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4 Modern Luxury Interior Design Ideas For Singapore 2022



The modern luxury interior design industry is booming in Singapore. The modern luxury interior design trend is sweeping the world, and it’s not hard to see why. This style combines modern conveniences with luxurious touches that make your home feel like a five-star hotel suite.

We’ve compiled 4 modern luxury interior design ideas for Singapore 2022 that will help you achieve this look in your own home. From marble countertops to gold accents, these interior design ideas are sure to inspire you!

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The modern luxury interior design of the future

The future of luxury interior design is gradually evolving to the modern. This is due to the global world-class firms that are looking for ways of innovating on new luxury experiences. As a result, they are utilizing technologies that will allow their clients to have an immersive experience when interacting with the products. This creates a more personal connection with the people who are buying them. For this reason, there is a need for the world to look at some of the luxury interior design trends that will be used in the modern products.

The modern luxury interior design of the future will be constructed with modern materials. The modern materials are non-toxic, to ensure that the modern luxury interior design is not harmful to our environment.

Materials that would be used in modern luxury designs include steel, aluminum, and other durable options. These materials are known for saving energy and time due to their long lifespan. Additional modern luxury design features could include energy-efficient appliances and solar panels as well as natural light from outside during the day.


What modern luxury means to you and your home

Modern luxury is about modernizing the old. It is also about combining modern design aesthetics with old styles and materials to create something new and luxurious. It’s not always about having the fanciest of items, but it’s really just that feeling that you get when you walk into a modern luxury space: inside or outside your house.

I’m an modern minimalist interior designer and I am constantly on the hunt for modern luxury for my clients’ homes. Modern luxury can be achieved by accessorizing with modern furnishings and lighting fixtures while keeping the home true to its original style.

Whether modern or old, modern luxury should always be about showcasing one’s individual taste.

4 modern luxurious designs ideas for your next project

1.Go for marble

The beautiful, natural metamorphic rock formed from limestone has been used since ancient times for buildings, monuments, flooring, statues, and sculptures. It is durable, resilient, and oh so pretty. 

Marble’s sleek, polished surface, with its distinct patterns and swirls, adds opulence to your home. At the same time, its durability and timelessness make it a sound investment that will last.

We all know how expensive marble is. One thing to keep in mind is that the scarcity of marble influences its price. White marble, which is only found in Carrara, Italy, is more expensive than other, more widely available types. 

If marble-everything is out of your price range, try quartz and marble-like tiles to achieve the look for less. Alternatively, you could incorporate a smidgeon of marble into your furniture or a small portion of your wall.

2.Open bathrooms

The open bathroom concept is popular in newer boutique luxury hotels, and it appears that more people are opting to recreate this look at home to satisfy their wanderlust. If you can fool yourself into thinking you’re in a hotel room, you might be able to fool yourself into thinking you’re on vacation.

For master bedrooms and couples, open-concept bathrooms make more sense. When used in public restrooms, the design can create an awkward situation for visitors. Of course, there are ways to get around this. If you add blinds or use frosted glass to keep things PG, your bathroom doesn’t have to be ‘open’ all the time.

Replacing regular walls with glass panels or hacking them down allows more light in and makes a space appear larger. If you have the space and budget, add a free-standing bathtub to complete the hotel room look.

3.Wall panels with flutes

Fluted wall panels are panels with raised vertical elements that are commonly found in chic hotel lobbies or elegant hotel rooms. Fluted wall panels add dimension and texture to a room, visually breaking up a space.

That is why they are ideal for use as a feature wall for your TV and home entertainment system. You can use them to create a barrier between your living room and kitchen. Alternatively, to up the luxe factor with a sleek, clean look, use fluted panels to create detail and conceal cabinetry in your wardrobe or bedroom. 

Install faux-wooden fluted panels to blend in with the rest of your interior design for a more neutral look. One thing to keep in mind is that cleaning requires a little more effort due to the raised flutes.

4.Dark Colour Palette

Darker colors can transform a space’s appearance into one that is dramatic, muted, and sophisticated. Aside from black, solid colors to consider include brown, space grey, dark green, and deep blue.

Using lighter or neutral colors as a secondary or accent color creates contrast. This draws your attention to areas of your home or furniture that you want to highlight.

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