains or waterfalls
  • Using natural materials like wood and stone
  • Decorating spaces with real plants
  • Green walls
  • Color schemes emphasizing earth-tone colors
  • Pictures or textures that evoke the feeling of nature

4. Rec rooms and lounge spaces

Say goodbye to drab break rooms and eating lunch in your car, and hello to foosball at lunch and taking a break with coworkers on a large, comfortable couch.

Now, lounge areas and recreation rooms may appear to be counterproductive after all, work is for working, right?

However, creating that homey feel is one of the mainstays of modern office design, and employees love it.

In terms of recreation rooms, what better way to boost morale and relieve tension than with a game of air hockey?

Furthermore, spaces like these are bound to impress clients and attract potential recruits.

5. Color psychology in modern office design

You’ve probably heard that certain colors can make people cranky, spark their creativity, or help them get into the zone while working.

This is referred to as color psychology. It’s one of the reasons why interior design makes us feel certain things.

Color psychology, in general, is a theory about how different colors influence different emotional responses.

Blue and green, for example, are calming colors, whereas orange and red arouse passion.

Color is another important aspect of modern office design.

It’s something that interior designers take into account when designing an office space.

Everything from the colors of the walls to the decor will have an impact on the workers’ thoughts and feelings.

Color psychology should always be woven into your designs when considering the number of hours workers spend in the office.


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the office space you provide for your employees is not only functional but also healthy and productive. It’s no wonder why modern office design has become such an important trend in recent years–it focuses on designing spaces that are more human-centric while still giving them plenty of elbow room to work from home or take advantage of remote workspace options. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve employee wellness with integrated technology, want to decrease stress by incorporating biophilic designs into your plan, or need help increasing worker productivity with color psychology considerations in mind, we have all the tools necessary to turn this insight into actionable plans today!

If you’re looking to create a more productive and healthy office space for your employees, consider using some of the modern office design trends mentioned in this article or you can contact DivasInterior. Not only will your workers appreciate the change, but you’ll also see a boost in productivity and creativity!