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What Is BTO Meaning? And What The Difference With DBSS?



BTO is a type of housing that stands for Build-To-Order. This type of property is sold in Singapore, and it’s different from the DBSS (Developed By Sellers) flats. BTOs are developed by the government or state owned companies, whereas DBSS flats are developed by private developers.

The main difference between these two types of properties is that BTO units come with an assurance and warranty for their quality; this includes things like structural stability as well as material quality.

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The government of Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) offers flexibility for those looking to buy a new home in the form of Build To Order. BTO is an abbreviated term that means “build-to-order” which allows eligible buyers who are planning on moving into a new HDB flat soon, can apply from specific sites launched if their preferred location qualifies with 70% or more taking up 50%. Tender will be called only when enough people take interest, otherwise construction won’t happen so quickly!


Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) is an abbreviation for the term Design, Build and Sell Scheme. This was first introduced by Singapore’s Housing Development Board in 2005. Flats built under this scheme were meant to be public housing units that would be developed privately with HDB managing them after completion of construction. Supposedly these flats are designed better than typical HDBs but don’t come equipped with a swimming pool or fitness center!


DBSS flat vs regular HDB flats  

A DBSS apartment is a form of housing developed by the private sector and sold to residents. The Singaporean government does not have any involvement in this project from start to finish, but it still claims ownership over the land that these apartments are built on. This can lead to some interesting scenarios such as when you want your home demolished because it’s too small for you and your family members- only then do they need permission from HDB!

A “DBSS” (i.e., developer) flat refers back generally speaking, to an apartment building constructed or managed privately instead of by public authorities like Housing & Development Board Corporation Limited (HDBC). A first point about how different these flats may be than traditional ones would relate directly to the construction process itself.

A DBSS flat is different than a traditional HDB, because they are built without public funding from the government and offered for sale to residents by private developers with no involvement on behalf of Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) in their development or management – unlike regular HDBs which are constructed by the government.

Under the Build-To-Order (BTO) scheme, eligible buyers can apply for a new HDB flat at specific sites launched if their preferred location qualifies with 70% or more taking up 50%. Tender will be called only when enough people take interest; otherwise construction won’t happen so quickly!

DBSS flats are not your average HDB flat. In contrast to the cookie-cutter layouts found in typical HDBs, DBSS have more customizable features. Build To Order (BTO) flats and Sale of Balance Flats all share an identical standard layout that is like any other common one bedroom apartment you see around Singapore – with a few exceptions: say goodbye to high ceilings or small windows because they are nowhere near as luxurious! Study areas for those cramming before exams feel much more spacious than on regular apartments while residents can expect amenities such as balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows providing plenty of natural light inside their home... it’s almost too good to be true!

5-Room DBSS flats have an additional bedroom 

While the typical 5-room flat only has three bedrooms and a study space, five room flats with DBSS typically have four. The extra bedroom is usually located in one of two spots: either it’s on top floor or at ground level next to an entrance door that opens onto a balcony overlooking potential greenery below.

The benefits don’t stop there though! Five-Room Flats with Deen Brown Signature Scheme (DBSS) often provide more natural lighting than your average unit too thanks to their higher ceilings which make them seem like they’re even bigger inside than most other units are outside – especially when you compare rooms side by side between DBFS and regular ones because some homeowners use clever design tricks such as strategically placed mirrors for this exact reason!

This kind of innovation is what has made DBSS so popular in the past few years – and it’s easy to see why. They offer more space, better views, airier units with higher ceilings… you name it- they’ve got it all in spades compared to regular HDBs which are practically bursting at the seams with those living in them!


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