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6 Wisely Guide To Choose Interior Designer In Singapore


Accredited Interior Designer in Singapore


You must wisely choose interior designers Singapore that you can work with to renovate or organize rooms in your home and office. Among the many interior design service companies that are promoting, be selective to choose one that suits your taste, and is good at managing the funds available for renovation projects.

You can just do an HDB renovation without an interior designer, but maybe the results will be wasteful and not according to the initial concept. Precisely by using the services of an interior designer, you will get many recommendations that are a solution for how best to choose furniture, and get a team that is ready to complete renovation projects nicely and cost-effectively.

In the following, we present an easy guide on how to find the right interior designer who performs well, offers affordable prices, and can establish good communication until the renovation project is complete. Let’s look at the description below:



Prioritize Research

The digital era makes it easy for you to get any information, including getting a lot of information about the profiles of several interior design service companies. For marketing and promotion needs, companies also require themselves to have an official website as a sign of professionalism, while opening opportunities for transparent company introductions to the public. 


You can research the company’s official website, where you can find information about company profiles, portfolios, testimonials, and other important information. You should also consider the company’s track record of serving clients. Next, also observe the pictures of the company’s work, maybe there is something that suits your taste.


Make Sure The Company Is Licensed

Any company can claim to be the best and can work best to satisfy you. But nowadays consumers are smarter and can find a lot of information about the interior design guide Singapore. Do further research to find out whether the interior design service company you are looking for has a license as a trusted company, or not.


Interior designers Singapore Divasinterior is one of the companies that already have a license with the HDB category of a trusted Singapore company. This means that the company has been assessed objectively and is deemed appropriate and professional in serving a variety of interior design projects for homes and offices. Not only obtaining a license, but Divasinterior has also received recognition and various awards.


Among the awards that have been obtained is the bizSAFE Star Certificate. This is an assessment certificate which states that the company’s Occupational Health and Safety are at the Star level (good). The company has also received ISO 9001 in 2015 in terms of implementing a Management System according to standards.


Another award has also been in 2007, where the divasinterior received OHSAS 18001. This is a certificate that states that the company’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System meets the standards. Most importantly of all, Divasinterior has many interior designers who are creative and trained to adapt client concepts to produce the best artwork.


Want a free renovation quote to enrich your inspiration about interior design?  


Do A Free Consultation With Interior Designers Singapore

Consulting is part of how to find an interior designer or interior design firm. If you have narrowed your choice to a particular company, or are interested in establishing further cooperation with Divasinterior, let’s take a step closer to a free consultation via the company’s website or official contact.


Usually, companies include a complete address and contact number that can be contacted to facilitate interaction with potential clients.


To start the consultation, you can describe your concept in general, as well as an estimate of the budget available for the home interior design or office renovation agenda. Let the company team translate what you want while analyzing how they are responding and translating the concept.


If in ongoing communication, you feel that the company team is skilled enough to grasp your concept, and is skilled at recommending many suggestions that are solutions, you can immediately establish further cooperation.


Also, make sure that the company can manage the available funds while maintaining quality until the renovation project is complete.


Make A Price Comparison

Don’t always focus on low prices if you are after quality work and interior design finishes. But you also shouldn’t think that an expensive interior design Singapore service fee will promise good performance. Comparative research for interior designer cost Singapore must be accompanied by the foresight of the promised services, as well as how the details of the agreement to be agreed upon when the cooperation is established.


Look For A Dynamic Custom Package

Are you confused about describing the interior design concept that you want, or don’t have an idea about affordable interior design and the estimated funds that must be spent? So look for a custom package as a practical and solution.


Divasinterior offers many custom packages with clear work details and prices, making it easier for anyone to immediately start a residential renovation project or other productive space.


Negotiate With Courtesy

You don’t always have to agree on the package price offered. If you want to add services, or maybe reduce them, negotiate politely so that a mutually beneficial price agreement occurs. You can also emphasize the possibility of remodelling or revision when there is damage to furniture or design discrepancies after the renovation project is complete.


Those are the six steps you can take to work together with the best interior designers in Singapore and suit your tastes. Take your time to enrich the inspiration around the interior design by request for renovation quotes , so you may be more confident in submitting your custom design.