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5+ Example Best Use Of Room Divider In Singapore



Room dividers can help you home decor to create functional zones in a large space. They’re also great for small spaces to carve out some privacy without taking up too much floor estate, and make decorative wall even if it’s just temporary! Here are the examples of use room divider for your home renovation ideas;

1. Vertical wood slats.

Vertical wood slats are a great way to divide up space in any room, as the wall panels can be adjusted at will. The slats are made of solid wood so they’ll last for a very long time.

They’re also easy on the wallet and don’t require assembly – just slide them aside when they’re not needed so you’ll have more floor estate for activities or other purposes!

Vertical wood slats room divider that does not block out natural light and easy on the wallet. If you’re looking to divide the space without blocking out natural light, this is your best bet!


2. Ventilation Blocks.

A great way to divide up a large space is with ventilation blocks. They’re also the best choice for home improvement where height restrictions are an issue, as they will fit most anywhere in home or as office furniture.

Divide your living room from your dining room or kitchen just by building walls of vents – these divider screen partitions can be adjusted at any time and have no assembly required!

Another example of partition room dividers that provide excellent airflow in spaces without windows is this wall divider called “The Breeze”. This cuts down on unnecessary heat buildup thanks to its ventilated construction and it’s also easy to install.


3. Shelving.

The perfect way to divide up a space in your home is with shelving. It’s an easy solution, as you can just slide it away like a folding screen panel, when not needed and still have plenty of floor estate for other purposes or activities!


This also works well in offices where dividing workstations may be required – just pick your favorite shelf design from the many available ones on our site (or make your own!) and voila!

Shelving for dividing large rooms – can be easily slid away when not needed so you don’t lose much floor estate when compared You’re now ready to set up dividers at will without any assembly required.


4. Framed glass panels.

Glass panels can also do the trick for creating functional zones in a large space. They’re great when used as dividers, because they provide privacy and are easy to put up without any assembly required – just slide them aside when not needed!

They’re also a good choice for temporary dividers, as you can easily slide them away when not needed and have plenty of floor estate to do your own thing.

Ventilated glass panels are perfect if you live in an area with limited ventilation or windows – they help cut down on unnecessary heat buildup so it’s really easy to use them if you want to divide up your home.

This is the best piece of furniture that I’ve used in my long time using room divider products, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Here’s how framed glass partition panel room dividers look like:

-In this example, it’s being used to divide an open living area from a dining area. Notice the frameless glass panes that allow you to see through but maintain privacy at all times? That is what we call “smart design”.

A dividing wall wouldn’t work here as well thanks to these entire walls of frameless glass on either side 🙂

-Along with providing stylish faux window views such as this one, it also provides privacy for instances when you need a little more coverage.

-This example illustrates what we mean by “temporary dividers”. This type of divider is great if you want to set up your space on the fly!

With just some simple sliding motion, these glass panels are no longer blocking off any space!


5. Metal grilles.

Metal grilles are great for dividing up large spaces, because they’re not limited to one height or width.

They can be adjusted at will with a simple pull and push mechanism that’s easy on the wallet and provides privacy when needed, just slide it aside!

Metal grilles are a great option if you’re looking for dividers that have an architectural feel.

Metal grilles are also perfect for larger spaces that need to be divided up, as they provide excellent airflow and easy assembly.

It’s also perfect if you have an office space and need to divide it up into work stations- just pick one of our many designs, or make your own!

and also a great solution for houses with height restrictions because metal grilles will fit everywhere.

This example illustrates how metal grille room dividers look like when they’re installed on a staircase.

Here’s how metal grille room dividers look like:

-In this example, you see two different heights of grid pattern in use next to each other along a wall.

The taller panels provide some measure of privacy while the shorter ones – which have fewer gaps between them – allow light in through beautifully textured bars. Not too shabby huh 😉

-Along with providing sleek yet elegant lines thanks to its unique design 🙂 Which leads us to the next point:

They come in many different designs and sizes, giving them some versatility which can make it perfect for this situation!


Extra Example:

Temporary partition wall Singapore;

Temporary partition wall Singapore is perfect for you if you’re looking to set up your space on the fly, like in a dormitory, outdoor furniture or office space.


Rattan room divider partition Singapore;

This is the best way to divide a room in style. Mood-setting rattan dividers are an elegant option an also a modern room divider for creating private spaces without compromising on your comfort level, and they can be found at many furniture stores today.

If you’re looking for backyards that create privacy while still maintaining natural light these days with nature’s beauty by adding plants or bushes around them not only offer some form of shelter from breezes but also provide shade. 

When it gets too hot outside so all those who live there don’t have to worry about protecting themselves against skin cancer as well as other diseases caused by sun exposure like heatstroke and UV poisoning which may lead up to blindness if left untreated. This is a great way to protect yourself!

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Where to buy partition/Room divider in Singapore?

You can buy the partition from IKEA, Shopee, Lazada, or any other furniture store in Singapore. IKEA room dividers are a convenient way to keep your bedroom private and give you peace of mind.

Room divider Singapore IKEA is the best solution for anyone who’s living in an apartment, condo, home office or townhouse with many neighbors. They’re also perfect if you have roommates that like their privacy too!

Room divider is a design of product that serves as one the best solution for dividing your space. When you are looking to divide up or provide some privacy, then these room dividers are perfect!



If you are looking for a room divider, it may seem like there is an endless variety to choose from. The challenge becomes narrowing down your choices and finding the best fit for your specific needs.

We would be happy to provide any consultation or guidance you need in order to make these decisions so that you can find what works best for your space. What example do you have in mind? Contact our team today at www.divasinterior.com!