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5 Ideas For Small Kitchen Cabinet Design In Singapore



The kitchen is one of the favourite areas in the house. In this fruitful place, your wife can prepare a delicious dish that she just saw the recipe from the internet. Kids can bake cakes or making ice cream on holidays. You as a husband can freely invite your partners to chat in the kitchen while demonstrating how to make good coffee using a new portable coffee machine.


That’s why people love to start a home renovation from the kitchen. Even if it’s just a small kitchen design in an HDB flat or minimalist home. No wonder if the kitchen cabinet design Singapore is often the initial target when it comes to managing furniture after renovation.


By the way, do you know if there are so many references of HDB kitchen cabinet design from an interior designer? Here are five kitchen cabinet ideas for your small kitchen in Singapore.

Open Kitchen Beyond Imagination

The concept of an open kitchen for an HDB flat or a minimalist home sounds difficult to be done, right? Most Singaporeans want this HDB kitchen design because the atmosphere is quite warm, looks spacious, can see other family members while you’re busy cooking, and minimize injuries.


You have to consult the making of this open kitchen with your interior designer so that the design can blend with the rest of the house. Why don’t you call Diva’s Interior Design for the kitchen cabinet design Singapore?


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The kitchen cabinet is the central object of this open kitchen. Choose a transparent HDB kitchen cabinet design on the door side. You can see the contents inside the cabinet from a distance. Then, put the concept of the skylight on a quarter of the kitchen ceiling. So, you can minimize the use of lights when cooking during the day. Can’t wait to have an open kitchen at home? Don’t hesitate to get Diva’s free quotation here.


L-Shaped Kitchen Design


You can use this HDB kitchen design for the matter of workflow. Maybe your kitchen is the busiest spot at your home every single day. The stove area will be separated from the sink and the fridge.


The kitchen cabinet design Singapore for small space will be placed above the fridge. There are two walls that stick together to form the letter ‘L’. The kitchen cabinet, sink, and fridge are along the long straight wall. Meanwhile, the stove will be placed at the tip of the short wall of that letter ‘L’.


The Hidden Kitchen


The space of your kitchen may be too small. This makes your kitchen in one area with the dining room. You can use a folding partition or brightly coloured curtains. You can open the partition while cooking. Then, when you want to eat and be more comfortable, pull back the partition.


Semi Indoor Park For Open Kitchen


Your open kitchen will have great air circulation when you build it beside your semi indoor park. The indoor park may be at the centre or at the back of your minimalist house. Move the kitchen next to this indoor park. What will you have there?


  • Put the kitchen cabinet design Singapore on one side of the wall.
  • The stove is set under the kitchen cabinet. Then, provide the spot for cutting board and making dough next to the stove.
  • On another side wall, place the fridge and sink.


The U-Shaped Kitchen


This is the most common HDB kitchen design layout in Singapore. The window or circulation area will be placed at the centre of the U-shaped letter. On one sidewall, you can cook and serve the dish. Then, in another sidewall, you can freeze your meat, wash the dishes, and put the coffee maker.


You will get the references for this U-shaped kitchen from Diva’s Interior Design. This company has been awarded the Singapore Best Interior Design. Contact Diva’s here to get a free quotation.