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How can I Renovate My Bedroom Cheaply in 2021?



Is bedroom renovation Singapore one of your bucket lists you want to checklist in 2021? you should start planning in detail before finally pick up your money from the pocket to buy any necessary materials and asking the neighbourhood for renovation permission.



You may in the stage of wanting quickly tick off the bucket list in your life during this pandemic. It’s been a year and it turns out that this bedroom renovation in Singapore hasn’t been possible yet. What is the obstacle you meet so far?


Is the Singapore bedroom design room renovation that you kept about one or two years ago turned out to be outdated and you are gloomy about choosing another new design? 


Most people also have a sufficient budget, but after careful calculation, it turns out that the budget hasn’t been able to cover all expenses for the master bedroom renovation in Singapore.


Whatever current problems you have, make sure on track in realizing this bedroom renovation in Singapore in 2021. After you find how to renovate your bedroom cheaply, then you won’t be burdened anymore with bedroom renovation ideas in Singapore. So, what are the ways to renovate a room as cheaply as possible and comfortable for you?


Choose to be Yourself Rather than Following the Singapore Bedroom Design Room Renovation Trend



Thinking about how your character and hobbies are the keys to conquering the high cost of bedroom renovation in Singapore. As we know, the cost to renovate a bedroom in Singapore is quite high. It can even be higher than the cost of renovating a home kitchen.


The estimated cost of a bedroom renovation in Singapore is over $7,000 which includes replacement of new floors or carpets, windows or curtains, lighting accessories, paint or wallpaper, cable repairs, layout adjustments, and furniture replacement or repair.


When you calculate it on a per square foot basis, the cost for bedroom renovation in Singapore is around $100 per square foot. This cost can be higher even for the small bedroom design Singapore renovation.


To get a lower expense, you can use anything around you that represent yourself personally. For instance, you can use your daily cute scarf instead of a new curtain. You can watch the video tutorial on do-it-yourself curtains from the collection of scarves or tablecloths.


Romantic Atmosphere in the Master Bedroom



You may have no idea how to do a master bedroom renovation in Singapore on a low budget but showing a classy and expensive ambiance. Why don’t you create a romantic atmosphere that looks like $6.000 to $13.000 in the master bedroom? Use an industrial palette to accent the headboard. You can repaint it or keep the original color.


Next, making a low step ladder at the tip of the bed as a spot for aromatherapy candles or humidifiers.  Then, instead of repainting the master bedroom, you should use wallpaper with the theme of love, floral, or the silhouette of a couple making love.


4 Sets that Change the Look of Your Bedroom


If you find your budget is as thin as crepes, you can get around by just focusing on the following 4 sets: bed sets, curtains, rugs, and decorative artwork. If you only buy a spring mattress, for example, you have already shelled out $300 to $1000. However, if you have a bedding set, you will get a

mattress, a frame, a headboard, and no wonder a bedside table.


Then, the carpet or laminate you buy can replace a floor makeover that costs several thousand dollars to install parquet wood. Put this one as an affordable HDB bedroom design idea. New carpet costs only about $1 per square foot. Compare it to hardwood floors which cost $5 per square foot. Meanwhile, you can create your decorative artwork such as hanging a lamp and painting over the wall.


Call Diva’s Interior Design for a Help


The fastest and cheapest way to bring the Singapore bedroom design room renovation to the real is to contact the interior design firm. Diva’s Interior Design is a reliable firm that has handled many bedroom renovations Singapore projects. This Best Singapore Interior Design Award-winning company will help you to calculate all the costs in detail through its Custome Package service so that you’re not burdened anymore during the project.