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4 Checklist Before Renovation in Singapore



It is not easy to have a neat and comfortable residence in Singapore. All will be hindered by the high costs, the form of the initial building, the design that will be applied, the materials used, reliable workers, and many other factors. Singapore renovation for your house to be your comfort, chill, and warm home is not always run smoothly. Many homeowners give up in the middle of renovation Singapore HDB work because they collide with a poor renovation contractor.


Another case is, a good interior designer met a residential owner who ran out of money so that they couldn’t pay this Singapore renovation cost and the renovation had to be stopped. So, what should we do as residential owners that need Singapore renovation so that we can avoid a circle of residential renovation problems?


1. Define The Type of Your House


The type of your house will have a big impact on the final cost of the renovation. For instance, flat HDB already has completeness in it with a similar interior design structure. By knowing the type of your house, you will be able to predict or calculate the Singapore renovation cost before discussing it with your renovation contractor. So, put X checklist for your ignorance of the type of your own house.


2. Safety Measure Your Home


To avoid the worst things during the Singapore renovation, you need to check several things related to safety measures at home.

  1. Check the plumbing. Are there any leaks or blockage? Repair immediately if a problem is found.
  2. Check the electricity flow. The renovation Singapore circuit breaker could be just the thing you need in the whole house renovation process.
  3. Check the gas flow. Is there any leak or not? Make sure the workers who will do the renovation work know where the gas lines are to avoid work accidents.


By paying attention to the three things above before the Singapore renovation, you can control things that are not needed in the future. Then, you can add 3 checklists for indifference to a safety measure.


You can also go to the renovation Singapore forum to discuss this issue. Diva’s Interior Design website provides a home renovation Singapore blog as a forum for many building owners to get the latest information about Singapore renovation. Diva’s Interior Design has received various awards such as Singapore’s Best Interior Designer with Custome Package for its service. Get Diva’s free quotation here.


3. What Can and Can’t Be Done on Renovation Singapore HDB


Sometimes you need to do demolition in Singapore renovation. Maybe you need to tear down the wall in one room. The cost of this demolition way is about S$50 per foot. Before you do the demolition, make sure you know much about HDB renovation guidelines in Singapore, such as hdb toilet renovation cost, hdb bathroom renovation or any renovation related to HDB.


You may have read a home renovation review from an interior designer blog or website that you follow in Singapore. In renovation Singapore HDB, some rules must be fulfilled. When you work with a renovation contractor, make sure it is a contractor from HDB’s Directory of Renovation Contractors.


Diva’s Interior Design is one of the listed and reliable renovation contractors for your renovation Singapore HDB. Find this credible renovation contractor here. This renovation contractor must understand the following points:


  • The load-bearing beam cannot be removed or changed.
  • BTO bathroom floors and walls cannot be changed for 3 years as they have been coated with a waterproof membrane to prevent seepage into the underneath unit for a certain period.
  • You can still lay the tiles on the floor without removing them.
  • Open pipes should not be hidden.
  • You can replace the front door as long as the new door is fire-resistant.
  • HDB mounted safety grating and fence should not be removed or replaced.
  • Sliding balcony doors should not be replaced.
  • You cannot do Singapore renovation before 9 am and after 6 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. This will be noted from the first day of the noisy renovation work until 3 months from the date of HDB permit.


4. Prepare and Measure Renovation Budget


You may now think about ‘how much renovation budget should you have’. We can simply say that to do the whole renovation Singapore HDB is around $5,000 to $110,000. All the things you do in Singapore renovation depends on the type of your house, the style of your new design, lighting fixation, painting, furniture, flooring, tilling, demolition, plumbing, electrical, and many more.


For example, to do the flooring and tilling, you may need S$3 to S$20 per square foot. The price depends on the types of flooring in Singapore you choose. Vynil is the most affordable flooring in Singapore. Next, to replace the faucet of your kitchen or bathroom, you need to do plumbing. It costs S$270 to S$600 per room.


Maybe you wonder about how can I reduce renovation costs?

Diva’s Interior Design with its Custome Package will be your best partner to do so. This company has won many awards that bring it to the top level of best service of Interior Designer. You will be directed to know if the budget to renovate is cheaper than to build a new one.