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10 Easy Design Concept To Make Your Small Condo Feel Bigger


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The truth is that no matter how big the apartment, it will still feel small. The key to making your small condo feel bigger is in the design and layout of the space. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to make a smaller place seem larger than it really is.

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Here are 10 easy interior design concepts for your singapore small condo interior design:

1) Keep furniture pieces low to ground

Avoid placing them on high surfaces such as counters or bookshelves, which will make any room feel cramped and claustrophobic.

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2) Pick light colors

Darker colors absorb more light and therefore create a feeling of heavier space; lighter colors reflect more light and help give an illusion of spaciousness.

3) Open up your small space

Use open shelving or glass cabinets to display decorative items rather than stacking them in a closed cupboard.

4) Minimize clutter

Clutter makes a room feel smaller, so keep surfaces free of unnecessary decorative pieces. Feel free to add in a few eye-catching pieces for decoration, but ensure that you do not go overboard.

5) Choose furniture pieces that maximize storage space

A bookshelf with multiple shelves, a footstool with extra storage space or an ottoman with hidden compartments are just some examples of pieces that can be used to store items for use in the house.

6) Install floating shelves

They give the illusion of a larger room and they also help to make the space feel visually lighter. Floating shelves can be used in many different rooms in the house such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

7) Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and add depth to a room, which makes it seem bigger than it really is. 

8) Avoid covering windows

Windows play important roles in a room such as providing natural light and ventilation. Covering them will result in the loss of these benefits, which might make it seem smaller than it is. Make sure you keep your window clear if you want to give an illusion of spaciousness.

9) Lay down area rugs

Area rugs are useful in creating the illusion of separate rooms.

10) Add a pedestal table

It is ideal for small spaces because it creates an illusion of multiple spaces by making it seem like there are separate areas.


The common element here is to make your singapore small condo interior design appear bigger by utilizing light colors, minimizing clutter, maximizing storage space, using mirrors, keeping windows clear and adding in a pedestal table. These singapore small condo interior design ideas will help you create spaces that feel more open and inviting.

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