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7 Organizing Ideas for Your Limited-Space Study Room


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It isn’t as easy as it looks to organize your HDB flats. Most people that are going to be living in the flats come with one thing in mind: study! To make sure that the living quarters remain pleasant for everyone living there, it’s vital to put in some design and organizational skills.

So what does studying have to do with HDB flats design? For one thing, people living in flats don’t have much space to display. The space that is needed to create a study room can be a bit frustrating. Another thing to consider is the function of the study area itself. Most people want to study in a comfortable and convenient place.

HDB Interior Design Renovation Singapore

Therefore, you can make work of carving out a study room in a small HDB flat. Here are 7 suggested study room HDB to organize your study room design ideas Singapore:


Use floating desk to minimize space used

Working from home or a study room on your limited space HDB flat with limited space may be challenging. Keep your project close at hand, so you can work at a minimum distraction level.

Place a floating desk on an accessible wall or use a floor standing desk to work. You can also use a storage cabinet to store important materials or a simple room divider to separate your study room space.

A floating standing desk gives your bedroom a brighter and airier feeling. However, standing height desks lower us weight gain and blood sugar because they prevent us sitting way too long. When you feel tired? You can just pull up a bar stool to sit on.

In addition, A study desk near a window can enable natural lighting in the room and enable you to enjoy the view outside. Use the mats underneath the floating desks to stack up books and magazines. The study room should always be a place for the lazy student to go to when they need help.

Use platform bed with studying table for your limited-space room

This HDB bedroom design with study table makes the most of your limited-space, offering maximum functionality. By using a platform bed and studying desk, the study room comes in at a perfect size, ideal for small spaces. While the floating desk took design risks, it still looks and feels useful.

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Combine your bedroom with your study room

A study room with bed design is ideal for small bedrooms with little to no wall space. You can pick a bright white color for all the interiors to give the compact room a spacious feel. It has a minimal design with clean lines and is made to fit against the available wall.

Use open storage shelf with study table

In order to manage more than one room, it’s necessary to stay organized. Using an open storage study table with shelf can work both as a study table and a storage room.

It allows you to use the desk while leaving plenty of space for everything one needs. Create a study table to organize other things such as books, displays, and other stuff. It can be the vocal point of your room as well as a space saver.

You can also use different materials to make the study table. For example, you can choose the material with a special finish to fit your room.

Maximize small angles and corners

Clever carpentry can help you maximize space even in your small HDB flat, so don’t let those nooks and crannies go to waste. Slipping study tables and shelves into odd spaces can turn them into study corners or storage spots. 

A key benefit of a corner-wrapping workstation is how it creates a neatly divided workspace for two people to share. With both parties facing away from one another, there’s no need to worry about privacy or staying focused!

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Use the end of your bed as a chair

If you have tight space, squeezing in your bed may be an innovative solution. You can try to have an HDB bedroom design with study table. The best thing about it is that you can work from your own bedroom, and you don’t need a work chair. You can get more space for your dresser, clothes, TV or books by putting this in!

However, using your bed may end up in you being less productive. You might get the feeling of just wanting to lay down in bed all day.

A Half-way partition

A study room or limited-space study area can be better organized with these practical and creative solutions: a half-way partition. This would be great if you want study area in living room ideas or a study area in living room HDB.

Build a half-wall or partition that spans from floor to ceiling in your living room to demarcate a study room. This open concept study room HDB will divide two spaces to leave parts of each room accessible to both sides!. This divides a space out from a visual point of view, but also separates the rooms, so you have a privacy area to work in.

Worry no more!

Finding out ideas to organize your study room can be exhausting, not to mention when you have limited space to work with. With the right ideas, you can creatively arrange your study room no matter what size your space is.

With DivasInterior, we can turn any room into a perfect study environment. We design and build customized packages for every client. You will not find better quality furnishings anywhere else!

Our interior designers work hand-in-hand with you to create the perfect arrangement for your space. Whether you are looking for a simple desk with a chair or something more elaborate, we can accommodate all needs and taste!