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5 Ideas Modern Living Room in Singapore


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It doesn’t matter if you are living in an HDB house because you can still have a cosy living room to welcome friends, family, and colleagues. The most important thing is that you know how to manage the interior to make the living room more comfortable. You can consult your problem with a trusted living room design Singapore service if you can’t do it by yourself.



Before that, we have simple small living room design ideas for those who live in an HDB house and the reason to use an interior designer to handle the remodelling project.


1. Open Concept

One of the effective strategies to make your house or HDB living room looks larger is by using an open concept. It means that you don’t need to use a lot of separators only to separate all of the rooms. The property in the room is the separator.


Let say the sofa set is the sign that you are entering a living room. You only have to add some accessories to make the living room comfortable, such as a round table, rug, table lamp, and many more. This concept will make the entire room look spacious, including the living room.


2. Use Wallpapers

Using wallpapers is also a common interior design idea to remodel a small living room into a large and cosier. You would better choose wallpaper with small patterns. This wallpaper gives a full solid and eye-catching texture. Another alternative to creating an outstanding living room is by applying bold print wallpapers. You can even apply this trick not only on the walls but also on the ceiling of the living room.


3. Minimalist Concept

Indeed, you have to apply a minimalist concept to maximize the functions of the living room as well as to make the room comfortable and spacious. You can apply specific colour schemes such as monochromatic colour schemes. Combine it with solid texture materials. The most important thing is that you don’t place too many items in the living room. Make sure that all the items support the functions and goals of the room.


4. Use Artwork

You may think that wallpaper will make your living room look crowded, but you still want to do something with the walls. Hanging two or more artworks and portraits are the solution. Artworks will not cover all the walls like wallpaper.

At the same time, it makes your small living room look stunning. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive artworks. Try to enlarge photos of your family or something you love and hang them in the living room. Indeed, the sensation before and after you hang the artworks is different.


5. Hidden Storage

You can even remodel the walls to something more useful such as creating hidden storage behind the wall. This trick is impressive for those who need more space for keeping important or collectable items. The best thing is that you can keep all your favourite items on your HBD without making the house full and crowded.


You don’t need to get confused about the way to create hidden storage because you can find help from professional living room design Singapore service to handle it. You can discuss with us to get more inspiration and a free renovation quote about how to renovate/remodel the living room if you are living in an HBD.


3 Reasons Why You Need Help to Design Living Room in Singapore

So, why do you need help to design the living room? What can an interior designer do to help you? We will give you the reasons below.


Effective Budgeting

Imagine how long and how much money to spend to choose the best furniture and accessories for the living room design Singapore if you don’t have any experience. An interior designer helps to limit the living room remodelling time and money. They know what to use and do to make the living room like what you need. The remodelling project will be faster compared to doing it yourself.


Get the Right Plan

One thing that makes you postpone remodelling your living room is that you don’t know what to do and things to do first. It is the reason why you have to hire an interior designer. A professional interior designer will have a plan for the remodelling project. They will discuss it with you and do it after you agree with the plan. So, you can transform your old-fashion living room into a modern contemporary HBD living room with the help of a professional interior designer. The plan is not only deciding the interior style but also the materials, time to finish the project, and the cost.


Get A Satisfying Result

You are working with a professional and experienced interior designer. It means they know what you want and how to make your living room not only comfortable but also amazing. The size of the room is not a big deal for the designer. They will always have strategies and ideas to make a small living room better than before.


So, you don’t have to postpone your plan to renovate your HBD living room. You can use the simple tricks above. If it is not, you can also hire a professional interior designer to handle everything.


Get a free quote about living room interior designs from professional living room design Singapore service. The link will guide you to transform an HBD living room into a cosy place to talk or gather with your beloved friends, family, and colleagues.