. Top 5 Ideas For Romantic Master Bedroom Design In Singapore




Top 5 Ideas For Romantic Master Bedroom Design In Singapore



Come to my heart not as a guest, but as the owner of the house, because there you will stay forever. 


This romantic line is suitable as a seduction word you give to your partner. When you enter a new house for the first time with your spouse, do gently say this line to her. You need to show affection and hope that the occupants of this new house are no longer two strangers. By best romantic master bedroom design, the man no longer sees the woman as his guest. 


The chosen special woman will become the owner of his heart who will stay in his house forever. After years of marriage, reheat the embers of your love with this line and also the new master bedroom design Singapore. Bedroom ideas for couples, by Creating the atmosphere of a new main room like when you first step into this private room as newlyweds. What kind of ideas comes up to your mind? Is it a romantic one?


Romantic Master Bedroom Ambiance


The romantic way has been the atmosphere of the master bedroom since the beginning of the wedding. You don’t need to decorate it as vigorously as possible, this room already exudes its romantic ambience. Two persons who love each other make love in the most intimate room of the house. That’s true romance. However, as time goes by, you need a new atmosphere to arouse romance with your spouse.


What romantic master bedroom ideas for couples have ever crossed your mind? Maybe one of them is master bedroom design Singapore?


How Can I Make My Master Bedroom More Romantic?


You may be one of the residents in the Singapore HDB flat where the master bedroom ideas already have complete furniture since it was occupied. It seems difficult to change the atmosphere with the existing conditions. The design has been determined like others and far from your taste. 


However, there are always brilliant ways to make the master bedroom feel more romantic. The key is in you and your spouse. Next, what kind of design you desire the most, and how to come up with creative ideas just before remodelling the decoration. 


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Wall Decoration Ideas for romantic master bedroom design


The first thing you can do to decorate a more romantic master bedroom design in Singapore is a wall decoration. Wall appearance can affect a person’s mood. You can choose the wall colour as you wish. 

  • All whitewall coverage can be an option. 
  • Paste themed wall stickers. Your wife may love cherry blossoms. Meanwhile, you like the sea and moon stars. You can combine the two on that all white wall coverage.
  • Put your painting or wedding photo on the wall. You can also take a new photo and put it on the vintage frame that adjusts the wall theme. 
  • Install some shelves on the wall. You can put it all on the wall above the bed or the opposite wall the bed where you can see directly. 
  • Put a few dim lights on top of the shelves. Choose small and medium sizes with various shapes such as hearts, flowers, and stars. Mind the soft colours for lights like soft pink, lilac, and broken white. 


Bed Position ideas for romantic master bedroom design


The position for couples of the bed determines the romantic mood to be built. Do arrange your bed in your master bedroom design Singapore as follow:

  • Place your bed in the center of the focal point. 
  • If necessary, replace the bed with a different paint colour than usual. It may be a fiery red or pitch black with an ornament around it. 
  • Place a quilt that matches the colour of your new bed. Next, place pillows bolster, and other bed ornaments such as big Teddy bears in such a way on the top of the bed. 
  • Put the nightstand table beside the table. 
  • Provide aromatherapy that soothes you both. The scent of lavender, jasmine, and chamomile can be your choice. 
  • Turn on the air humidifier when you are ready to give and receive romance in a particular moment. 
  • Last but not least, turn on your favourite songs. 


Vinyl Floor Installation ideas for romantic master bedroom design


New floor motifs in the master bedroom design Singapore can add a brand new romantic atmosphere. You don’t need great effort to dismantle the old floors. Just simply buy vinyl floors. Then, you can install the vinyl floors directly on the top of the tile floors. Do choose romantic colours like rose gold, soft pink, and beige. 


If you have any doubts about doing so, don’t forget to contact a leading award-winning Singapore Best Interior Designer, Diva’s Interior Design. Do contact us for your first need.