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5 Bathroom Design Ideas Without Bathtub In Singapore



Don’t just grumble and surrender when you have a tiny, boring bathroom. If it is not possible to expand it, you can apply some bathroom design Singapore ideas in a smart renovation agenda. Collaborating with the best interior designers will produce many solutions and save costs.


The bathroom is a multi-functional private space, not just for cleaning or defecating. Many people can even get brilliant inspiration from the bathroom. So, you must be serious in designing the layout of the bathroom so that it looks comfortable and functions optimally.

What Is A Bathroom Without A Bath Called?


Questions about a bathroom without a bathtub called are often asked and not a few people are still confused about answering them. Ideally, the bathroom has a bathtub for soaking or collecting water. But limited space makes placing the tub impossible, especially on narrow land or in public areas.

Various terms such as “restroom”, “public toilet”, “shower room” or “public toilet” are often used for bathrooms that do not have a bath.


Even so, it is fine to mention a bathroom even though there is no bathtub in it. This has become a common understanding and focuses on the main function of the bathroom which is to urinate in a modern way.


How Do You Redesign A Small Bathroom?


When you have limited bathroom space, various strategies can be taken to start renovating on a super-efficient budget including hdb bathroom renovation. As a practical solution, you can collaborate with the most recommended interior design service company, namely Divasinterior.


The company excels with custom package services so you can choose a service based on your taste and cost.


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So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to work with Divasiterior, no matter what budget you have.

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Get free quotes here to get lots of inspiration about interior design. Before collaborating with Divasinterior, let’s start the bathroom without tub ideas renovation agenda by looking at various cool design recommendations in the following description:


Simple With White As The Dominant Color

Apply a simple design with a dominant white colour to create a spacious and spacious impression. You can use white ceramics or special bathroom paint for the walls and floors, then support it with all-white furniture. Don’t forget the maximum lighting to support a simple and elegant concept.


Maximize The Wall Area

Instead of storing toiletries on the lotus floor, you can use a cabinet that hangs on the wall for very small bathroom ideas. Choose a kitchen cabinet design that is simple in design with arranged shelves to make it easier to store items. The Divasinterior team can be counted on to choose a cabinet that suits your taste, and the price is affordable.


Use A Bathroom Carpet For Variation

The white colour that already dominates in the bathroom can be combined with the use of a bath carpet to create an elegant impression. You can choose the colour according to your taste so that the bathroom doesn’t feel boring. Make it a priority to choose a quality bath rug that is easy to wash and dry.


Bathroom Design Singapore By Applying Natural Themed Paintings

The wall area can also be optimized by saving natural themed paintings. This will bring out a fresh and quirky impression in the bathroom, and can also be a source of inspiration. If you are confident enough, make an exclusive painting and then frame it and save it in your bathroom. Painting can also be placed near the door area or near the vanity.


That was the description of 5 Bathroom Design Singapore that you can make as inspiration and as a reference. In essence, you should not give up on realizing your dream bathroom design when land is limited. With certain knowledge and techniques from the experts, all solutions can be executed with a minimal budget. Don’t forget to click here for free quotes on interior design.