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Can You Renovation Kitchen In Singapore For $5000?



Renovation Kitchen In Singapore


Is renovation kitchen Singapore very expensive? That price depends on your necessity. To know the detailed budget, you should read this information. Are you curious about the price? Let’s follow the budget explanation passage! 


Within $ 5.000, you can renovate the small room. However, you want to renovate your kitchen. You may think that $ 5.000 can’t use to change your kitchen. It is the problem from the finance. The budget becomes a serious consideration. 


Don’t worry! You still find renovate your kitchen with your budget. You should know the reasonable kitchen renovation ideas and follow the tips:


The 6 Affordable Kitchen Renovation Ideas



Four kitchen renovation ideas can become your solution. You can choose it based on your budget.


1. First, Stock Cabinetry Should Be Installed

If you want to set up a new cabinet, stock cabinetry is an affordable option. Divas Interior will help you to find cabinet packages that are appropriate for your kitchen. To get the best cabinet renovation kitchen, you can set up it to be yourself. Therefore, you don’t need much money to require a professional.


2. Then You Can Move the Small Appliance

Plumbing or gas is not the appropriate recommendation to move the small appliance. You can move them around the other place. Let’s arrange your appliance based on some ideas. You can browse the arrangement procedure on youtube, the Singapore kitchen renovation blog, and another source. 


3. Next, Let’s Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinet

To get the efficient cost of the kitchen renovation, you can refinish a kitchen cabinet. It is a part of cabinet renovation. Replace an old cabinet, such as a kind of wood cabinet. You can refinish the old cabinet at a low cost. Besides, you can be painting or staining it into the brand become newer than before. 


4. Change the Paint of Ceilings and Wall

If you want to get an affordable kitchen renovation cost in Singapore,you could buy the paint at the nearest shop. Giving a new pain. Implementing a new coat to cover a mess prints on your kitchen wall. Besides, you can create a solution by buying a few gallons. Those gallons have the function to cover any problems on your wall. 


5. Tile Flooring Must Be Installed 

Please lay down the tile! Besides, you should pull up your kitchen floor. It is the best way if this floor looks stretched up and worn out. You can choose ceramic tile because you need a little money to buy it. However, you can discuss with a professional consultant the duration of laying time for your tile. 


6 The last is addition backsplash

You can add the backsplash above the countertop. It is the best way to change the new look of your kitchen. 


The Mistakes of the Kitchen Renovation that Should Be Avoided 



When you renovate your kitchen, there are some ways to avoid your mistakes. Those ways as the following: 


Don’t Underestimate the Storage Spaces!

Arrange the storage opportunities to give spacious storage. Giving the spacious place for the roll-out drawers, tray dividers, and kitchen cabinets. You can take the smart pegboard to alternate the store space.


Controlling Your Budget 

Manage your budget to renovate your kitchen. Predict the kitchen Singapore price to avoid the expensive price.


You Should Leave Some Kitchen Appliances 

If you have more kitchen appliances, you should select them. Let’s divide the important and less function. To solve this problem, you can give thin storage and box. 


You Can Make DIY Kitchen 

You can renovate your small kitchen design alone. To create it yourself, you can learn via youtube or blog. Besides, you can read all the kitchen renovation and budget renovation.


How Much Does it Cost to Renovate an Entire Kitchen?

The average kitchen renovation cost in Singapore could starts from $8.900 to $ 23.200. This budget is adopted on the tiny and basic kitchen. 


How Much Does it Cost to Renovate an HDB Kitchen? 

You can spend your budget of $ 5.000 with DIY or the other method. For the HBD Cost and HBD design, the cost between $ 10.000 into $ 15.000. Diva’s Interior offers the type of HDB Design kitchen in Singapore.


The Reason Why You Should Choose Diva’s Interior

Divas Interior has good experience in both office and residential offices. Besides, this interior design company supports the appropriate space for the clients.


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