. 6 Guide to Choosing the Right Interior Designer in Singapore




6 Guide to Choosing the Right Interior Designer in Singapore


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Are you planning to remodel your house in Singapore? It is necessary to find the top firm Interior design Singapore service for your remodelling plan. As we all know, the best firm will give you the result you can live with without worrying about the overcharge and even scam. Here, we have already made a simple step-by-step guide to ensure that you get the best companies to work in your living place.


Find Out about Its HBD Licensing

Interior design HBD license is necessary for a top interior design firm in Singapore to provide its service to the public. It provides the proper guidelines that will bring nothing but benefits for you, the client. Finding out whether a company has this license is quite easy. You can visit the HBD official website or use the third-party website to find the information that you want. Once you found the company that you want to use has the license, that’s the sign that you can try to consider it as your top choice.



Find More about the Interior Design Firm’s Specialty

Many of the interior design companies in Singapore only provide one type of service. For example, they only design for farmhouse style, modern minimalist style, and so on. Some of them also prefer to work on residential or commercial buildings. It sounds so limited, but it gives you enough options to choose the best firm with the best speciality that matches your needs. So, make sure you choose the correct service for your room.


Speaking about a firm with the best speciality and skill, you can try Diva’s Interior Design. They have focus and experience in dealing with many types of room and design style. Find more about their service at their website here.


How to Pay for Its Service

Payment method is essential in the journey to choose the best interior design firm in Singapore. Why? It is all for your convenience. You will find many options. For example, you must pay the deposit first before they start the project. Or, you can even pay the sum of the payment at the front. One thing for sure, you can’t choose the company that has a 50% deposit requirement. Mostly, they will charge you extra fees later. It could be a sign of a scam. But, you can still use the interior design firm that uses a flat fee system. It is easier to calculate and match it with your budget.


Plan How Long Your Project Will Be

Establish the timeline of your project first. It is very helpful for finding out the time needed to finish the project and the cost that you need to pay for that. Furthermore, it also helps the interior design firm to plan how they will finish the project. Moreover, if some problem occurs, they also can easily contact you to reschedule and change the timeline, or maybe change and add new ideas to fit with the timeline.


Finding out about how an interior design firm can keep up with the timeline could be difficult to do. But, you can always count on the client’s testimonial and the independent review from the third party. They will tell you the least amount of information you need to see the performance of a company before you order its service.


Are They Providing Assistance?

You are not a professional interior designer, aren’t you? That means you have a lack of knowledge about how to get your ideas, imagination, or anything that you want to happen in your new room to come into reality.


This is where the assistance service from the professional designer of the company that you are using is helpful. Ask anything that you want to know about the design for your room. It is also an effective way to see how that company treats its clients. A good company should provide the best assistance.


It Should Have the Best Team of Interior Designers

Efficiency is the interior design essence. The designer should be able to work without wasting too much resource and produce the best result. In Singapore, this kind of designer becomes the frontline of every interior design firm. Therefore, you also must use it as a consideration before you choose the service and company for your house remodelling plan.


License or certification for the professional is the easiest method for finding out whether they are good or not. However, try to look at their portfolio to find out their past project result. It gives you a clear image of what you will get in your room. And maybe, you also can use these works as your reference or inspiration for your room interior design ideas.



Those were all our six steps to choose the best Interior design Singapore service company. Make sure you also read a lot about interior design, so you will know what the expert will do to your room and house. This knowledge also helps you a lot when you discuss and ask for advice from the professional.


Last but not least, we already mentioned before about one of the best choices you also can try, if you want to save your time. It is Diva’s Interior Design firm. They have the best service and reliable customer support. Get their Interior design quote here, to find more about what you can do with your house. Now, you are ready to remodel the house.