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Scandinavian Interior Design That Inspires



What comes to your mind when you think about Scandinavian interior designs in Singapore?

Maybe you’d suggest a bright setting with wooden furniture. Some might suggest IKEA designs, which is not wrong because Scandinavian design boomed throughout the Nordic countries (including Sweden, where IKEA originated) in the 1950s. Others might not know it exists, but don’t worry, you’ll have a better grasp of what Scandinavian design is once we look at this five-room hdb located at Bukit Batok West Ave 6 that is designed by Diva’s Interior Design.

Scandinavian design house entrance

Your home should be a place you love coming back to. Many people tend to place attention on the rooms, kitchen, and closet space, but what about the entryway?

This neutral-hued entrance is one that will make a good first impression for anyone that enters or passes by. From black and white patterned tiles to a geometric-grooved wooden partition, it exudes the artistic simplicity of Nordic design. The cushion seat is a neat addition that is helpful, especially if you are looking to put on your shoes without the possibility of falling over.

Geometric wooden partition dining area

On the flip side of the doorway is a shoe rack and a bar area. Yes, an unlikely pair, but it works perfectly here!

Incorporating smart usage of space, what was a partition out front is a wine cabinet (top section) and a shoe cabinet (hidden at the bottom). The stone patterned bar tabletop matches well with matte black barstools seats with long golden legs. It is one way to level up the way you entertain your guests.

We also love the industrial-inspired cubic lighting above it that matches with the setting like a dream.

Industrial lit living room

The living room is breezy in cool blue with the grey L-shaped plush sofa taking most of the real estate in the area. If that is not enough space for the family and guests to lounge, they can scoot-over to the bench by the window. Lift the bench seats to store items. It is one way to keep the space clutter-free.

The white Venetian blinds are a seamless addition to the room, reflecting more light to showcase how spacious the place is, even with it drawn. The track lights can be angled to shine on spots where you want to attract the eyes to see.

Simple and elegant dining area

After you enter the unit, you will walk towards the dining area before you reach the living room (image above). Keeping with the ‘less is more’ concept, the dining area is simple and elegant. The introduction of darker furnishings creates contrast with white and bright surroundings. The table, bench, and chairs are fitted with curves that soften the overall look.

To bring warmth to the foodie nook, a trio pendant light is fixed above the dining table with hexagonal mirrors stationed on the adjacent wall to reflect warmth all around.

Black and honey-brown kitchen

Black and honey-brown is an inviting colour theme that makes the kitchen look sleek and snazzy. This simple layout remains bright with whitewashed walls and a glass door that allows natural light to float into the kitchen. The backlight shining on the tiled backsplash is great to cast off shadows from the top cabinet. After all, you’d like to see how your food is turning out as you cook.

Bedroom with cool hues

Out of bounds for visiting guests is the bedroom. It is not fitted with as many furnishings as the other spaces viewed above and with good reason. Having minimal decor in the bedroom is a way to minimise distractions, creating a calm environment (similar to the cool hues like grey and blue introduced here) and encouraging better sleep.

Walk-in wardrobe with mirror entrance

One of the most-wanted rooms by many men and women is a walk-in wardrobe. From this picture, you might think the photographer is shooting from the wardrobe’s entrance, but no, that is where the windows are. The door to this neat nook is actually where the mirror is. Slide the mirror open, and you’ll enter the bedroom.

Although this unit is quite large, Diva’s Interior Design did not take it for granted. Every area was planned to be functional and sometimes to multi-task.