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How Many Interior Design Firms in Singapore? And How to Choose the Best



Have you ever counted the number of interior design firms in Singapore? There could be hundreds of interior design companies that popped up in one click on the Google search engine. The interior design in Singapore services is very popular in our society.


From interior design HDB to commercial interior design, an interior design firm will help you to create indoor artworks that represent the building owner.


You may think about doing all the things yourself. Starting from choosing the design, contact the workmen, determine the type of technical works, until the whole process of throwing away debris. But are those works possible to do amid your hectic main work every day?


Well, doing a renovation project for a house, an office, and a commercial building requires careful planning considering the huge budget to get the best design you wish for. So, how do you choose the best interior design company that will be your partner before and after renovation?

Ask Your Acquaintances’ Opinion


The interior design in Singapore often revolves around renovating floors, walls, light fixation, applying paint or wallpapers, ornaments needed in several areas, and the layout of furniture and its compatibility with the whole space. Especially if you live in an HDB flat.


The interior design HDB often does not require a lot of renovation considering the imposition of certain standards in a flat environment. You can ask an acquaintance or friend who lives in a residential area such as your home environment about the best interior design company that has worked on his building renovation project.


Find Out How Many Interior Design Firms in Singapore


When you know the number of top interior design companies in Singapore, it means that you are one step closer to choose the best interior design company that will work together on your building renovation Singapore project.


It is reported from the list on Houzz and Renodots.com, there are at least 50 top interior design companies that can be your references in choosing the one that best suits your needs.


Here are some top 8 interior design companies in Singapore.

Top Interior Design Companies Based On Houzz and Renodots:


  1. Diva’s Interior Design, This award-winning best interior design company has experienced in-house designers project who will communicate with customers just like a close friend. Innovation, high-quality interior design in Singapore, consultations, detail planning, and best Custome Package service for residential and commercial projects are what Diva’s Interior Design brings to your project.
  2. Key Concept, Young design creatives are what Key Concept brings over the years. A comfortable home interior design is a key for every design it serves the clients. The interactive session with its interior designer will direct you to the best planning ever.
  3. Amterior Creation, Your interior design HDB apartment will be unique as yours. The client’s personality is above all design ideas. You will be safe in its arms since Amterior Creation is an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor you can count on.
  4. Interior Diary, Dream home as you wish is its mission to accomplish. The creative solution appears as your savior to every design problem.
  5. Arete Culture, It’s time for you to feel at home in your own house. This firm will always bring you fast, affordable, and fuss-free home renovations.
  6. Interior Design Journey Pte Ltd, This award-winning company will give you some transformation services such as interior decorating, floor plans, interior design, holiday decorating, color consulting, and styling.
  7. Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd, Icon Interior provides you integrated services for your home and commercial projects. We bring you a custom design for every space at home or office.
  8. Space Atelier Pte Ltd, We bring you unique design as your reflection from interior design HDB flat, landed house, office, to commercial retail.


An Award-Winning Interior Design Firm is the Best One


A four-room HDB flat renovation costs can range from $4,000 to $120,000. The price will be higher than the average costs as you choose a unique and edgy interior design in Singapore. So, you need to be selective in choosing the best interior design company that will help you get an affordable price that fits your expected design.


Choose an interior design firm that has won prestigious interior design awards, handles many beautiful projects with flexible communication, and provides the best service in its custom package. Diva’s Interior Design has all those criteria.


What you need is a custom package where you can adjust the interior design in Singapore according to the budget you have, but still have the quality and unique aesthetic value.