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House Renovation in Singapore, How Much Does It Cost After Covid?



Having a house renovation plan seems too hard to realize today. Everyone is too busy in this pandemic era. They are focusing on providing healthy booster, hygiene, maintaining health, maintaining endurance, and the way to avoid the stress that can weaken the immune system.


However, it turns out that you have to immediately renovate the house you’ve just bought. No matter it’s a new house or a resale house. If it’s not renovated now, then you will never be able to move into that new house. A house renovation in Singapore is a tough project amid Covid-19 for some people.


Many homeowners are overwhelmed by adjusting the design with the budget they have. The budget seems to be swelling even you’re already asking for help from an interior design company.

The renovation in Singapore Covid is a real threat to many homeowners. Even so, there are always paths you can step on to renovate a house during this difficult time.

Get Rid Of ‘The High Cost of Renovation Singapore HDB’ Thought

The first thing you can do to start the house renovation in Singapore in this pandemic era is the step to get rid of the thought that the costs must be high. Although no one can guarantee that the renovation of Singapore HDB can be cheap.


After having a relaxed and flexible mind, this is the time to write all the details down of everything you need from the first phase.

  • Which part of the house needs to be renovated. No need to renovate or repair the whole room if it is not completely damaged. Try to be efficient.
  • If you feel you need to renovate everything according to the design you desire, then you need to specify the costs starting from cleaning the house in its former condition to cleaning the house thoroughly after renovation.
  • Estimate the costs of demolishing walls, floors, and furniture.
  • Estimate the costs of electrical installation, lighting fixture, pumping, water heater, and others.
  • Estimate the cost of debris removal.



Feel stuck doing everything?


Since renovation Singapore Covid turns out to be quite a lot of charge and complicated. Why don’t contact a trusted and credible interior designer near you?


Credible Partner In House Renovation Singapore

The renovation contractor together with interior designer always receives the question from their customer nowadays. How much does it cost to renovate a house in Singapore? 


A credible interior design company will provide you with the details of costs according to the type of house, the area for renovation, the design you wish, the major works required, and the selection of materials. Sometimes an interior designer will also provide creative input to reduce the budget. As Diva’s Interior Design team does to each of its customers.


This interior design company has qualified service in its Custome Package. Customers can adjust their budgets with the desired design.


The interior design team will not be fixated on the average cost of a house renovation in Singapore since each house requires different treatment. Even Diva’s will share with you how to clean house after renovation Singapore. Especially during a pandemic like today.


Diva’s Interior Design’s Achievements

No need to wait for long and doubt the credibility of Diva’s Interior Design. This trusted future partner has won many prestigious awards and certification such as


  • The bisSAFE Star Certificate for Team Occupational Health and Safety (this company will share what is the fastest way to clean your house professionally, too),
  • ISO 9001 in 2015 for the Implementation of an Interior Quality Management System that complies with standards,
  • the OHSAS 18001 in 2017 for the Application of an Occupational Safety and Health Management System.


Do you need to be sure about this company’s ability to renovate Singapore HDB? Diva’s Interior Design has an HDB license and won the Singapore Trusted Enterprise Award.


All the achievements of Diva’s Interior Design will be in line with the quality of service provided while working on your house renovation Singapore project. Do not hesitate to get Diva’s free quotation here.


So, after the renovation, maybe you need to know how to clean house after renovation Singapore. You can do a brainstorm with Diva’s team about it. Even if you need to know what is the fastest way to clean your house professionally?  Diva’s team will open up your critical thinking about this.