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Master Bedroom Designs For Your 4-Room HDB BTO



Applying for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat has become a top priority for many couples that have reached their twenties. Although there are plenty of flats launched every year, the truth remains that the demand is overwhelming while the supply is limited. This reason consequentially causes flat sizes to gradually shrink over time in order to keep up with the demand. In spite of the shrinking size of a BTO flat, new homeowners have started to adapt in many ways. Some opt to buy 4-room HDB BTO flat for more space, while others think of innovative ways to maximize the spaces available.

Bedroom Design In Singapore

The bedroom is no exception to the rule when it comes to space maximization. It’s where at least a third of everyone’s day is spent, and where homebodies love to be. The many inspirations for bedroom designs online have spoiled the market in terms of expectations, but Singapore interior designers have found ways to make small bedrooms look lavish yet cosy at the same time. For those who are in the midst of planning the house of your dreams, here are some HDB bedroom designs for you which are beautiful and spacious.


Bed On A Concaved Platform

Due to the lack of space in most bedrooms, 4 room HDB design can be severely hampered. Why not play around with the area a little with some shapes? A concave platform may be used to divide each area of the bedroom. You don’t have to see the clutter outside of your bed, and it nearly gives the impression that your bed has its own room. If you want to call it that, call it unusual warmth. Having such unusual sleeping places might also give off a futuristic sense, as if you’re on a rocket ship or a capsule.


Galley Style Bedroom

Why not include a galley into your bedroom for individuals who have desired to be an air hostess at some time in their lives? This galley will be a one-of-a-kind method to decorate your bedroom, and you may decide how you want to use the space. If you need a study room, you may utilize it as a closet or as a study place. However, owing to the extra panel added to the room, the size of your bed may have to be reduced a bit. Why not give it a shot in the sake of design and beauty?

Minimalism At Its Finest

This following advice will appeal to those who have been highly impacted by Marie Kondo. The name says it all; minimalist furnishings and modest decorations will complete the style. In some ways, this is the simplest method to decorate your bedroom, especially if you are not overly concerned with aesthetics. You may add a textured wall or a wooden platform or frame for the bed to liven up the space and make it appear more rustic.


Aspiring Fashionista’s Dream

People who are infatuated with fashion are likely to have considered this topic at least once in their lives. This bedroom plan is a gorgeous fantasy that any Singapore interior designer may convert into reality, with a glass door walk-in closet, full-length mirrors, and glass cabinets to exhibit your luxury bags (or shoes for all you sneakerheads). Add a built-in vanity table to complete the movie star look! All you need to do now is make sure you leave enough room for all of the elements you want to include. All that counts is that your room seems to be as lovely as you!

Floating or Platform Bed

If you want to maximize the amount of space in your small bedroom, consider a floating bed instead of a traditional bedframe. It provides more storage space at the bottom and eliminates the possibility of stubbing your toes! If you ask me, this is a clear bonus. To create the idea of a floating bed and a larger area, add some lights to the bottom of your bed. If you obtain a platform bed with drawers built into the platform, that will work as well. The ambience of the space would drastically alter depending on the substance of the frames. You can also attempt the growing trend of mattresses in the walls if you’re short on space. You have the ability to pull the bed out when you want to, put it back in the wall and use the space for other purposes!


Studious Concept

Why not design your home with a study table in mind if you have a study table fixation or a desire for one in your bedroom? Those who work from home frequently can consider constructing a sofa next to the bed for convenient access to their office. Even if you aren’t working, these sofas are ideal for sitting with friends or family when the germaphobe in you won’t allow them sit on the bed. Have a bedside table that also functions as a table! To go to your office, all you have to do is wake up and turn. To finish the effect, drill several holes on the wall for your books and other decorations. Make use of warm lighting to exude more warmth without making the space too loud.

Dark and Moody

Everyone has had a gloomy moment in their lives; the only issue is whether that phase has passed or whether it has remained a permanent part of your personality. Why not bring this era back to life in your bedroom if it never left? For a cozier vibe, use dark wood on the floor and in the closet, or use other materials with darker color possibilities. Unless you’re a vampire who despises the sun, you might want to consider installing some window blinds to customize your amount of seclusion; down for a romantic time, up for more sunshine.

Those are ideas for your Master Bedroom Designs For Your 4-Room HDB BTO to be aesthetic easily and at affordable prices! So, which ways will you apply to decorating your room? call DivasInterior to make your aesthetic Master Bedroom Designs For Your 4-Room HDB BTO come true.

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