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How do I Design My Living Room in Singapore?



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Doing living room renovations is something that takes time. Starting from arranging a schedule for demolition, determining designs, installing furniture, to re-arranging. However, it is important to do this interior design living room in Singapore, namely to repair parts of the house that are no longer suitable for use or to upgrade the house design by developments

Color Palette

Determining the color is the most important thing before designing a room. Design a living room according to your style, so you can choose paint colors to your liking, you can determine the palette and complete the furniture with matching colors. So that your living room will not look cluttered and have a nice color mix seen.


color pallets


We highly recommend pastel colors if you have a small living room. because the provision of light colors can reflect light from each side of the room and give the impression of a wider room.



Create a Focal Point

Next is to determine the focal point in the living room. This focal point serves as an entertainment center when you are in the living room. To be able to make a good focal point in terms of interior design, you must have a symmetrical living room. Or if your living room is not symmetrical, you can choose one of the objects that are used as a Central Point. 



Thus, when your guests enter the living room, their focus is only on one place. Then, for the paint color in the living room ideas, you can choose a light color. This is so that the focus of you or the guests on the furniture is not distracted.




It’s All About the Furniture

After the concept of your interior design for the condo living room has been completed, then you have to choose the right furniture. Choosing the right furniture when designing the living room will make it easier for you to arrange it well. Choose furniture that is multifunctional based on your needs and has a special meaning for you personally.



We recommend not to put too much furniture in because it will narrow the room. A comfortable living room is important so you can make it a place to relax. For that, choose furniture that is comfortable and by your style.


If you live in an apartment, the living room is the main place that will be the center of attention, so you have to follow good living room tips so that later you can impress your guests.



Importance of Your Design


To be able to make a good living room in Singapore, you must choose an experienced interior designer. The suitability of living room part of the house must also be right. Therefore, the design concept must be consulted at the beginning before starting to renovate, determine the estimated time, and start working on the renovation process.


The renovation process will start from the walls and floors. For the walls, you can use simple paint colors but have a bold impression. Then for the floor, you can choose a floor with natural wood or by providing a comfortable carpet. Make sure the furniture you choose can add distinctiveness to your living room and are long-term. All of this can be obtained from furniture stores in Singapore.


After choosing the right variety of furniture, you can choose a general theme that is right for your living room ideas. This can be made based on your preferences and desires. Furthermore, the designers will adjust the design according to maintenance and use until finally, they will get satisfactory renovation results.


We highly recommend that you choose the services of an interior designer who is experienced and certified in the Work, Health and Safety Management System; in Quality Management System, to get BizSAFE Star Level, like Diva’s Interior Company. Thus the interior design of your living room will match what you expect.