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How to Create a Muji Interior Design Style



If you were designing the interior of a house, would you look to muji interior design style for inspiration? Muji interior design style reminds of what we all should be looking to emulate: simplicity, minimalism, quality. Muji interior design style has managed to marry great design with affordability, creating a brand that is loved around the world. The company is well-known for its products’ simple and stylish design, often using materials and finishes that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. They’re also incredibly innovative, having developed the first-ever Japanese-style refrigerator and the first-ever TV that folded flat.


What’s Muji Style Design?

The direct and practical way of life of the Japanese is perfectly captured by the Muji aesthetic. It’s safe to say that Muji’s interior design is heavily influenced by minimalism. Even so, the style has a unique appearance where less is more. The interior design aesthetic emphasizes the creation of a calm, clutter-free environment, much to the Muji philosophy.

But if you believe that minimalism is the only aspect of Muji-style interior design, you’re mistaken. The utilization of fine furnishings that emphasizes Zen’s essential essence is the distinguishing characteristic of such homes. Here are some guidelines to remember if you want to replicate Muji’s adaptable and practical effects. In the end, you’ll produce a Muji interior design that is easy and simple but not monotonous.

Characteristics of Muji Interior Design

Allow more light in

The most important resource in small areas is light. You should strive to increase the amount of light entering your HDB home in this regard. In order to make your Muji interior design appear brighter, think about using large windows that cover the entire space. 

Despite the fact that this tip might seem apparent, many homeowners frequently overlook it. You’ll observe how easily the interior’s neutral color scheme blends with the sufficient light. As soon as you split the curtains, your house will resemble a room in a vacation hotel. It will turn into the ideal location for unwinding after a long day at work.


Bright pops of colour

Although all Muji-style interior designs must radiate simplicity, they don’t always have to be monochromatic. Warmth and coziness should instead break through the gloom. It’s okay to sprinkle in a few cheery and calming pastel tones here and there. 

Unsurprisingly, minimalism is the key idea here. Avoid using any flashy or dramatic colors in these situations. Your HDB apartment can be made to feel cozy and peaceful by using subtle earth tones.

Muji-style interior design makes extensive use of wood, like any minimalist home does. A better option that will give your HDB or condo a streamlined appearance is the soft, light-toned ash wood. The outcome will be a tidy, clean kitchen and dining room that appears larger overall.

Unique decoration

Muji interior design style in some ways embodies the Japanese appreciation of utility. However, these homes have a peculiar character. You’ll adore having some chic features in your HDB apartment as well. 

Of course, you’d want it to be noticeable without being intrusive. In the end, you want something discreet but still distinctive. A ground-level bed or some geometric hanging lighting are two options. The latter is extremely comparable to the traditional Japanese futons that help with back pain relief.

Natural elements

Don’t forget to incorporate natural components like wood to maintain the consistency of your Muji-inspired interior design. Everything will function, including an eccentric fan with wooden blades as well as wooden furniture and flooring. In order to make your home look more active, be sure to add one or two plants to each room. 

Choosing minimalist and rustic furniture is a simple approach to get the Muji style. Of course, you may always add some synthetic elements to the natural look. Just be sure to use every available square foot as necessary. Since pragmatism is at the core of the Muji interior design philosophy, it should always come first.


Sliding doors

The severe lack of space in 4-room HDB BTO flats is one of the key problems. In this regard, designers and homeowners must put into practice clever ideas that will maximize every last bit of available space. For instance, you could use a divider to create the appearance of two rooms rather than just one. Your apartment will appear considerably larger in this manner. 

Make the most of your vertical space by employing wooden dividers or other sorts of partitions, if necessary. These components are ideal for the shelves where you keep your clutter. Where necessary, you can add some sliding doors made of laminate or aluminum. Although these extras can be a bit pricey, you’ll undoubtedly value their impact.


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