. 7 Modern Home Decor Ideas In Singapore to Refresh your space




7 Modern Home Decor Ideas In Singapore to Refresh your space


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Discussing home interior design is never-ending. The models are also very dynamic depending on the tastes of the residents, as well as in what kind of location you live. Home decor Singapore is one of the favourites, where the designs are widely applied in many modern homes in Singapore and other countries.


So what makes it special? 


Minimalist and modern impressions stand out, making the feel of the house fresher, dynamic, and neat. This kind of nuance is expected by everyone who wants comfort and serenity. Here are many ideas for home décor that you can apply in your home and office:



Optimizing Space By Applying The Mezzanine Concept

The room with the mezzanine concept is currently very popular in home décor Singapore. This is a space optimization concept, in which a new room is built between the ceiling and floor. Your house will have two open floors connected by stairs, even though it doesn’t look like a multi-story house from the outside.


Interior With Paints And All Pastel Furniture

The most distinctive example of a Singaporean modern house can be seen from its pastel interior colours, from paint to furniture. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be brightly coloured to give off a sense of relief and freshness. You can still apply cheerful colours like red, yellow, and blue, or your other favourite colours.


The mentoring of the creative team from Divasinterior and the use of home décor accessories Singapore will make the pastel colour compositions look chick and modern and match the minimalist style. The dominance of pastel colours in interior design is very much applied in apartments and housing in suburban areas.


A Bold Touch To Reinforce Lines And Boundaries

The lines and boundaries of the room can be emphasized by adding detailed lines using black steel or dark paint. This design that adapts the industrialist concept will create a firm impression for any room that has been dominated by bright and pastel colours. You can combine this concept by installing a yellow hanging flower for an elegant impression.


Presenting Natural Shades By Appearing Wood Elements

Home décor ideas Singapore also often uses wood elements to bring natural nuances to modern minimalist interior designs. Wooden elements in furniture, floor decorations, or wall decorations will create a warm and friendly impression in the middle of Singapore’s often hot weather. The use of artistic wood panels on one side of the wall is also highly recommended.


You can choose a reddish-brown wood from home décor stores combined with neutral colours, such as beige, around it. But if you want to bring out a natural peaceful nuance, you can use furniture with grey wood.


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Experiment With Mondrian’s Colors. Why not?

Bright colours are indeed characteristic of modern minimalist design. But there is nothing wrong if you experiment with the colours chosen by the famous artist, Piet Mondrian.


These colours are yellow, red, and blue, combined with black and white. The application of the Mondrian colour is currently being popularly applied to homes and offices in Singapore.


Experiment with decorating the colours of the wall decors, decorations, and furniture. You can even customize it to suit your character and taste. Collaborating with Divasinterior will produce beautiful and exclusive creations. At first glance, the company has obtained the HDB License as a trusted Singapore company, so the quality of its performance is unquestionable.


You can even request a Custom Package according to your taste, and let the team from Divasinterior make adjustments to the layout and budget so that the dream decoration for your home can come true.


Round Furniture Can Be A Mainstay For Home Decor Singapore

Modern means simple and dynamic. The application of a round or circular shape to the room will create a flexible impression so that the room does not feel stiff and boring. Round elements, for example, you can apply to furniture, spiral staircases, wall decorations, or other constructions.


Give An Artistic Touch To The Wall

Optimize your creativity on the walls in a modern minimalist house by applying many selected artworks. It can be a painting, mural, picture, or other Home Decoration Products. You can even apply for a Custom Package when working with Divasinterior, so the final result is a perfect match for your personality.

Enrich your home decor inspiration

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Those are 7 Examples of Modern Home Decor Ideas In Singapore that can be used as inspiration for your interior design. To enrich your inspiration, get free quotes about interior design here.