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4 Ideas for HDB 3 Floor Plan For Your Sweet Home


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Have you started thinking about upgrading your old 3 room HDB flat to a modern one? What are some of the things that make it worth doing so?

With more space and amenities, modernization becomes worthwhile. While there may be initial costs associated with HDB renovation, after renovating an older home into something new-looking many people find they have been able to get their money’s worth.

With fewer families living in Singapore these days due to urbanization or employment overseas, highrise apartments can seem less appealing than private houses which offer longer term security for rent payments as well as lower maintenance fees over time.

Building a home from scratch is as much of an investment in time and energy, but the payoff can be just that a customized space for you.

The first step would be to find inspiration by looking around or bookmarking your favorites; then, try to decipher the floor plan so you will know what works best for yourself.

There’s a lot of types of HDB, but here we will focus on 3 Room HDB.

1. Make room for a cosy corner living space and dining area.

This is usually a space for the family to gather around and chat, or enjoy their meal. It could also be used as an informal living room area where you can curl up on the sofa with your favorite book.

*The perfect layout should consider circulation in this area.* If it’s too cramped, then there won’t be any air flowing through which will eventually create odors from cooking and other activities happening in that zone.

A huge plus point of this layout is that it allows more room between seats which means less cleaning afterwards!

*If you’re considering a dining table, make sure it doesn’t take up too much space.* For example: four chairs can fit around a table that is 80cm wide; but if the width increases by 20cm for each chair added, then only three people will be able to sit comfortably at one time.

The dining table should also be placed near this space so that guests can easily flow between spaces during meals without having to walk too far from one room to another.

Some homeowners forget about circulation especially near their stove; this would mean that you will need to use the back door of your kitchen for a while which can be inconvenient.

The kitchen must also be carefully considered because it is usually the room furthest from this area, meaning that the cooking and cleaning will need to be done in two separate zones.

The kitchen should also have enough storage space like in these layouts below – that way there won’t be any clutter blocking your way when cooking or having dinner with friends.

2. Down with the walls!

Today, many homeowners are opting for open floor plans which offer a more elegant and comfortable way to enjoy your home.If you have the space in your budget, then it may be worthwhile considering an outdoor or indoor living area with plenty of natural light coming through windows as well.

A potential drawback could be privacy; but people nowadays prefer less formal arrangements anyways!

Some things not considered when planning these layouts is how much storage will there be if only large pieces of furniture like beds and dressers are utilized instead? 

This would mean utilizing every bit of surface space possible and not having any cupboards or drawers.

A quirky solution would be to seal off one side of this wall by adding glass panels; these are often used during parties when guests need more privacy while still being able to see what’s going on inside the house!


3. Use bi-fold doors and curtains to segregate spaces.

Use bi-fold doors and curtains to divide the space.

Some people prefer double doors so they have enough space to walk through and not feel so tight. 

You can use any number of decorating techniques to create an interesting living space, but one option is using a combination of walls and bi-fold doors for dividing spaces. 

This way you won’t have as much clutter in your home due to things lying around or just hanging on the wall; everything will be neatly organized!

4. Say goodbye to shower screens.

A trend in recent years are replacing shower screens with glass or frosted panels which allow you to enjoy the view and feel of nature while bathing.

Privacy can be maintained by installing curtains on one side; these could also act as a divider between this area and the rest of your home if needed!

If you don’t have any windows, then it might be worth considering putting up mirrors so that natural light is reflected back inside from other rooms.

Light has been shown to improve moods among people who suffer from depression or anxiety – making them more comfortable during their stay here.

A quirky solution would be to seal off one side of this wall by adding glass panels; these are often used during parties when guests need more privacy while still being able to see what’s going on inside the house!


How Much HDB Prices For Private Housing In Singapore?

The rent for an HDB flat in Singapore depends on the floor area of your unit. For private housing, it is a little bit different – the price you pay for an apartment also depends on its location and view from the condo.

Best thing to do if you plan to move into a new home is search around online or ask real estate agents for the recent prices and trends.

When you buy a new home, whether it is HDB or private housing, you will also need to consider another aspect – not only its price but how much is required for an installment as well!

The cost of living in Singapore today has been increasing year after year; but there are some people who can’t afford to move out of their homes because they could not save up for a down payment.

This is why most banks have specific rules for approving your loan that should be strictly followed:

You may also find it hard to pay the instalments if you are only getting part-time or temporary jobs – depend on utilities, food and other bills for your basic needs as well as a new home.

If you are in such situation, there is still hope to own your own place – moreover, this is much better than living with your parents!

