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5 Brilliant HDB renovation ideas to make your 4-room feel more lived in with minimal effort.



The HDB flat is a ubiquitous feature of Singaporean life. It’s the first home many people live in after they get married, and for some, it might be their only home.

It’s also a space that, in our eyes at least, has yet to be fully explored.

We’ve seen living rooms turned into Supergirl lairs and kitchens made to look like a walk-in wardrobe, but if you want your apartment to feel more ‘lived in’, here are some ideas you might not have thought of before!

But sometimes, these flats can feel like nothing more than empty boxes with walls. Read on to find out how you can make your 4 room HDB feel more lived-in without spending too much time or money!

1. Add plants everywhere!

Plants are the perfect way to make your 4-room feel more like home.

They can instantly add life and character to an area, especially if you have them in pots with cute designs.

On top of that, plants are good for health, making this a win-win situation!

You can get all kinds of plants too, choose ones that you’re most comfortable taking care of.

If you tend to be forgetful about caring for plants, try planting succulents or cactuses which require less attention.

If your flats are on the lower floors facing east/west or have balconies, place taller plants here so they won’t block natural light from filtering in.

Plants should always go on the east/west side of the flat if you want to avoid direct sunlight since this is the direction from which the sun rises and sets.

Bottom line is, plants can make your HDB flat feel more like home and they’re pretty inexpensive too!

A houseplant will not only bring nature into your living space but also act as an air purifier by removing toxins from the air that come from mold spores and other common household allergens like pet dander and dust mites.

2. Layer textures.

think of different materials (wool carpets vs hardwood flooring), size (larger tables vs smaller ones), and even color (blacks/ whites/ greys vs warmer hues like reds, greens, blues).

If you’re repainting your interiors, instead of choosing flat matte paint for the whole area, choose semi-gloss to add depth or shine to specific parts of the room (like on the tabletop or wall shelf).

Semi-gloss paint is also better if you have kids running around since it’s more durable.

If you do opt for matte paints though, make sure there are no sharp edges that can injure your little angels! Layer textures wherever possible.

For example:

Add rugs over other floors Add different kinds of upholstery on your chairs and sofas Use tablecloths with different textures to the tabletop (try silk vs cotton!)

The bottom line is to layer textures to make your home feel warmer without spending too much time or effort.

3. Make use of wall space!

Wall space in HDB flats can be quite limited since they often come in two sizes, small or huge. 

If you have an unused wall, it doesn’t have to just be for decoration.

Here are some ideas you might not have thought of!

Add pin boards to use as a notice board or message center.

For example, Hang keys, coats, umbrellas Put up pictures and calendars on the Pinboard to keep track of, schedule appointments, or just show off your family.

Add a map on your Pinboard! This can be especially useful if important dates

If you have a large empty wall that’s facing west/east, choose long furniture like benches alongside it which will act as potted dividers for separation of living spaces.

You could also add shelves above this bench where you could display artifacts like statues, stones, or art pieces.

Not only does this create more storage space, but it also adds color and diversity to your home!

4. Add layered curtains!

Adding layered curtains to your windows is a great way to make your flat look more lived-in without having to spend hours on end doing it.

If you’re feeling creative, layer different fabrics to make it your own!

You can opt for a single color if you want to keep things simple or go all out and mix and match as many patterns as you like.

Remember that the top layer should always be able to close/open so you can control the amount of light coming into your home.

Linen fabric can also add texture and warmth to the room while letting in light (perfect for homes facing north or west).

You can also try using lace curtains for windows facing south or east since they don’t obstruct the natural light coming in.

Bottom line is, layered curtains not only help you save on electricity costs but also make your home look more cozy and stylish!

5. Make use of floor lighting!  

If you’re living in a flat facing north or east, floor lighting is the best way to brighten up your home while still retaining that cozy feel.

Floor lamps like these can light up your entire living space while giving you an intimate atmosphere at the same time!

For flats with high ceilings especially, adding several smaller lamps instead of one big one will help cut down on costs while also avoiding any kind of “big box” look.

You could even add colored bulbs to create interesting effects depending on what color scheme your home follows.

For example Red for Halloween Yellow for Chinese New Year Green for Christmas etc!


As you can see, it’s all about making smart choices to enhance your space.

Hanging artwork on the walls is a great way to make use of empty spaces but it has its limitations since paintings are more of a permanent fixture unless you’re good at DIY-ing them!

Layered curtains are also an effective way to brighten the room while making the most of limited space.

And finally, floor lamps can create a cozy atmosphere while providing excellent lighting for your home!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out some of these tips today!

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