. A Practical Guide To Economical Toilet Renovation In Singapore




A Practical Guide To Economical Toilet Renovation In Singapore


Toilet renovation singapore


As we know, the toilet is one of the important parts of your home that must be considered. Toilet renovation is of course something that must be done when the toilet starts to feel unfit or uncomfortable to use.


Well, for those of you who want to upgrade the condition of the toilet, it is important to pay attention to the following things. Such as, how much it costs, how long it will take, what kind of design will be used, etc.


Of course, the process of toilet renovation in Singapore has its own cost package. For that, let’s look at the reviews below!


How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Toilet In Singapore?

Before you doing toilet renovation in Singapore, you should pay attention to any important factors, such as the status of the property, the type of property to be renovated, the size of the building to be renovated, the budget toilet renovation Singapore, and of course what rooms will be renovated.


The budget toilet renovation Singapore are around $550- $6,500, mid-level prices range from $2,600- $8,600, and high-end prices range from $8,600- $35,500. These low, medium and high renovation conditions depend on the changing conditions of the room structure to be renovated, of course, the more changes the higher the costs.


Toilet Renovation in Singapore Package

There are several toilet renovation packages in Singapore, including renovation packages specifically for toilet floors, and renovation packages for toilet walls and floors. These 2 types of renovation packages can be done with an overlay technique or a hacking technique, depending on the customer’s needs.


There are 2 types of overlay toilet renovation package in Singapore overlays including:


  • Toilet Floor Renovation (Overlay)

This first overlay toilet renovation package is a simple package you can choose from if you just want to improve the appearance of the tiles because they are too slippery, replace the sink, or replace the toilet bowl. The time to renovate the toilet with this package can also be done quickly. The toilet floor renovation (overlay) package also uses a tile coating method approved by HDB, thus making your toilet tiles look newer and more durable. The price of this package ranges from $1280 – $1480.


  • Wall And Floor Renovation (Overlay) Toilet

This second overlay toilet renovation package in Singapore for all parts of the toilet, starting from the walls, the floor, and all the accessories in the toilet. If there is no leakage problem, this renovation process will only take about 5 working days. The cost of renovation varies, depending on the needs of the property to be replaced and the size of the toilet wall and tile replacement.


Toilet Renovation Ideas In Singapore

You can do an HDB toilet makeover in Singapore by paying attention to the property you want to renovate. You also have to adjust your budget so you can save costs. In general, the interior design of a toilet in Singapore does have its own peculiarities, you can find interiors with various styles and colours. Well, you can look for a better project design plan for your home here.


Here are toilet renovation ideas interior design ideas:

  1. Choose the same colour between the walls and floors. The reason for choosing the same colour is so that the room in the toilet looks spacious. Because, if the floor and wall colours are different, the toilet will seem narrower. Also, choose contrasting colours to reflect light, so it will appear brighter.
  2. Not putting a large dressing table in the toilet, but enough with a compact wall sink.
  3. Replace the toilet mirror with a larger one so that the room also looks more spacious.
  4. Use a toilet bowl attached to the wall. This will also make the toilet look spacious.
  5. Finally, take advantage of any free space in the toilet to put a wall shelf, like above the toilet for example.


So, here are the practical guides for economical toilet renovations in Singapore. With this guide, any problems or confusion that arise when renovating a toilet can be resolved. This includes the estimated budget for toilet renovation in Singapore that you have to spend.


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