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Tips to Evaluate Renovation Quotation in Singapore



Doing home renovation is not something that can be done “carelessly”. You have to plan carefully before you decide to do home renovations. Difficulty in carrying out house renovations depends on the building model, building shape, and building area.


The more difficult the level of renovation contractor Singapore process is the budget you have to prepare. For example, the budget for renovating a minimalist design house with an asymmetrical flat model with a small house size will certainly be different from the budget that must be prepared to renovate a classic luxury home.


So that, to evaluate your renovation contractor in Singapore, the tips down below will help you. Let’s check it!


How Much the Cost of Renovation Contractor in Singapore?

According to our research, the average home renovation cost for a 4 bedroom HDB flat is around $56,000. This cost includes all the raw materials required and the labor required to complete the project. In general, there are seven main components that you have to pay for.


So, how much should you spend on renovating your home or your company? What are the main costs involved, and what can you do to keep your budget under control? Here are a few factors you should consider.


Tips to Evaluate Your Renovation Lead in Singapore


  1. Ask for recommendations. If you are in a situation where the renovation project is in a new house or a company is far from your regular mason, you must ask someone who knows the place better for recommendations. You can see your neighbor’s house or company that is or has just been renovated. You can see firsthand the work of the builder.
  2. Contacting contractor in Singapore. After you get a contractor’s recommendation from your neighbor, it doesn’t hurt for you to contact the contractor. You have to reassure whether the contractor’s service fee is by the budget or not. You can provide an overview of the direction of your renovation so that the contractor has an idea. Also, ask about the portfolio that has been worked on to find out the contractor’s experience.
  3. Purchase materials gradually. Make sure you buy the material in stages as needed. Buying materials at once, in the beginning, will result in the material being lost. Buying materials in stages will also make it easier for you to audit and evaluate the absorption of material usage. Another advantage if you buy the material in stages is to minimize the potential for material mark up by the contractor in Singapore.
  4. Pay attention to renovation developments. As a property owner, you have to make sure that the renovation process goes as expected. Make sure you monitor the progress of the renovation. Things that must be considered are the results of renovations and material use. The accuracy and speed of time must also be considered so that you are not charged additional fees for contractor services, especially if the service cost calculation method you choose is daily.
  5. Save it for unforeseen costs. Remodeling a home becoming a dream will surely be a big step in your life. Surely the cost of renovating must have been taken into account. But do not forget, save some of your money for unforeseen expenses. Doing so will prevent you from meeting any hurdles when you are remodeling a house.


ID, Contractor, or Design & Build: Who Should You Hire?


Interior designer (ID) performs scheduling, project management, offers a full range of professional design jobs (including floor plans and 3D preview). ID creates living space according to established design principles. While this will increase your renovation budget, renting an ID is also a great way to realize a dream home built to your specifications and dreams. 


Before renovating, usually interior design contractors in Singapore will discuss with clients what types of designs will be desired. Such as determining what materials to use, selecting color, safety, details of size, etc.


Now, if there is an agreement between the designer and the client, it will be created as a model of reference to the renovating of the room. Here the contractor will also have a budget estimate that will be needed during the restoration process.


So, would you renovate your home, company, or your kitchen immediately? Budget and plan better for your home makeover using our renovation calculator.


If not, contact Diva’s interior design to receive a renovation quotation in Singapore. Request a renovation quote in Singapore through us, and we’ll help get you on the right track from start to finish.


With our professional interior designers, remodeling packages, and renovation contractors build your dream home without any hassle, just a few clicks away! You can also request a handyman service here!. That’s all about the tips to evaluate renovation quotation in Singapore, maybe useful!