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11 Unique Bedroom Cabinet Designs That Inspire You



The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house and its design can either inspire you or put you to sleep. Unique bedroom designs are often a reflection of the owner’s personality. There are a lot of different options when it comes to creating a unique design and it can take some trial and error to find what works best for you. In this article, you will get to see a variety of ideas for cabinet design in your bedroom in a way that makes you happy and inspires you.

Tradition Walk-In Closet

Traditional walk-in closets not only give you extra storage space, but they are also useful because you can organize things inside. A walk-in closet also makes it possible to maintain a clutter-free bedroom because it will house all of your necessary storage. 

Take a look at the image below, which shows a classic walk-in closet with shelving on one side and a mirror and dressing area on the other. You can decide whether to cover or leave the shelves exposed. To provide a dramatic impression, you can either keep the shelves simple or add track lights or spotlights to them.

Walk-In Closet With A View

Making a walk-in closet the width of the room will give you a full view of the closet and its accessories from the bedroom, which is another method to incorporate one into your bedroom. This is exactly what Swiss Interior did in the following portfolio, where they designed a broad closet that is entirely exposed with no covering for the shelves rather than a longitudinal walk-in space. 

The bedroom is divided from the walk-in space by sliding glass doors, which gives a distinctive aspect because you can see everything inside via this screen. This closet features a light color scheme that gives the room a bright, breezy feel.

Showcase Cabinet Design

Why not go all out and build a massive, fashionable closet that can display all of your clothing, shoes, and bags if you have enough room for the cupboard area and a good budget? Consider the following image, which shows a stunningly attractive black wardrobe, as an illustration. Modern warm LEDs that liven them up accentuate the light wood colour of the interior shelves. Some shelves lack doors so you can display your most attractive features while storing other clothing on the protected portions. Which region you want covered and which one revealed is entirely up to you.

Change The Cabinet Color

If you have a limited budget and can’t spend a lot on your wardrobe makeover, simply changing the color of the existing pieces will give the room a new feel. Instead of going with standard hues like brown, white, or other neutral tones, pick a unique and exotic color to give the design some wow. To lighten the area and create a fun atmosphere, you may select neon green, orange, yellow, or red. Choose a royal blue or black and gold combo if you want a sober color. The choice of a jade green color for the clothing results in a regal and exquisite environment, as can be seen in the photograph below.

Hanging Cabinet

These wall-mounted bedroom cabinets are quite effective at saving space. Additionally, they include a number of little dividers that you may use to properly organize all of your clothing. They are composed of sturdy, high-quality material, and they are little. The best option for saving storage space in your bedroom is to use hanging cabinets.

Mirrored Bedroom Cabinet Designs

Not only is a bedroom cabinet wonderful for saving space in the corner, but it also includes a built-in mirror and frees up additional dresser space. This model perfectly complements the bedroom’s decor and has a sleek, modern appearance. You can adjust the color and size to fit the needs of your bedroom.

Corner Bedroom Cabinet Designs

The corner of the bedroom is the ideal place for this bedroom cabinet, which makes the most of the available space. This model is worthwhile taking into account if you have a tiny bedroom with inadequate space for bedroom cabinets. It can be created to your specifications for size and color.

Wooden Cabinet for Bedroom

Traditional styling may be seen in this wooden bedroom cabinet. It is incredibly helpful for keeping bulky items in the lower part of the Cabinet, such as bags and trolleys. The two offered shelves are large and aid in your struggles with wardrobe organization by storing a tremendous amount of items inside. The Cabinet has lovely metallic knobs and a hardwood finish that give it an exquisite appearance.

L Shaped Cabinets for Bedroom

This L-shaped bedroom cabinet is highly recommended if you want to save floor space while having a stylish-looking cabinet. Extra storage options and shelves with different widths are included in this particular design to meet your demands. It wonderfully complements the bedroom’s design and tucks into a corner of the space.

Tinted Glass For Cabinet Doors

You can cover the doors if you think that having an exposed closet with no doors or glass doors might make you feel dirty. However, tinted glass or colored glass can be used for the wardrobe doors to give some elegance to the interior. This will produce a fashionable appearance by partially concealing the clothing while yet allowing visibility of it via the colored glass. This is demonstrated in the accompanying image, where the brown glass coverings in the walk-in closet give a dramatic impression that is further emphasized by spotlights.

Frosted Glass For Cabinet Doors 

If you have a smaller budget for the closet makeover, try this alternative idea. You may give your cabinets a fresh look by merely changing their doors rather than building entirely new ones. Instead of painting the cupboard a different color, use fiberglass or frosted glass for the doors. We can see how sliding frosted glass doors were employed for the closet in the image below. A few track lights have also been placed, whose light shines on the closet to give it a lovely appearance. You may change the look of your wardrobe in this way with little expense and room.

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