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Top 6 Singapore Living Room Design Inspiration 2021



The living room is the main room in the home. You can share and do an activity with your family there. Singapore living room design offers some style and model types. There has much interesting design.



Based on the problems that usually be found, you can not renovate your living room easily. It may difficult to arrange the appliances in your living room. Perhaps, you need a professional consultant for your planning. What will I do? Don’t worry! You can use a professional consultant depend on your budget.


Therefore, you should know the top six living room design inspiration 2021 as the following:

You Don’t Need Open-Plan Spaces In Your Living Room 

Small living room design should not need open-plan spaces. You can be gathering family with happy small groups. The living also should not provide much square footage. You can change it with a steal cozy nook that can be taken around your room. Giving the additional bay window seat to enjoy the light and views. 


Giving Spaces Multipurpose In An Important Way 

It is the appropriate small living room design ideaThe small spacious room is not a problem for your living roomMultipurpose spaces in the room have the function of gathering more time at home. You can add the lines between the dining room and kitchen. Next, add the extra floor that is not used for your living room. 


Living Room Take Center Stage 

Create the living room in the centre stage room. When you should make the memorable activity in the home. In this pandemic era, you should make anything activities in your Singapore condo living room designGiving enough storage in this living room. To make comfort and relax environment, you should take a good adjustment to the window and flooring.


Change Your Living Room Become Hobby Room

You can create the room as a modern living room design. Add your Singapore living room style like in-home theatres, home gyms, home libraries, home bars, and gaming dens. Create this environment to enjoy and relax. It is the best way to make our family feel comfortable after doing some activities in the workday. 


Take The Futuristic And Smarter Living Room 

Although you have a small or narrow living room, you can renovate this living room to be smart or futuristic. It is the best choice when you live in the pandemic era. Giving minimal touch to avoid the bacteria or virus, so you can make it room without many appliances and a tempered room. Using the technology to do something optimally. 


Implement Japanese Condominium Interior Design 

You can make your small living room like a Japanese style. Muji style can be chosen to change your small room. This style always provides a natural aesthetic environment. Add some organic looks around your room. It has a spacious floor, so you can do anything with your family. Most people choose this style because you can sleep, sit, play, and watching television with your family. 


Where Do I Start When Designing A Living Room?



To design your living room, you should follow five steps. 

  • Pre-design step. It is the predicted step to renovate your living room, such as the appliances from the corner or the beside.
  • Design step. The step from the prediction design before.
  • Preparation. In this step, you can conduct for joining with a professional interior, such as Diva’s Interior.
  • Renovation. The renovation can be started from the trash the unusual material. Next, you can create the structure (woods, foundation, column). Giving floor then add the electrical mechanics. After making it, close the step with the painting, set up the wallpaper, and furniture adjustments.
  • Post-renovation. The last step is cleaning the appliances and the tools in your living room. 


How Much Do Interior Designers Charge In Singapore?

The cost is different between HDB living room ideas in Singapore and  Singapore condo living room designYou need about $ 34.000 for a new HDB flat with 3-rooms. The cost HDB flat between $ 11.000 into $ 15.000. 


If you want to hire a professional interior, you need the average cost of $ 40.500 into $ 106.000.


Hiring A Professional Interior Based On Your Budget



Divas Interior can be chosen by you because it can be a professional partner for you. Divas Interior provides some living room packages based on your budget. Besides, Divas interior has a good rating in the review based on the client services and guarantee.


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