Start small and look for budget HDB flats or condos (condominiums) available at reasonable prices.  These units that have smaller floor area cannot cost too much; this is why they are perfect for first-time home buyers who have limited resources.

However, you should still plan on how long it would take to finish the installment and manage your monthly payments.  As with any other loan, the longer your payment tenure – the smaller will be your cash over time (COT).

So what you should do is take the actual price of the unit and divide it by its floor area.  You will get an amount, this is how much you should set aside every month to pay for instalments as well as other living expenses!

Before doing this calculation we need to know about Minimum Required Down Payment (MRDP) that is stated by HDB.  This amount varies from 40% to 60% depending on what you are buying – whether it’s a resale or new unit.

Initially, this percentage was set to prevent property speculation and protect the value of market forces.  While Nowadays this scope has changed and no longer limits your activities to buy a new home.

So what you have to do is calculate the MRDP and compare it with your current income or savings – and make sure that they match!  If they don’t, then you should look for better paying jobs rather than applying for a loan.  This will increase your eligibility and chances of getting one (if approved).

HDB or Housing Development Board is a government-created organization that plays many functions; one of them is providing housing for all from low – middle – high income groups.

The program offers you with several advantages when buying your first home, such as the narrowing down of possible locations to live in Singapore and pre-approved loan packages!

Because HDB homes are subsidized by the government, they are the most inexpensive kind of housing available.

The average price of a HDB home listing is S$532,768 or S$507 per square foot. Smaller apartments, such as 2 and 3-room flats, generally cost between S$300,000 and S$450,000.

Medium-sized 4-room HDB apartments are 34% more expensive than 2 and 3-room flats. If you want to move to a larger HDB apartment, such as a 5-room or executive flat, you could expect to pay 20-44% more.


*What is a Resale flat?

A resale flat refers to an apartment that is not a new one which has just been built by a property developer but has already existed for some time.

Resale flats are usually cheaper than newly-built ones, therefore it is a popular choice among first-time buyers and investors.


*What is an HDB BTO?

An HDB Built To Order (HBD BTO) is a new flat allocated by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). It is an alternative to the pre-sale of units by developers. As the name suggests, this involves building HDB flats according to your specifications.


*What is BTO Layout?

HDB BTO-layout is also known as a flat plan or layout. It is the sketch that shows the exact location of every room in your new home. The HDB BTO-layout will be drawn out for you after you have chosen a unit.

The main features on it include:

  • Bedroom(s)/Living room/Kitchen/Dining/Bathroom(s)/Toilet(s)
  • Rough measurements of the area with dimensions in feet and inches
  • Actual room layout drawn onto the floor plan
  • The dimensions of each door, window and wall (indicated by a line)


Example HDB Layout for 3 room.

3 room layout include the bedroom, sitting and dining areas. There may be a kitchen, but at times there is no need for one as it all depends on the layout of your hdb flat.

3-room flats are perfect for singles or couples with children as they provide enough space to live in comfortably. If you choose this type of hdb apartment, you can modify it to suit your needs.

If you have a large family and need more space, then a 4 or 5 room flat may be the right choice. It is very important that before buying an HDB unit, you know what type of hdb flat you want.

HDB apartment has limited availability so first-time homebuyers will have to be quick and decisive in order to secure their preferred hdb flat.

11 HDB flat types;

The type of hdb apartment depends on how many rooms you need. It is very important to know the number of rooms for the floor plan. Some hdb apartments may vary in price due to its size or location, but it will still be cheaper than other housing types.

  1. Model A Maisonette
  2. Adjoined Flat
  3. Terrace
  4. Multi-Generation
  5. Executive Maisonette
  6. Executive Apartment
  7. Jumbo
  8. 5-room HDB flat
  9. 4-room HDB flat
  10. 3-room HDB flat
  11. 2-room HDB flat

If you are looking for an HDB flat, the most important thing is to find available units in your preferred area before making a choice about which hdb apartment to purchase.


How to Check HDB flat size?

To determine the size of hdb flat in a particular apartment, you can check out floor plans or layouts.

Mini house: The term “mini house” is used interchangeably with the term “executive” but it technically refers to what HDB calls its 2-room Flexi flats. These units were originally designed for younger singles and


Installing new floors can be a daunting task if Don’t know what to do, especially in Singapore.

Luckily for housing in Singapore, with our preinstalled service all that needs doing at home are some easy tasks such as taping off the perimeter of the area where installation will take place and then just enjoy!

Contact us today for more information on how we’ll make your flooring experience seamless from start to finish.