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Can You Renovate A Bathroom In Singapore For $5000?


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The bathroom is one of the most private place in the house. People often take a relatively long time to clean the body, face, and hair. They need to be sure about the cleanliness of their body.

Because they clean in detail and reach all parts of the body. So, people need a comfortable space to support them in doing so. That’s why if people want to renovate, usually has a special budget for bathroom renovation Singapore

Comfortable space can be a space with a new atmosphere, a more energetic feel, and easier to use. To get a comfortable space, people can renovate the design of their bathrooms. This is one of the fun ways to get a new bathroom without having to make a new one at home. You can remodel floors, repaint walls, add or remove stuff in the bathroom.

You can even replace the toilet and sink to be more modern. Meanwhile, faucets and showers can be glazed again. Then, mind about the ceiling that supports the overall design of the bathroom.

Many people make bathroom renovation in Singapore as a reference.

They consider toilet remodelling ideas, shower replacement, water heater, budget, and design quality of Singapore bathroom models. Even so, does bathroom renovation in Singapore require a large budget for more than $5000?

The Determining Factors In Renovating Bathroom

There are several things that we should pay attention to in renovating a bathroom in Singapore. When you have noticed those things, then you certainly need to provide budgets to do so.

One of our guidelines is the following important points. You can consider it so that your expectations do not exceed the budget for toilet makeover package in Singapore.

  • Choosing a new bathroom design. Bathroom renovation Singapore refers a lot to the typical modern style of hotels and spas. There is also a minimum bathroom design based on the staycations in Singapore.

  • Determine whether it is necessary to replace the floor tiles or bathroom walls. This greatly affects your expenses.

  • Does the bathroom renovation Singapore design you choose require replacing the toilet, shower, and sink? If it is possible to use the old ones, you shouldn’t have to pay for the new ones. Just transfer the cost for the maintenance of these three items.

  • Is it necessary to replace the bathroom ceiling to adapt to the new design?

  • Is it the wise or win-win solution to take a bathroom renovation Singapore package at a service provider company?

Why Does Budget Toilet Renovation Singapore Require High Expense?

When you consider the important points above, you will meet the high expense of hdb toilet makeover in Singapore soon. The cost you pay is really influenced by the determinants above. So. You need to be wise in planning a bathroom renovation.

The reason why resale kitchen and toilet renovation package Singapore requires high expense is that most homeowners find things like:

  • Pay for something useless. For instance, you pay for a new shower when the old one is still in good condition and it is suitable to be installed in a new bathroom renovation Singapore design.

  • Human error. You may meet unskilled craftsmen and untrusted interior designers who do the toilet renovation ideas.

  • You don’t call any interior designer who offers toilet renovation ideas services. It is very profitable to work with an interior design expert who provides custom packages for services such as Diva’s Interior Design. Diva’s Interior Design has also been awarded as Singapore’s best interior designers. You will certainly be comfortable working with trusted designers like Divas Interior Design which has more than 20 employees. They all running with the same vision of building better homes. Get a free renovation quote here.

Is it possible to renovate a bathroom in Singapore for $5000?

You must be very happy to use the service of Diva’s Interior Design. This company, which was established in 2014, has a custom package in its services. You will be directed to plan a bathroom renovation in Singapore with an efficient and targeted budget. So, it is possible to renovate your bathroom in Singapore for $5000.

Diva’s Interior Design will do brainstorming with you to make a breakdown of expenses in the following way:

  • Overlay toilet renovation package. Use the vinyl flooring on the top of existing tiles. You may want new floors to change the atmosphere of your bathroom. To reduce the budget, all you need to do is to buy vinyl floors. Dismantling old tiles is really wasting time, having great effort, and costly.

  • Consider the toilet renovation design based on your budget.

  • Divide which parts must be done first. Next, check the lighting, paint color, and flooring to match the new design you choose.

Bathroom renovation in Singapore is not difficult and expensive if you plan carefully. Do not hesitate to use the services of an interior designer who has won many awards in Singapore.