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Design Interior Ideas For Freehold Condo Fyve Derbyshire



Fyve Derbyshire is located in Novena, a city location in Singapore’s highly sought after Prime District 11. It is a private yet centrally located freehold urban sanctuary with 71 exclusive residences of uncompromising quality spread across 19 storeys, each with only four units. Fyve Derbyshire for sale has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to your five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. If you are looking to invest in a luxury home that provides a worry-free living experience with access to the best facilities, the upcoming new launch condominium at Fyve Derbyshire price list may be just what you are looking for.

2-Bedroom type A1

When space is already limited (560 sqft), having a dedicated dining area may be difficult. As a result, make your dining space work harder for you. Choose a table that can also serve as a home bar or a kitchen island.


2-Bedroom type A2

This type is 592 sqft, setting aside a seating area in the bedroom may seem like a complete waste of space, but it actually gives your bedroom more purpose than just a sleeping area. A floating bay window area creates the illusion of a light and airy space, while LED lights add ambience to the room. It provides the ideal setting for a cozy reading nook while also providing additional storage space via its under cabinets.

Consider doubling your headboard as a storage space in the master bedroom with the same layout. Go full height to add grandeur and create pockets of open shelves to display some of your items while also serving as a nightstand.


2-Bedroom type A3

With this type of balance units for 657 sqft, most people would place the TV to the side, against a wall. However, erecting a TV wall in the middle of the living and dining rooms creates a barrier between the two areas. Choosing a swivel TV also means that TV viewing isn’t limited to the living room.


Because common bathrooms are typically smaller than master bathrooms, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of storage space for essentials and extra toiletries. You have the option of extending your upper vanity cabinet all the way to above the toilet, or you can go with open shelves, as shown here.


2-Bedroom + guest

The balcony, which is covered in an artificial green carpet, adds vibrancy to this space. The space has an open concept to bring the outdoors in, but tinted sliding doors are present in case the balcony needs to be closed off.

This type is 797 sqft, having a flexible guest room means you can use it when you have guests over, and when they leave, the space will not go to waste due to being unused. A Murphy bed is an excellent choice for a guest room because it can be stowed away when not in use. We like how it’s built with full-height cabinets here, so you can make the most of your storage space.

3-Bedroom + guest 

This type is 936 sqft, a built-in ledge in the shower area serves as a display area for your toiletries, a footrest for when you need to scrub between your toes, and a perch for a more relaxing bath experience.

Unwanted visitors are kept out of your private spaces by installing a hidden door to your bedroom. However, it also creates a more visually seamless appearance from the living room, ensuring that the door’s appearance does not detract from your design.

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